8 thoughts on “Boys should be boys”

  1. I am heartened by the fact that the police have managed to get as far as charging someone for this — time will tell whether they have sufficient evidence to get a conviction.
    I’m quite keen on the idea of prosecuting people for witholding vital information in cases like this as well. He was almost definitely not alone at the time the shooting took place and those with him had a moral responsibility to report what they saw to the police (assuming that they were not accessories). Perhaps they did come forward, but if they didn’t, they should be pursued as well.

  2. I find this not only sad, but also confusing — how do kids get hold of guns like this? It just seems crazy. 1) Surely guns cost a LOT of money? 2) Which morons sell guns to kids?

    Is positive they have caught someone though.

  3. The guns are cheaper than jewellery if you know where to get ’em, like off the 14-year-old girl in Colindale as reported in the Standard recently.

    Did anyone go to the Villa nursery and pre-school Christmas Fair today?

  4. I have seen convincing argument that the availability of unregistered guns can be tested by pure market supply/demand vs price research.

    i’m afraid to tell you the price of guns is low; and that’s because avialibility is high.

    And in case anyone tells you otherwise; guns are for killing with.

    Peace, out.


  5. Guns are easy to get. They come from Eastern Europe mostly. Kids keep them at home and go home for them when they need them. They treat them like toys. They think they are in a video game. Even the older gangsters are scared of these younger street kids who have nothing bit their desire to be top dog in an icreasingly violent world. All this is going on under our noses. It’s worse than you think. It affects and blights my life and cripples my son’s freedom as he lives in fear. Why is it happening? What are we going to do about it as a community? What part do we have to play in all this? What happened to the good old multicultural Camberwell we all think we live in? What are the police really doing about it? Where are the guns coming from? Why do little boys have nothing to live for but violence? Ignore these questions and it will only get worse.…

  6. Having recently voted a war prime minister back into power, with all the trimmings that implies for our arms industry exports, those of us who voted Labour are not ideally positioned to comment on the availability of guns here.

    Hold-yer-nose voters, you know who you are and whether you have a right to comment on this. The wider question is whether a developed economy can maintain a high quality of life for its citizens without state-marketing of its arms, including small arms to weak or non-existent democracies abroad. I believe it can.

    I don’t think it is necessary for our small arms to continually turn up within insurgent operations against our troops abroad and help to flood the domestic market keeping, as Drew points out, prices low.

  7. OK — I voted Labour — there you have it! However, even the ego on a stick that is Tony Blair, controlling the control-freaks that form his happy bunch of Ministers and “political advisers” would stop short of claiming a central role in the rise in gun-crime in Britain in recent years. He sees himself as influential, but really! That takes the biscuit.
    Harriet Harperson has such a nice bob-haircut too! I am scandalised, Regurgiguru and believe you are a puppet of darker forces!

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