An appeal for help from a documentary maker

This was left in the comments of a previous post:

I’m making a short film about the death of Jamail Newton for Channel Five, and I am urgently seeking witnesses to potentially contribute.

Like Lisa at the London Paper I’d particularly like to speak to Ewookie — and I do apologise for this approach, I’m pressed for time and wanted to get in touch as quickly as possible.

The film is part of Five Films, a 3 minute short film strand which will be broadcast in December, and is being made through DFG Films (

You can reach me via my email annemullee@​yahoo.​co.​uk, and I can give you a call when it’s convenient!

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you,



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  1. An interesting idea. One thing that might complicate it is that, AFAIK, the houses on Windsor Walk aren’t owned by the Council, they’re owned by an NHS Trust. What we need is some sort of regeneration guru to help us out with this.

  2. You may be right — but the wording i’m finding is that they have to be owned by a public body not necessarily the council — I wonder if the Maudsley trust would be included in that. I will do some digging and report back! The article actually mentions the NHS as being covered (though I do wonder if it was that easy wouldn’t someone have done it already!)
    A quick search of the Southwark planning pages shows that they got planning permission back in 2003 to convert the whole row into flats.… I wish they would get on and do it!

  3. Rhian — you can use PRODs on property owned by public bodies other than the council so i think those owned by NHS Trusts would qulify.

  4. Going back to the original thread, it’s a shame that it’s taken Jamail’s murder to get Channel 5 and the London Paper reporting on our neck of the woods. I can understand ewookie’s reluctance to get involved, not least because of him having no editorial input. Personally, I can only imagine the London Paper presenting what happened in a wholly negative, and possibly sensationalist context that will achieve nothing. Apologies if I’m mistaken.

  5. Two young black blokes were shot dead last Saturday night in Shoreditch and Stoke Newington. They were 23 and 20 years old.

  6. It was a drive-by at 1.30 in the morning on the corner of Defoe Road and Church Street. Later at 5.50 the other shooting took place in the Jam club down the road in Shoreditch when the club was finishing, after an altercation. I don’t want to add to the gloom, I just noticed it in Monday’s Standard. It happens, not just here.

  7. Anne

    I suspect it must be tough making your mark as an up and coming film director; and I know you probably don’t have a lot of clout dictating what sells and gets broadacst; and it’s not personal. But there’s a lot to film in Camberwell that might not look so prurient on paper.

    greek wedding parties? camilla batmangellidh? a fity year throwback jazz in the crypt club?


    drew mishmash

  8. Dear All,

    Just in case you haven’t seen the SE5 Forum website recently we’d like to invite you all to come to our first General Meeting on Tuesday 28th November. Details are as follows:

    General Meeting — Tuesday 28th November
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    We hope very much that you will be able to join us.

    Please contact Di on 020 8374 8552 if you need further information. Or email Hannah Mummery throguh the SE5 Forum talkboards.

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  9. Everyone’s gone to the Forum site, they’re chattering away like monkeys there about drink, videos and chicken.

  10. Re this heading, I would like to know why Anne is making the film and if she has the blessing of Jamail’s family.

  11. This is my own personal view, no more and no less, but when I first saw this appeal (and the one from the London Paper journalist) I was a little uncomfortable with these approaches being made on this site. I have a distrust of journalists and film-makers that focus in on this type of subject matter (though hypocritical enough to often read and watch the end product, I’ll admit!)
    If Realme hasn’t received a response to her earlier posting, this further confirms my negative views in this area. I’d be interested in knowing if this was the case.

  12. I used to be jamail’s teacher. I was aware of a shooting in Camberwell at the time but didn’t realise it was Jamail until yesterday. This news breaks my heart..he was always a very emotionally damaged child even at the age of 9 but his kindness and sensitivity shone through despite his challenging behaviour.
    I hope this report avoids voyeurism and depicts his true nature not the nature of his death.
    I need to know where I can pay my respects.
    By the way, the trivial nature of some of the previous comments are, in my view, distasteful

  13. MPC — there is a memorial to Jamail just down the road from where he was shot (outside the dentist’s surgery). In the days immediately following the shooting people left letters and cards, but these have now been taken away. However, I noticed a couple of days ago that his picture is still there, and there are fresh flowers.

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