It’s just a carnaval

Anyone who reads this blog frequently will be aware that whenever there’s a big public event in Camberwell, it always manages to clash with plans I’ve already made. This weekend was no exception, as a family lunch meant I had to miss Carnaval del Pueblo at Burgess Park yesterday. There are a number of photos available on Flickr, some of which are in the Camberwell SE5 group. Update: Even more photos here.

For those of us who sometimes get wrapped up in picturing our vision of a Camberwell utopia, here’s a sobering reminder that life isn’t all arts centres and decent shopping facilities.

My parents-in-law are in town at the moment, so if you see a middle-aged Brazilian couple walking around, be nice to them.

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11 thoughts on “It’s just a carnaval”

  1. Unfortunately more tales from the dark side of Camberwell.

    On Thursday night i was working in my bedroom with the window ajar as it was hot. In the 20 minutes it took me to go to my kitchen , do some washing up and get a cup of tea someone had managed climb up the 10 foot wall from the street to my window, wrench the window open and steal my laptop and my handbag.

    So just a warning to everyone about leaving your windows open — even if you are in at the time!

    On the plus side the police at Brixton were very nice and helpful!!

  2. Crikey, that’s really sobering, especially as omst of my neighbours and I leave our windows open at night and then some. I will certainly pass the message on, thanks for the warning, Hannah,

  3. The photo by Mockney Piers on the flickr site is fabulous. I wish I could take photos!
    Sorry to hear about the theft, Hannah M.

  4. whilst the article is very sad, if this woman was living in these conditions already why did she go on to have a third child?

  5. Couldn’t agree more Lisa (for fear of sounding like Alan B’Stard).
    The lady seems sharp enough, but we’ll never know if this is an example of genuine need as opposed to the ‘other lot’ — Maybe she should do as my neighbour did and illegally sublet her place and move to a more spacious pad in East Dulwich!

  6. Thanks everyone for the sympathy! However at least it was only things that were stolen and i’m fine. However if anyone is offered a nice, shiny Apple i‑book for a discount price in any of the local watering holes — let me know, i want my photos and music back!!

  7. I know it’s too late this time, Hannah, but a £50 extra hard drive and regular backups is the way to avoid this heartache — as I was forced to realise when a power-surge wiped out my hard drive and all my wedding photos with it 🙁

  8. ooh, thanks for that.

    The one brightside is that once the insurance money comes through i will be spending many happy hours browsing in the mac shop for something new and shiny!!

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