Buddha Jazz. Nice.

The wife and I went to Buddha Jazz (119 Grove Lane, SE5 8BG), the new Vietnamese  bar/restaurant, for dinner last night. First impression: the decor is beautiful. They’ve done a really good job, very tasteful.

Before eating we went through to the lounge area at the back for a drink (and to smoke). It’s still just a conservatory, but they’ve draped it with red and gold blinds, there are a number of low tables and comfortable chairs and sofas. It was a little cold, but the attentive staff turned on heaters for us and kept us supplied with drinks.

Then back to the main room for dinner: prawn toast to start, then curries; chicken for my wife, prawn and pineapple for me. Delicious; spicy, but not overly so. The whole night came to about £40, which I thought very reasonable.

It was semi-full for the whole evening, so they seem to be doing pretty well. The staff were uniformly excellent; aware, but not overbearing.

In case you haven’t got the message, I can highly recommend it.

Author: Peter

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  1. I tried to persuade Louise to go with me & the boys on Saturday but she was skeptical. We went to sea cow ldshiplane for the first time instead. It was good, friendly, but whoooo expensive and slow.

    Still I know a lot about that.

  2. Me and the little woman went to Buddha Jazz last week. The food was very good and the service was excellent. The menu wasn’t very extensive, though. After a couple more visits I’ll have probably eaten everything on there.

    Also checked out the makeover on The New Dewaniam. It’s only so-so to be honest. I hate saying that as they’re quite friendly in there. Safa does the best Indian food in the area.

    Apparently the bar that’s being created between the mobile phone shop and the kebab shop just along from the Green should be open April/May time, I’ve heard from a friend of the owner.

  3. The food in the William Gilliat ward for poorly mummies & babies at King’s is not bad, better than you’d think. However, some of the mummies gas all night with their relatives, switch on the lights and generally create. Surely a stern matron should come in and tell ’em to be quiet. There’s enough noise with the babies singing!

  4. I agree the food in Buddha Jazz is great — you can even make a full meal out of the dim sum / starters.

    What’s been happening in Camberwell over the past 3 weeks — anything of note?

  5. a new 99p stores about to open in the Butterfly Walk centre… (yawn)

    potentially a new pub on church street near the mobi store? (smile)

    I saw a headline for Southwark News outside a newsagent last week, saying ‘SE5 may get train station‘ (along those lines). I didnt get the paper and they dont do online, anyone know any more about it?

  6. The 99p store is now open. I was in Butterfly Walk at about 10.30 this morning (ie Tuesday), and people were streaming away from the exit (opposite Somerfields) with loaded carrier bags. Further down, there was a queue of people waiting to go in which reached back to Denmark Hill, I kid you not. Many of the queuers had trolleys. The store itself was heaving, and there were security guards everywhere controlling the teeming masses.

    So I didn’t go on to see what it offers, nor indeed to check that it lives up to its claim that everything costs under £1.

  7. I want to watch the football (Arsenal v Barcelona) in a bar with people supporting Barcelona. Do you know what the bar is called that serves Tapas at the bottom of Grove Lane?

    Or whether it’s still there? Thanks

  8. At the bottom of Grove Lane? I think you’re thinking of Espana, which is now (sadly) no longer with us. As for watching it with Barca fans, I’d say you’d be better off in Stockwell than Camberwell.

  9. good place with excellent range of beer along with tasty intersting ingredients. fantastiv=c value for money

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