Post-election roundup

Everybody wins! More or less. Here are the results from last night:

  • Lib Dems 28 — Same as last time
  • Labour 28 — An increase of two
  • Conservatives 6 — Same as last time
  • Green 1 — An increase of one

Which means there are three councillors more than the last election, no party lost any seat, two parties gained seats, and the council continues to have no over-all control.

More later.

Update: What do you think is the leading story on Southwark Council’s website today? Of course, it’s Compost Awareness Week! We are promised ward-by-ward results later, however…

Update: Results by ward are now available.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

9 thoughts on “Post-election roundup”

  1. It appears the general Camberwell ‘area’ (Green, Dulwich and Brunswick Park) is pretty solid Labour. Anyone else going to join me in now leafleting, calling and annoying them to ensure they follow through with plans for regeneration?

  2. Well no change really for Southwark then. What i find interesting is the fact that West Dulwich almost seems competely separate from the rest of the borough — a little Tory enclave in Southwark.

  3. Oops, should have put my question on our new Green councillor in this post rather than the one above. That’ll teach me not to scroll down…

    Anyway, any thoughts or info would be interesting.

  4. Tram issue: Ealing claims that west London Conservatives won because of ‘No Tram’ campaign. They of course have it due much sooner than the Cross River version. Could this spell the end of a Tram system in London?

  5. The full election results are now online — actual number of votes for each candidate, number of spoilt papers, percentage turnout etc.

  6. I thought I recognised her name, maybe because she’s spoken at one or two anti-war meetings I’ve been to. So clearly this means that you can be a GLA member and a local councillor at the same time, riding two gravy trains simultaneously as it were 😉 Seriously though, I hope she’s got enough hours in the day…

  7. I live in Herne Hill ward but I still have an SE5 postcode which technically still makes me a Camberwell resident (I feel more like one anyway!) — I was delighted to learn that we have elected a Green councillor — Rebecca Jandrell Thackray — 1359 votes — In fact the Greens almost came close to a clean sweep around here — if only they had put in a bit more effort around here, they could of done it

    Labour Posted 1314,1343,1205 = 3862
    Greens Posted 1359,1151,1298 = 3808

    Only 58 votes difference — superb!!!

  8. Over a month since we voted in our Green councillor and still no word from her — not even a brief note to introduce herself and to say thanks — very,very poor form — I am disapointed

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