Around and about on a Saturday

A walk through the center this morning; to Kennedy’s to buy some ham, then to Seymour Bros for a veggie sausage and scrambled egg roll (very nice), then Cube for a haircut (not so nice; over in five minutes and not what I asked for).

No sign of an imminent opening for Angels & Gypsies; I’m very much looking forward to that. The House Gallery is to open a cafe shortly, and Alan Dale will be happy as a new estate agent has opened on Camberwell Church Street.

Two news stories: two girls are looking for their long-lost dad, who could be living here; and Camberwell has almost four times the national average of unlicensed drivers, which means motor insurance here costs about £30 extra.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Update: Forgot to mention that the refurb in The Grove is well underway; the interior has been gutted and there were builders and decorators in at the weekend.

Author: Peter

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  1. ON shopping and what’s available locally; what do readers think of the possibility of an organic veg & fruit stall on the forecourt at the Sun and Doves?

    We’ve been talking to Eostre about it:

    We’re hoping to give it a go for three months to see if it would work.

  2. I hope it would work, but there’s little room to expand if it takes off.

    I’d love to see a farmers market in Somerfield carpark every sunday…

  3. Not a lot of passing traffic though. And the people who come to shop at Somerfield are probably not your typical organic veg clientele. Maybe we could have some organic fizzy drinks in 2 litre bottles?

    Sounds good Mark!

  4. The stall gets the thumbs up in the Dagmar flat despite what Egon Ronay says about organics. Dutch tomatoes, Egon, we remind him. Dutch tomatoes are now probably OK, but for years the Dutch were the laughing stock of Europe for their anaemic tomatoes.

    Closer to home, Netto is Danish, part of the mighty Maersk company. We see the Maersk containers with their distinctive 7‑pointed star logo rumbling on lorries through Camberwell. Maersk not only ship the containers, they make the containers. In fact they even make the ships.

    The history of Maersk is remarkable and of great interest to us in Camberwell with our historic connections with Denmark. The founder of the company named his first two ships after his sisters. They were proud to be called tramps. Tramping was a noble calling in the maritime world at that time.

    The Leise Maersk was named after the founder’s grandmother. She was the first single-screw diesel vessel in the world with the first, economical long-stroke engine, and the first vessel to ply from the east coast of America through the Panama Canal to the Far East.

    When the Germans invaded Denmark in 1940, by some misfortune for them all the Maersk feelt was out of Danish waters and unfortunately therefore not under control of the company. The founder made his exit with his American wife anyway. But this did not stop the U‑boats from torpedoeing the Leise Maesrk at the end of its voyage from Nova Scotia to the Clyde, in the Pentland Firth, on 23rd November 1940, with the loss of 15 Danish crew.

    There is more to Netto on Rye Lane than meets the eye.

  5. Hmm.

    Over in five minutes and not what I asked for — where have I heard that complaint before?

    I think the proposal to sell organic veg on the forecourt of Sun and Doves is a sound one — didn’t Jeanette Winterson do the same thing in her sprawling Georgian townhouse in Hampstead?

    Drew Mishmash

  6. Someone at work mentioned that there was a shooting on Southampton Way on Saturday. Anyone know anything about it?
    Mark, love the organic veg box idea, as long as it’s grown in the UK and seasonal, I’ll support it.

  7. Police tape still up this morning too. I wondered what that was about. I suppose more will become known shortly.

    I’d come along and support an organic market on the Sun and Doves forecourt. It will save me straying into SE15 for the Sunday market there!

  8. Mark, yeah that sounds like a really good idea. myself and mrs squidder currently get an abel and cole delivery once a week, but are thinking of trying elsewhere.

    if you start selling them i can easily combine buying organic veg with drinking beer.

    will it just be a one day a week kind of thing? or open every day?

  9. Initially it’ll be one day a week, probably Sunday I think (could be Saturday, can’t remember which day we pinned down exactly I was so excited), as this fits in with Eostre’s logistics and, um, ours too I suppose.

    Did I mention some time ago that all our food waste is composted now? We’ve got a thing going with Aardvark Recycling who are in Lambeth but in SE5. They are a very cool company. Gradually it’s all coming together. One day we moght be carbon neutral. One day we might be sustainable. Oh dear.

    Thanks for all the encouragement about the fruit & veg stall… much appeciated.

  10. We get a Riverford delivery once every two weeks but would definitely come to a stall at the S&D. I miss being able to pick out my own fruit and veg (and would be grateful to not have to think of new ways of cooking kale…ugh).

    As for larger space for an open-air market, what about the Camberwell College car park at the top of Wilson Road? Centrally located, good amount of passing traffic. I know it’s locked nights and weekends, but maybe the college would open it for a few hours as a way of supporting the community.

  11. With you on the unused car park space, Stacy (apparently there’s a bomb shelter underneath it which is why it’s of limited use). I’ve always thought it would be great for a once-a-month art market, say each first Saturday. Could end up bringing people in from far and wide. And the students could earn some pennies from being involved.

    I think the best place for fruit and veg would be Daneville Road. It’s the right size (smaller than the car park, 8–16 stalls max) and isn’t that why it was done up in the first place?

  12. I, too, would definitely buy from an organic market in front of Sun & Doves. No doubt you will keep us posted.

  13. Mark — I would definetely buy organic fruit and veg from the Sun and Doves if you could arrange this (Saves a trek to Crusons) — There is a grocers in Loughborough Junction who is pretty good but the produce there does tend to be pretty ripe, so needs to be bought as and when you need it. — I never buy stuff from a 24 hour off licence, those displays outside are just for show…some of those veggies there are older than me!!!

  14. The policing in North East Camberwell is non-existant.

    I have lived in this part of Camberwell since October and in that time have seen a policeman in the area once. This despite a spate of burglaries and vandalism in our tiny street after which the police assured us that they would be stepping up their presence in the area.

    Actually, you don’t see many police in Camberwell generally…a disgrace given its crime figures. The van outside the Silver Buckle seems to have disappered.

  15. Hi Dagmar

    As a Scot I have to say how right you are. Turnip — and not swede, a big purple turnip, man — is delicious boiled, mashed [champit we would say] with butter and loads of fresh black pepper. With haggis of course. Food of the Gods.

    Drew Mishmash

  16. Just to reassure everyone, there will be a police crackdown in SE5, supported by your local councillors …

    … on cyclists shooting red lights.

    The next community council meeting is when you can tell them how you completely agree what a proportionate use of police resources this is.

  17. off topic i’m afraid… but serious stuff!

    *someone* was telling me tonight that the Camberwell Leisure Centre’s deemed for closure and renovation and this is all down to the folks from SE5 Forum’s intervention and “secret” (yeah!) meetings with the council. and that’s why it’s remained closed etc.

    anyone know what’s…up?

  18. I have set up an alert for all new mentions of Camberwell that google picks up and usually its full of interesting (and sometimes depressing) stuff about SE5, it also picks up information from Camberwell in Australia (edge of Melbourne in Victoria).

    Today the google alert gave me “Camberwell, a beautiful leafy suburb known for its predominantly Italian eateries, is also home to a contemporary Asian eatery well worth investigating.” and then it gave a review of a new restaurant — see

    I thought this is a description that our Camberwell should be aspiring to.…

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