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  1. Some people would say that buying the Independent is itself a political statement. Their front page stories are always about environmental issues e.g. “Survey finds most endangered butterflies did not vote Labour at the last election.” I thought it was funny that the Guardian imitated its free nature wallchart promotion, that was rather predatory. Anyway, today is a wonderfully warm and sunny day in Camberwell, our MP comes over as a good stick and she drives an old Rover she bought from a Tory MP 15 years ago, which is very conservationist.

  2. Talking of M.P,s has anybody heard from the two green M.P’s who won a couple of seats at the local elections — I live in Camberwell but just fall under Herne Hill Ward at the top of Denmark Hill and have heard absolutely ZERO from our Green M.P Rebecca Thackaray since she was elected…No doubt Jenny Jones has been active it would be foolish for someone with her status in the party not to be…but I’m very dissapointed with ours, I have to admit…

  3. I think the only way to find out is to go through the documents on the Southwark website and see how many meetings she’s been active at.

  4. The Indie is a great paper. I am waiting for a costing of the number of Africans killed per 100 miles driven in a 4x4 (death through climate change is a recognised phenomenon, take El Nino), and feel certain they will be the first to do it.

    Check out the following for more information on councillor Thackray:


  5. She cares and she acts.

    I’m not sure she’s fed holistically good quality information about what goese on in the SE5 part of her constituency, although she is definitely a good ally when she does hear the arguments.

    Good communication is all.

  6. Good communication! You want to see the weasel words I got from her when I wrote to her about HM Government’s support for Israel’s recent assault on Lebanon. And let’s not even start on the kind of people she hangs out with and gets married to. I honestly feel ashamed to have her as my MP. I almost wish Kate Hoey could annex us to her constituency or something.

    By the way, surely being biased and opinionated is one of the main points of writing a blog. I mean we don’t read them to be bored to sleep.

  7. It’s COUNCILLOR Thakray, guys.

    I agree that I admire people more who are forthright about opposing our crap foreign policy based on inefficient use of resources (our taxes) and net gains in human suffering and environmental impact.

    However, remember she’s just a local councillor with a full time job, so be realistic in your expectations. I have difficult getting my local councillors (the Green) just to engage with our own council parking department, let alone take on the central government on matters of global import.

  8. Interesting, Kotaji. I am hung up on education education education when we got was bombing bombing bombing. There’s a war at home, too, in a social segmenting way.

  9. Just to make absolutely clear, my comments above referred to Harriet Harman and not any of our local Green Party / Camberwell Green councillors.

  10. I’d like to take issue with the content of kotaji’s posting above (in a spirit of debate, not to shout you down). I think that Harriet Harman’s a pretty hard-working M.P. I don’t agree with much that she supports, but, believe me — there are so many worse. I’m picking up from the “weasel words” bit that you didn’t agree with what she said in response to your letter. I’m also picking up from your comments about who she hangs about with and who she’s married to that you also had some (let’s call them, negative) views on her before you wrote? Am I right? Is Jack Dromey such a devil? I think that’s a bit below the belt.
    Whilst I think it’s absolutely right that you wrote to your M.P. to register your opposition to the Israeli attacks on the Lebanon (otherwise how will they ever learn the views of those they represent)I suspect that bringing a ceasefire in that region is even beyond the powers of New Labour.

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