Up the Elephant

More bad behaviour in our environs:

A man… was shot in the head when he was caught in the crossfire of a shooting outside… the Ministry of Salsa nightclub in Walworth Road, south London. Moments earlier the gunman had shot another man who had left the nearby Ivory Arch club.

Walworth Rd looks very dodgy at night; many clubs and bars are open until very late, and there’s usually a mob hanging around the Northern end. One of the advantages of the new licensing laws was that closing hours would be staggered to avoid this kind of incident, but there’s a group of venues close to each other which all kick out at the same time.

It was always Old Kent Road which had the bad reputation, but it seems like Walworth Road is determined to outdo it.

Author: Peter

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5 thoughts on “Up the Elephant”

  1. Oh, that’s what all the police tape and forensics people was about this morning then!

    I’m rather worried about the man “caught in the cross fire” i often get buses late on a Saturday night / Sunday morning from that end of Walworth Road.

    I really think that any nightclub that has had a shooting inside or immedately outside should be submitted to licensing review immediately — I think it breaks one of the main Licensing objectives — prevention of crime and disorder


    I looked at your link to the news story Peter and just under it was this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6056196.stm

    Camila Batmanghelidjh has won the UK’s Women of the Year 2006 award.

    She’s called ‘Angel of Peckham’ for reasons I can’t fathom, short of journalistic licence, since KidCo’s base has been in SE5 for something over five years. They were turfed out of Southwark and set up shop in Lambeth with a bit of help from Neil Morrisey ‘Little Help From My Friends’ and Linda Barker, who must be one of his friends.

  3. Why would journalists be bothered to tell the truth about Kid Company base? They are based in Camberwell on Kenbury Street, almost opposite Johnnie’s Cafe. It just doesn’t sound downtrodden or needy enough does it. Usually being located there would qualify them for being told they are in Brixton. So maybe things are looking up.

  4. Good for Camila, hers is interesting work. There is a bigger issue though about schools and children on our patch and for miles around that is so big and basic that people must move away to solve it, if they can. Camberwell is a playround for the hip, but can be a nightmare for kids.

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