6 thoughts on “Seasonal Affective Disorder”

  1. The long term future of Camberwell could benefit from the Council administration moving away because the sites they leave behind could potentially be freed up for operation and management by a Community Development Trust, run by local people for the benefit of local people.

    Glad to see the police are keeping an ‘open mind’ on the motives for the stabbing.

  2. I think the council moving away might be to the detriment of the area as council officers and councillors will not come into contact with Camberwell on a day to day basis but instead will be shut away in a new office complex in Elephant

  3. I always kept the faith that we would get an opportunity to reclaim that classic Art Deco building once again for the benefit of -

    “The Independent Progressive People’s Republic of The Well at Camber”

    Let’s all sing the Republic’s Anthem -

    “Try they might to bring us down, the Southwark oppressors will never dim the Camberwell reign”

    add a second or third verse if you please, or maybe that should be the chorus…

  4. I can see the Town Hall being converted into flats, just like some of the fine Victorian schools in the area. But it would be good if part of it could be kept for community use — a place to hold meetings, for example.

    By the way, it seems that Andrews & Robertson has become part of a chain — Haart. Noticed as I was passing in a bus last night. We bought our house through them! More significantly, it’s a firm with a long history in Camberwell. According to Mary Boast’s history: “Alexander Robertson set himself up in 1884 as an estate agent and auctioneer. In 1989, still in the Robertson family, the firm merged with an even older family firm, W Andrew & Son, of 75 Camberwell Church Street, to become Andrews & Robertson, at Robertson’s office, 27 Camberwell Green, a house built in 1836.”

  5. I bought my flat from A&R. It’s sad that they’re no longer. Dealing with them was almost a pleasure!

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