What we need is a great big melting pot

There’s an interesting article in Camberwell Renewal about the ethnic makeup of Camberwell. According to the magazine:

  • 50% of residents are from the British Isles
  • 25% are from Africa
  • 10% are from the Carribean
  • 5% are from South Asia
  • 2% are from China

By my reckoning that leaves 8% from the rest of the world. There’s a strong Cypriot presence, but maybe that’s reflected more in business owners than residents.

The African influence is obvious; you can see it in the barber shops which open until I don’t know what time and are always full of people looking like they’re having a better time than anyone else, shouting into mobile phones and at the TVs which always have football games on. It looks a lot more fun that Kut Close.

My own household is 50% British.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

7 thoughts on “What we need is a great big melting pot”

  1. And are they lumping Ireland in with the British Isles, or are there that few Irish in the Camberwell area? It certainly doesn’t look that way at the Southwark Irish Fair each year (or in the White Lion for that matter!)

  2. I think technically Ireland is part of the British Isles, just not part of Great Britain. So they’re right to lump. So to speak.

    Talking of the Irish, and today being St Pat’s, I’ll be in the Hermit’s Cave tonight for the free dinner, Pogues soundtrack, silly hats and face paints. Last year when I staggered home to my flat afterwards reeking of Guiness I was branded ‘a disgrace’ by my flatmate. A proud moment.

  3. Ireland is not part of the British Isles according to http://www.the-british-isles.com

    Good on yer, Richie, a Proud moment indeed. I myself will be quaffing in the White Lion on the Walworth Road with all the old fellas, if I’m lucky one will take me out for a spin on the dancefloor 🙂

  4. Well I dunno. when Lou and I got our voring registration forms through from Southwark they said:

    The information below is what we hold on the register (I may be paraphrasing)

    Please check they are correct and make any amendments as necessary before returning this form.

    We were listed thus:

    “Nationality: Irish / British Commonwealth”.

    I don’t know where they got that from or what it’s supposed to mean, even if it’s a recognised category for identifying vegetables anbd fruit, but I returned it with those crossed out and ‘UK’ in place.

  5. Today programme this morning (Tuesday) Guerilla Gardening — Richard Reynolds has made a call through his website (which I’ve not found yet) for local people (‘south London’) to help him as co guerilla gardeners in cleaning, weeding and planting up roundabouts and traffic islands neglected by statutory authorities.

    At the end of the piece the journalist, Edward Sillitoe I think it was, said he’d asked the authorities what they thought of this urban action by the people, in consideration of the possibility that the gardeners are being vandals -

    Southwark reported that the land in question belonged to TFL; TFL said it belonged to Lambeth: Lambeth said it belonged to Southwark.

    Sounds familiar?

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