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  1. No Comments Yet. Are we sheep? Or are we men? In my day sheep stealing was a hangin’ error. We have just been to the Coin Street asylum-seekers festival or whatever which was great, on the south bank. A quart o’ Stella goes a long way in the humidity. One of the fab things about Camberwell’s that we’re so close to much of the rest of the world.

    The old maps of England up to 800 AD show consistently that Camberwell was the first dry land between here and the south bank. It’s interesting — all this Kennington, Lambeth and Walford is really recent.

  2. Indeed — Camberwell has always been a place that has attracted folk who strive to make an effort for each other — perhaps the ever-present supernatural spirits still ensure that remains the case to this day — As the wonderfully entertaining and informative author Peter Ackroyd might well argue and insist upon…

  3. Has everyone heard of the Synergy Centre on Farmers Road off Wyndham Road? They are having a midsummer all-nighter on 8th July 6pm-6am and need volunteer healers and the like. Camberwell definitely has spirit whilst East Dulwich has cash.

  4. I tried to find the Synergy Centre once and walked past it three times, as it didn’t have any obvious identification. I wasn’t looking for a healer, though.

  5. Yes, it’s a very anonymous warehouse, 220 Farmers Road. They have a website, Synergy Project will find it, and seem to do a lot of interesting Camberwellian arty and alternative things. Pop music. Sort of magic pop music.

  6. It’s a very strange part of Camberwell is Wyndham Road — all types of architecture are represented there but it just doesn’t feel right around there for some reason — or maybe it’s just me…

  7. If you go to the end of Farmers Road and turn right you find an estate. Well it’s kind of almost two estates actually. One bit, which goes off to your left is fairly high rise and extends to the Camberwell side of John Ruskin Street, it’s other leg is lower rise and extends to your right, creating a large spacce between the two arms which contains ‘the bungalows’ — a small village of single storey, maybe late seventies, blue brick flat roofed quite interesting homes. It feels a bit like a fixed caravan site.

    The whole of this expanse of housing is in a dead end that leads nowhere. Basically not bad housing that should have through routes and life running in it.

  8. Incidentally, the whole of the outer limits of Camberwell seems afflicted by this phenomenon — dead end ghettos built at different times over a hundred year period. Grovelands Close anyone?

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