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  1. Those pictures are cool. I wonder where the houses were in Camberwell?

    It remind me of a really interesting cab journey i had in Dagneahm of all places once. The cabbie asked where i’d come from and it turned out that not only was he originally from Camberwell but lived on the same road as me (Denmark Road) His family were evacuated during the war and never went back to Camberwell as they returned after the war to find what had been rows and rows of early Victorian terraces were now piles of rubble. He said it broke his parents hearts and they never came back to Camberwell.


    It is quiet here. The underlying granite is a strong, calming influence. I am sorry to hear of the intrusion, Hannah M. I have been working by email and phone with some people in London who think I am not in C***wall but in C*****well. I keep the phone tight to my ear so that they cannot hear the seagulls.


  3. (long time lurker, first time poster)

    I thought the old houses might be the ones which were demolished on Denmark Road to build the Thorlands Estate, but that went up in the 50s and the photo was from the 60s.

    Don’t know if anyone’s posted these pics here before, but there’s some great Camberwell images here — have a look at the Lambeth section as well for images from the Brixton/Camberwell borders and the Denmark Road houses.


    I got “Hell Bus Tube Panic” from the ES headline maker — I think it’s genuine.

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