Happy Snow Day!

View from my bedroom window

Few sights are as glorious as a blanket of snow. Alright, 3cm isn’t exactly a blanket, but it was enough to make me happy this morning as I flung open my curtains to look at the lovely, crisp snow — before it turns into a vile grey slush later.

I took my camera out and took a few snaps from my window and on the way to Denmark Hill; if any other Flickr-using readers did the same, can they please tag their photos “se5 snow” so we can see them all together?

I hereby declare today to be Snow Day, the funnest day in the history of Springfield Camberwell!

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Had a think- I’d like Camberwell to be like Angel. It’s got every high street brand imaginable as well as a wide range of independents. Only really lacks parks which we’ve got in abundance.

    I used to live there in 1998 but I got sick of not being able to afford a lounge.

  2. Alan, I think Bexleyheath has most of those shops, and it’s cheaper than Camberwell. Maybe you could move there. Apparently house prices are set to rise dramatically and all the poor people are going to be bulldozed whilst in their own flats to make way for loft style bungalows and more shops. Utopia.

    And Peter/Dagmar; Kennedy’s do a good Christmas Puddings (seasonally), pease pudding, baked beans, cheese, pastry and eggs apart from swine based foodstuffs. Before Christmas they actually ran out of sausages altogether.

    My Nan and Mum swear by Kennedy’s chipolatas, good south London girls the pair of them.

  3. Thanks for the lowdown on Kennedy’s. I shall have to give their sausages a go some time. There’s old Kennedy’s signage over what looks like a derelict shop on Peckham Road, just next to the fire station, at the top of Southampton Way. Sometimes, though, I noticed the side gates are open and there’s definately some kind of business going on back there. Anyone know what?

    Re Angel — I’ve thought about it too, and I think that area now has less individual character about it than either Highgate Village or Clapham. It’s like having a shopping centre on your doorstep. I’d be happy to get my general basic supplies here in Camberwell — food mainly, with the odd other store, like a bookshop, say- and then travel elsewhere for other stuff, such as clothes.

  4. Used to live in Islington and regularly return to worship at the church of the Emirates. Walked to Angel tube last night in fact after enjoying the thumping of the spurs.

    And while I loved living in Islington and used to enjoy shopping in Upper St back then, now I live here I *really* wouldn’t want Camberwell/Peckham to turn onto Islington, we’ve got far too much independent spirit and uniqueness about us and it would be a shame to lose that for the over-priced boutiques of Upper St.

  5. There is a full moon over Camberwell tonight, maybe a tiny bit gibbous, but good enough for the Dagmar family: the Dagmar baby is musical and so much so that under the moon tonight she began to play the bath, like a trombone.

    I will hand over the piglets for once to go to the private view at the South London Gallery, the drawings.

    Islington is all right but you can’t throw a bottle out of a pub there, as we say in Denmark, without hitting a graphic designer.

    I am so cheerful tonight with the moon that if I see a graphic designer at the show I will wrestle him to the ground and snog him or her!

  6. hi dagmar, hope you enjoyed the preview at the slg tonight. myself and mrs sqdr were there looking after our friend’s little ‘un. at first he was freaked out and screamed his little lungs out, but then we fed him a banananana and showed him a spiderman comic and the drawing of the mouse and he calmed down a treat.

    before long it was smiles all round!

    it’s a good show, but i didn’t check it out properly. too busy *schmoozing*.


  7. I was schmoozing, too, looking round to see if I could see myself, etc. It is a good show, isn’t it? East Dulwich is near the Picture Gallery with its Canaletto, but we are more fortunate with the SLG and Netto.

  8. Mel R, that used to be the Kennedeys ‘factory’. I used to frequently see men dressed in white carrying pigs heads in there, presumably to turn their lips and eyes into snags.

    I quite like the building itself, to me it looks as though they are developing it but keeping the facade. Maybe it’ll be turned into loft apartments and called ‘The Pig Factory’ a bit like ‘The Piano Factory’ down the road and ‘The Jam Factory’ near Tower Bridge. Or what about ‘The Sausage Block’, ‘Chipolata Suites’, ‘The Green Back Complex’ or ‘Swine Heights’.

  9. Mel R — The building on Peckham Rd is still Kennedy’s factory. The building next door (Pelican House) is being redeveloped into housing. The facia of Pelican House is listed, which is why the developers are keeping it. The tiles are in a bit of a state, though, so Gawd knows what it’s going to look like when it’s finished. Pelican House used to be a factory where blind people worked, but it closed some time back (I think over 20 years).
    The Kennedy’s shop at the front of the factory in Peckham Rd was open for trade until about 1988, but I presume that its location and the proximity of the other Kennedy’s shops (Rye Lane, now closed) and Denmark Hill, meant that trade was slow.

  10. Kennedy’s = the Pig Factory so Pelican House housed pelicans. Maybe the people of Peckham called blind people pelicans. “Them pelicans make pegs in there.”

    The Peckham Society website is brilliant for old Peckham history and people’s tales of the areas — a pub bombed in the war with people in it, who can still be heard singing wartime songs some nights.

    Netto in Rye Lane is so-so. There are tills at one end and trucks at the other. It is very cheap, probably 3p in the pound cheaper than even Aldi. It is redeemed by a strong yellow theme — there are bright yellow plastic handbaskets which you don’t get at either Lidl or Aldi.

    Down to business, the alcoholic section is fascinating. There is a Spanish red for £2.08 called Baron Jon Noble Sir or something, but it’s 10.5% abv which is very suspect. I bought a Bordeaux at 13% for £2.79 called Fanning Lafontaine. I know that “fannings” are the dust particles of tea that make up teabag tea. I think there is a chateau called Fanning Lafontaine, I’m still researching. Anyway, this is a robust red and if red wine is good for you this one’s probably available on drip in French hospitals.

    The tasting notes begin “Tasting notes”, and carry on to say “The attack is supple.” “Pleasant and rounded with good length” (every girl’s dream) it’s good with “grilled meat and roasted game”. Roasted game!

    Rye Lane at night with all the lights and people is really something. It’s a bit grey by day, but by night it is the world’s bazaar. It must be four times bigger than Camberwell as a shopping centre and one of the most foreign, fascinating and safe-feeling streets in London.

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