Possible site downtime

Just to let you all know, the site may go down over the weekend as it’s time for me to renew my hosting deal, and I’ve lost the password to do so. Hopefully some helpful tech support will get back to me before that happens; but in case that doesn’t happen, don’t be afraid — I’ll be back.

Apparently there’s a hot new coffee shop on Denmark Hill; anybody been there?

Author: Peter

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5 thoughts on “Possible site downtime”

  1. I have peered into the new designed-textile fashion shop on Grove Lane by the George Canning. It is called Odie & Amanda. They have their own website. Their original shop is in Oxo Tower Wharf.

    Camberwell is big in textile design — one of the most successful textile design companies in the UK if not the world is in Vanguard Court off the Peckham Road.

    It’s a rum world, textile design. You can flog a design for £200 then see it in Topshop a month later, maybe slightly changed, on clothing made in China.

  2. re — Coffee Shop on Denmark Hill — I haven’t been in yet but the place looks very homely indeed — always preferable to a facistic Costa/Nero/Starbucks — I may well investigate this afternoon!!!

  3. It’s opposite the abysmal building with the Namdo’s in the basement that replaced the demolished Art Deco ODEON Camberwell along that parade of shops that has The Willow Restaurant and Love Walk on the corner…

  4. The Mrs and I went to the cafe on Denmark Hill on Saturday. “Bay” is a great little place. It does tasty, well made sandwiches, baguettes and salads with a Vietnamese twist. The staff are friendly, the building pleasant and light and the prices low.

    Thoroughly recommended!

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