Lipstick on a pig

The Sun & Doves closes today for five days for a refit, and will re-open on Friday evening. I look forward to seeing its latest phase. Cube hairdressers also looks as if it’s having a spruce-up, and so has my local, The Cadeleigh Arms — although one disgruntled regular complained to me that it looks like a coffee shop now.

The SE5Forum have a general meeting tomorrow night. There will be free food; what else do you need to know?

I went into The Phoenix for a drink last night. Their pub quiz was cancelled due to lack of interest. I had a nice sausage sandwich there.

I had something else to write, but I’m struggling to remember what it was. You can probably tell.

Author: Peter

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11 thoughts on “Lipstick on a pig”

  1. The Phoenix pub quiz is very amusing. My boyfirend and i stumnbled across it a month ago when we went out for a few pints one Sunday evening. By the time we arrived two teams had defected to another pub and then a bidding war started out amongst the remaining teams as to which team we would join!

  2. Completely off topic — does anyone know of any good local driving schools or independent driving instructors? My provisional license arrived in the post this morning…

  3. Can I second Amanda’s request re local driving instructors — though I have to say my provisional licence arrived about 10 years ago and I’m just lazy!
    If people’s Wednesday-night-quiz plans have now been frustrated due to the S&D’s refit, I can recommend the quiz at the Rye Hotel down the road in Peckham, presided over by Scott the camp Canadian who has a great line in small-town-gay-hijinks stories. Not one for the faint-hearted — last time the quiz had a sex theme and we won the picture round.….

  4. The phoenix pub quiz hasn’t been the same since Arnaud the bloke who ran it left. To my mind he was one of the best quiz hosts there’s ever been!

  5. Peter, Alan Dale on the Forum says his mum says he is still barred from Online. That can’t be right, can it?

  6. To reiterate: I’ve never deleted a comment, and I’ve never barred anyone.

    Alan was using a betting website as his URL, and it must be on a blacklist from the spam filter that I use. I receive literally 1,000s of spam comments per month, and the filter does a great job of keeping the majority out. However, sometimes it filters genuine comments too, and if I don’t find out about it on the same day, I can’t restore them. I’ve already let him know what the problem is.

    Alan, if you read this, send me a private message on the SE5Forum site and I’ll work out a way we can get around the filter block.

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