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I went along to the SE5Forum public meeting tonight. I’ll write more about it tomorrow, but I just want to say hello to all the readers I met there; MishMash, Merrick, Karen, dickdotcom, regeneguru… um, don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone. Sorry if I didn’t get a chance to thank you individually for all your support on here; and no, I really don’t know who Lord Henry is.

Update: Last night’s public meeting was a marked improvement on the first, as the SE5Forum have found their feet after a few months of getting together. The biggest improvement was that there was a lot more involvement with the people; exercises to have your say on what issues should be focused on, and point out where most attention was needed (on a giant map; giant maps are cool).

It also served an important function in letting people get a few things off their chest. Some of the ideas given weren’t suitable for the SE5Forum to get involved in, IMHO — the male lifeguards at an all-women swimming class, for example —  but it made people feel better to be able to say it to other people.

Hopefully there will be detailed minutes and supporting documents going up on soon, so you can read more about it yourselves. But I think it was very useful, and I was happy to have gone.

Oh, and the food was delicious. There were dishes from Tadim, New Dewaniam, a new Ethiopean restaurant on Camberwell Road (I have a card at home, I’ll update later), and somewhere else that I’ve forgotten. Well done to the organisers.

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Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Yes a good meeting last night — good to see the committee and begin to start the process of getting involved in the development of SE5.

    Sorry I meant to come up and intorduce myself but either you or I were tied up in conversations for most of the evening.

  2. hello PG

    Nice to have met you too — I wanted to meet regeneguru and asked someone who looked like he might be one and the same, but said accused denied it, unconvincingly.

    And of course I wanted to hug realme.

    Fantastic food too, could someone remind us who provided it? Are there enough restaurants to rotate them, frequently; little bit of se5 lobbying, a plate of dahl? Regular Fridays?

    Have a mid-week kind of day.

    Drew Mishmash

  3. Hi, thanks to everyone who came to the SE5 Forum general meeting last night — i’m sorry i didn’t get a chance to meet anyone — i was too busy running around trying to get mics to work, forcing people to write their names on stickers and sorting out food — that sort of thing!! However i glad it was useful and more importantly everyone enjoyed the food — the Ethiopian food came from Zeret Kitchen which is in the courtyard on the Castlemead Estate — Do go there as their food is brilliant and they are very lovely!!

  4. Lord Henry is Lord Henry. This is this. This is not something else.

    Say a prayer for myself and Mr Dandy as we are off to the races at Sandown on Friday. I don’t care what your religion is, when I’m going racing I will take prayers from Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and Jews. Et al.

    Some of you may not be familiar with my good chum Mr Dandy. He is from Trinidad & Tobago. That’s right, he is a Toboggan.

    He was wandering through South London one lonely night when he saw the Mr Dandy chip shop on Camberwell New Road, just opposite the Black Sheep. Coincidence, he thought. We share the same name. I will make this wild country my abode.

    Cut to: three years later. He is drinking on Camberwell Green. He saw my good self. I was at a low ebb. Carstairs and Lady Henry had run off and left me. Mr Dandy comforted me. There was nothing sexual about it, you bastards!

    Anyway, Mr Dandy said to me, “Lord Henry, you look exactly like the signage above the Mr Dandy chip shop. The top hat, the monocle, the swordstick, the moustache. I am Mr Dandy, and YOU are Mr Dandy!”

    Since then we have been fast friends.

    I’m not sure about the runners and riders on Friday at Sandown as I like to keep my mind clear when I’m about to bet, like the Bodhisattva. But put your shekels on Kauto Star to win The William Hill Tingle Creek Trophy on the Saturday. If it comes in, Your Lordship will want some kickbacks.

    Nod’s as good as a wink to a blind man.

  5. What are the chances of that happening eh?

    Yesterday afternoon some poor misfortunate happenned to get stabbed whilst standing in the vacinity of the bus stops outside McDonalds on Butterfly Walk — Every year there’s one and it’s sad that I’m not even surprised — I’ve even posted a few replies regarding this annual event on this very messageboard…It’s becoming as reliable an annual event as Christmas, somebody is always getting cut down outside that folly of a shopping centre…

  6. I didn’t say anything at the Forum but it was okay. I was upset they left out those of us in the East. We’re still SE5!!! Thankfully that nice lady stood up for us. Who were you??

  7. Hi Newbie, I think for the most part the Forum will be concentrating on matters that affect all of Camberwell, not specific areas. I’m not sure where exactly you live, but Forum regular, TommyD, focuses quite a lot on the Southampton Way region; if that’s you, take a look at:

    I was in a grey jumper, eating too much delicious food and shaking my head when people were mentioning documents that should have been posted on the website.

  8. Newbie, we’re just people who live in Camberwell, we don’t know everything about it at all. We just know a lot. Recombining Camberwell is clearly happening — and the nice lady might have been Marlene.

    Sorry, 20 hour day today. Too tired to say more.


  9. Like the buses, it’s all running a little late. Saturday night looks a bit more realistic though.

  10. Got Idris in the 2nd at 13–2, then Labelthou in the third at 5–2. Put me £52 ahead, but I lost the next three. Ended up £17.50 up. Not too bad. Mr Dandy lost £50. He’ll be back playing the banjo and grinning like a fool for the next fortnight, the prick.

    Some old woman was collecting for a “poppy appeal” on behalf of “the lads in Iraq”. Is this a con? I thought the poppy appeal was for widows and old-age pensioners who’d been servicemen? Why would I give money to soldiers who are already on a wage? She ought to count herself lucky I hadn’t been on the tequilas!!!

    Had a pint in the pub in Waterloo station while I mulled over the day’s events. Some floozie made advances towards me but I spurned her. The code for the toilets is 1032 if anyone finds themselves caught short.

    Got back to Camberwell. The Dispensary was buzzing, but smoky as usual. The Castle was pretty good. I witnessed the manager tell someone he was slurring and he wasn’t going to serve him anymore, and I thought, that’s a bit harsh, it’s only 7.30. Then I realised that was a paradoxical attitude on my part. Well done sir!

    Rumeli then served me the best fish and chips I have ever had. They even gave me an extra bit of fish!

    Used my £17.50 winnings to buy a bottle of Smirnoff and Tropicana orange juice with bits.

    I have almost finished Vikram Chandra’s SACRED GAMES. It’s 900 pages, and I am on page 632. Looks like it could be a masterpiece. You heard it here first.

    Let’s have more pub and grub reports and nonsensical gibberish, hey? There’s been enough death and destruction this year. It’s Christmas!

  11. Do you know the Hole in the Wall, Lord H? It’s that hole in the wall, beneath-the-arches pub at Waterloo where the drinkers instinctively crouch as the trains rumble overhead. It’s probably not your style, in fact it is often used by Soton soccer supporters on their way home after defeats. “We’ll be back,” I’ve heard them growl, great beefy fellows with ridged foreheads above faces branded with the steel and smut of the dockyard. The alehouse has a Tolkienian air, subterranean, goblin-haunted, the wet-underfoot lair of the Golem, the dark shiny floor slithering with bulbous black eels. The spiders in the gents plop down on the greasy, bald heads of the sons of Soton as they release their ale-water into the sluices. Many such a fanatic stumbles back into the tunnel that is the drinking area with a foot-diameter, black, tangle-limbed spider clamped to his skull like a safety helmet for hell. Sandwiches are served packed flat with accidental cockroaches so old they predate the Great Fire which they survived, their limbs still twitching, their antennae still searching for favours from the catastrophe, felicitous pieces of burnt flesh. The ale is sometimes contaminated by thrips, which coarse through the drinkers’ veins, dining on their internal protein over the following agonising months. Pub grubs, seeping up through the floorboards, spawn into improbable trilobite creatures whose warning call is the nonsensical gibberish of the blind predator first crawling from the foetid, boiling, sulphide-poisoned seas at the dawn of time. Time, time, time, gentlemen, please!

  12. Sacred Games is a great book, finished it a couple of weeks ago. Maderchod.

    Am now on to The Peacock Throne by Sujit Saraf — Delhi rather than Mumbai based but equally a top read.

    Once began a disasterous date in the Hole in the Wall. I blame the inauspicious starting venue for the frankly pathetic result.

  13. Kauto Star came in, decimated the field in fact, but it was heavily backed, so you’d only have got 4–9, or better if you went to the track. Look out for him in the King George when the field will be better, as will his odds, hopefully.

    I hope to finish SACRED GAMES in the next three days. Bhenchod. It’s one of the longest books I’ve read, along with DON QUIXOTE, MOBY DICK and Dos Passos’ USA. All masterpieces.

    My treacherous manservant Carstairs once took a date to see Harvey Keitel in BAD LIEUTENANT. If you’ve seen that film you’ll have guessed that that date ended badly also. Then again, every enterprise Carstairs is involved with ends badly. Although he always seems to come through it unscathed, the disreputable bumblepuppy.

  14. Bumped into Mark Dodds on the steps of the S&D at lunch time looking remarkably unstressed given that the inside of the S&D was still looking like a bomb site and the grand reopening had already been postponed for 24hours. He was hoping that all was going to be ready for this evening. Can anybody offer an update? I might pop in for a swift one later on if they’ve got it sorted.

  15. I have not darkened the arches of Waterloo bridge for some time, but the lovable green cartoon character Shklit used to ply her trade from that area, she who was befriended by the blind dark knight of Peckham, her staunch defender and also defender of a law suit from DC comics; she would retreat into a similar crevice.

    Has Shklit been evicted and her former abode expanded converted from residential to commercial? Most traffic is in the other direction.

  16. Speaking of Waterloo drinking dens — I rather enjoy the Dickensian splendour of Roupell Strreet and the magnificent Kings Arms Pub — Has anybody been there? Although I was rather dissapointed when they replaced the hearty British Pub Food with Thai — That was a mistake so they get an A minus…

  17. We’ve been putting in the new bar over 18 & 20 hour days and will be open tomorr, er, today for lunch and live evening music…

    There’s still a lot to be done over the next couple of months but the new bar looks good; I’m pretty happy with it really; an enormous relief after so much work and angst in the planning. We’ve improved some of the furniture — some is being repholstered and won’t be with us for a few weeks. Banquette seating now lines the walls of the back room, booth seats and a stage for live performance will come soon and then refurb might finally be finished!

  18. @ eusebiovic — The Kings Arms is run by the same people that run both The Windmill in The Cut (near the Young Vic) and The Ring on the corner of The Cut & Blackfriars Rd. All three are OK and individual from eachother, but share the same identikit Thai menu, which is a bit boring. The fad for Thai food is, I believe, on the wane, so perhaps in time.….…..
    There’s a nice pub called The Royal Oak in Tabard Street in The Borough. If you find yourself in the area, check it out. The clientele are mixed and vary from one night to the next. It sells real ale, so there are a smattering of real ale bores most nights, insisting that they are entitled to have their glass topped up to the rim and that’s what the law says.….…(yawn), but it’s a nice place. They do standard pub food, which is good value and pretty good quality.

  19. the Royal Oak is indeed a good, old skool boozer. The Roebuck is OK as well (Dover Street) and has a late licence.
    More disappointing is the ‘new’ Castle. I went there for Sunday Lunch today and since changing mangement, the food has gone drastically down hill.

  20. We went to the reopened S&D last night — as pleasant as ever. No major changes really, more evolution than revolution as far as the bar area is concerned but a very smart new bar.

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