What’s going on?

I’m back from sunny Bristol. Thanks to everyone who left comments on Bonkersfest!; there are also a number of photos on Flickr. It sounds like it was a lot of fun, and a chance to do something positive with our public space.

Not so much good news in the papers recently; two knifings and an attempted shooting.

Another crime which has made the news is the theft of a caravan from near the College of Arts; this wouldn’t classify as news generally, except that it was for a project by some students, and they’re claiming the council towed it. The council deny this.

It’s Camberwell Arts Week soon, and my second anniversary (blog, not marriage) shortly after.

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  1. My partner and I had a brush with crime last week. We were walking our dog in Kennington Park (not technically Camberwell I know) when as we were leaving someone tried to mug us, the only thing he was after was our dog. The dog is still very young so perhaps that’s why. Anyway it turned out ok as my partner refused to give him the dog and in the end picked him up and ran from the mugger; there was a bit of a chase but we got away.

    I don’t want to put negative posts on here as in general we feel safe and enjoy walking our dog around the area as he is a great ice breaker. I only mention it as the police when they came said that dog theft, although still unusual was not unkown and they had had a similar case not long ago where a group did manage to steal a man’s dog from him.

    On the plus side we went to Bonkersfest (with dog) and had a great time.

  2. Does anyone have an clues on the state of the railway bridge on Camberwell Grove? Rather annoyingly there is a sign at the top of the grove saying the road ahead is closed whereas at the bottom of the road (ie on Camberwell Church Street) this is just a sign saying road unsuitable for HGVs! So obviously its a weak bridge but does anyone know how long it may be out of action. Thanks.

  3. @Rachel: I’m not sure what’s happening at the top of Camberwell Grove. I know the top of Grove Lane was also dug up recently; I just assumed they were laying pipe or cable. Now they’ve moved onto the other side, I don’t know what’s going on.

    It was said that there was going to be disable access provided at Denmark Hill station and at first I thought the works were something to do with that; now I don’t see how they can be.

    A quick search of the Southwark Council Roadworks Register reveals nothing. Of course.

    Can any of my super-informed readers help further?

  4. Some sort of survey came through our door a couple of months ago (I live on Dagmar Road) asking whether we had a preference between closing the bridge to through traffic or narrowing it — can’t remember why, probably something to do with safety and/ or the weak bridge and/ or the amount of traffic the road carries. Not much help I suspect. Sorry.

  5. It’s gone yellow board crazy on Elmington Rd — “arson” and a “shooting incident”.

  6. My missus is from Australia and when she first arrived in Camberwell five years ago she thought it was called “Witness Appeal SE5”, because that’s what all the signs said.

  7. I missed most of b’fest cos was hungover from a rare night out down the Founders Arms by Tate Modern followed by Taz the brilliant Turkish restaurant. My 3 month and 3 year old daughters came along and could see their parent in its true colours. Anyway, cycling up to the river for my health on Saturday afternoon, I met a mate outside the Hermits who’d been to the fest — he is an Occupational Therapist at the Maudsley — well, this should be confidential — anyway, he said there were many of his… there. One festive person nicked one of the fake sheep, ran like billio to a bus, got on with the sheep under his arm and the bus took off. Urban sheep rustling! What I saw of the fest looked great, very 1960s R.D. Laing and all that, proper Camberwell. In fact the sheep rustling may have been a staged “happening” as we used to call them. Better the Bonkersfest than the knifings — they have become a badge of honour, I’m sure of it, for male youth, a sort of very poor man’s drive-by. Copycat stabbings happening as media spotlight put on ’em. Anyway, never mind these dysfunctional males and the Daily Mail, Bonkersfest looked really well put together so congrats to the organisers.

  8. The road at the top of Grove Lane is definitely being narrowed, by about 1 metre; I assume they will do likewise on Camberwell Grove.

    I’m not quite sure what effect narrowing the road has; it’s still sufficiently wide to easily fit two cars, so I doubt it’s for traffic calming. If it’s just to give pedestrians more space to walk, then good.

  9. I was told on Sunday that the part of Camberwell Grove which goes over the railway bridge has been closed because the bridge has been found to be unsafe — the powers that be are now having to decide whether to close the road permanently at that point, or rebuild the bridge. Local opinion is apparently strongly divided between those who are enjoying the peace and quiet caused by the closure, and those who are frustrated by the restrictions on access to their houses.

    My informant lives on Camberwell Grove just south of the bridge. I don’t usually move in such circles, but it was the Open Gardens Day of the Camberwell Society and my husband and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon wandering in and out of gardens on Camberwell Grove, Grove Lane, Grove Park and Love Walk. I learnt that there are a surprising number of olive trees growing in Camberwell. Afternoon tea was excellent and very cheap, with home-made cakes, biscuits and — ah! — meringues.

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