8 thoughts on “A small part of a big victory”

  1. Well done. The test of any communication channel is never how slick it is, how beautifully written, etc…no the true test is the results said channel gets.

    Gold star for using your influence via the site to get some action. A red letter day for the blog.

  2. Didn’t know there was a campaign to get rid of this, but well done. It’s considerably more pleasant to look at and as an added bonus it’s revealed a fascinating bit of Camberwell history.

    On another topic, has anyone got the lowdown on our new Green Camberwell councillor?

  3. Personally I think its a pity its gone. I had plans to use it for an art work. Did I see some new hoarding being put up today (7/5)? I guess the site is an advertisers dream so its no surprise its coming back

  4. I’ve no doubt there’ll be a new one there (which is a shame, but inevitable as we seem to be unable to have public space without advertising plastered all over it); the objection to the last one was just that it was too big.

  5. This isn’t a party political broadcast, honest, but it’s only fair to point out that the councillor Ian Wingfield deserves a lot of the credit for finally getting this billboard removed. He has been chasing the planning office over this matter for months now.

  6. It has been replaced with a smaller hoarding attached to Kennedy’s Wall — It’s the lesser of two evils but none at all would of been preferable

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