I’m not Bonkers

My readership continues to delight and amaze me; this shindig almost passed me by. Thanks to Lord Henry for the tip of the hat:

Bonkersfest! 06 takes place on Camberwell Green this Saturday, June 3. There’ll be African dance, Brazilian samba drumming, food, arts and music. Check out the full line-up on the website; if music’s not your thing there’ll be a ‘comic anarchist punk ranter’ and an ‘eccentric mime poet’. There’ll also be an act called ‘Fuck Off Batman’.

Somewhat typically, I won’t be able to go; I’ll be in Bristol for my friend’s wedding. If anyone would like to write a guest report, please get in touch.

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13 thoughts on “I’m not Bonkers”

  1. Thanks, we will go. Also bonkers is the naked bike ride against oil dependency and car culture on June 10th, starting from Wellington Arch at 3pm, which comes south of the river, just, to the Eye and Aquarium. http://www.worldnakedbikeride.org/uk/london/index.html

    My partner says I should on no account participate, but I am curious, in fact tempted.

    [Edited to correct URL]

  2. Forgive me, that address should read org/uk (slash not dot). It is a bit dotty. And if you took cider on the day, you’d need a slash.

  3. Who came up with the name Bonkersfest? — Is Timmy Mallet going to show up and treat us to a special version of “itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini” or maybe a round of Mallet’s Mallet…

  4. Sarah. Dammit. Can’t remember her surname. Is behind Bonkersfest. She’s very on the ball and set up Creative Routes as well. Based at Camberwell Baths in a cupboard shared with Camberwell Arts’ Director Ann Lawlor.

    A better office in Camberwell is needed. Keep an eye out won’t you?

  5. I was projecting some of my work at the festival, which cosidering it was a bright sunny day was a bit frustrating, but this was soon eliviated when someone else ‘borrowed’ our projector and didn’t return it. But it was a lovely day and it was really good to see the green so full of people. The music was really good, especially Suitable Case For Treatment, (cross between Tom Waits and Extreme Noise Terror), but did not stay to the end so don’t know how it all finsihed up. All in all though think everyone involved in the festival should be complimented. A good day.

  6. The bands at Bonkersfest seemed pretty okay for the most part.

    The Mexican burritos were really good, given that nobody serving them was actually Mexican or of any other Latino origin.

    The helter skelter was a swizz. £1 for one ride! Diabolical blighters!

    The missus played a grab-the-ball thing that netted her a British Bulldog cuddly toy. Karma for the World Cup, methinks!

    Pub crawl afterwards –

    Funky Munky — fine, apart from an Eastern European-looking gentleman who stared at any woman who came in for about 5 minutes. Unnerving.

    The Grove — pleasant. Good cheesy garlic bread.

    The Dispensary — way too smoky. Why is it only women who smoke these days? Do they think only men will get cancer?

    Big yawn to the band at Bonkersfest that announced, “Don’t let the bastards get you down!” Brought back memories of the 80s. And there I was thinking, which bastards do you mean? Blair? Noriega? Bush? Galtieri? Thatcher? Pinochet? David Cameron? Or maybe lead singers that use pointless and redundant agit-prop slogans?

    Rum coves the lot of them.

  7. Look out for a band called Lowsparks. Their debut ep’s called Out Here In The Woods — they’re good, you’ll not be disappointed. They’re headed up by James Steel the manager at The Sun and Doves. He just had his leaving party at the bar before going on tour.

  8. My wife and daughter popped in. My daughter was scared of the clowns apparently, but was very pleased with the Piglet she won in the “grab-the-ball” thingy.

  9. Not strictly Camberwell I know, but spent part of this afternoon at Kennington Park enjoying the annual Portugal Festival — had a few Sagres Beer and some bits of food and enjoyed the sun for a while but then decided the shade suited me better and found a very old tree to sit under — most refreshing…

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