A lovely Sunday

Is there anything better than a sunny Sunday morning? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical.

When we opened the door to the lounge and the sunlight bathed us, we knew it was time to get out and enjoy it. Keen to break fast in the sun, we walked down to Chumleigh Gardens for the all-day breakfast. The food’s not great, but the environment more than makes up for it. Courting pigeons, a hurrying fox, and happy families made it a pleasurable hour. We also met blog readers MishMash and Merrick (sounds like odd-couple private detectives — a clown and an ex-cop).

We walked off breakfast with a circuit of the park, enjoying its disparate groups; the geese and ducks and fishermen at the pond; the junior rugby league; the South American football tournament; the West Asian cricket games; the pocket boy racers with their remote-controlled monster trucks; the dog walkers; the tennis players; hundreds of people enjoying leisure time. Made me feel quite sentimental.

In the evening, to the Phoenix for a few drinks with an assortment of blog readers. Thanks to Mishmash & Merrick (again), SG, Copeywolf, Amanda Fuller, Luke, Dickdotcom and their respective lurker friends/partners for coming along. Sorry if I didn’t get a chance to talk to some of you as much as I’d have liked, but I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and put faces to some of the names on here.

I think next time we’ll try to advertise it a bit further ahead, and perhaps try for somewhere a bit more central. And I will bring along Bubbles the horse, to avoid the questions of his whereabouts.

After the Phoenix, myself and my mail-order bride went to the George Canning for a steak sandwich / burger. Nice, but I was feeling a little numbed by the Frulli at the Phoenix so we retired to bed shortly afterwards.

Lovely Sunday.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Sorry didn’t make it yesterday, too much crammed into too little time. Hope you all had a good natter. Will fdefinitely make next time if at all possible. Funnily enough going to meet Bunbohue (?) right now.

  2. Hello. I’m sorry too — had planned to join you in the Pheonix, but the fine weather meant I loitered longer than expected on a visit to see friends — we were sat in the garden, in March! What a gorgeous spring day.

  3. Apologies for my non-attendance. I was in Chamonix this weekend and I’m sure I saw a former Doves barman there. Small world indeed.

    Anyway- there was lots of excited talk of second home buying but I think the prospects are better here. Especially if Burgess Park continues its upward march…

  4. Sorry only to stay for an hour too — the combination of a heavy Saturday night and a heavy Sunday fence-fixing meant that the prospect of a second pint was not an attractive one and I needed to go and lie-down on my sofa and watch TV

  5. My apologies for leaving you off the list, Dickdot (if I may be so informal). Obviously the Frulli made me more muddle-headed than I realised!

  6. Now that was fun — but did I ever have a hangover this morning!

    My apologies for harranguing you poor sassenachs about the relentless march of celtic nationalism.


    Drew Mishmash

  7. The Dagmar family was en route from Greenwich Pizza Express to the bath. Our baby was one the day before and we took her to Farming World near Faversham so she could see where she fits in, in the scheme of things, somewhere between the bunnies and the lambs.

    Peter, Ellie posted soon before 8 in the morning after a Friday night on the razz, I bet. What happens is the inhibitions are lost and then gradually recovered, with the guilt kicking in like turbo-lag, “Omigod, did I say that?”

    Tourettes’s is similar — you say the thing you dread you’ll say.

    Your Sunday sounds fab. I notice at this time of year the sun shines through the daffodils, not just on them, so the plants cells are brightly lit up, and the flower heads glow like stained glass windows. It is no wonder Wordsworth described them as golden.

  8. Sorry I couldn’t come but my parole officer wouldn’t let me. Despite being low-risk category I’m not allowed to meet people from the internet.

  9. Lovely to meet everyone (again, very briefly) yesterday. Mr Roana (aka Luke) and I are definitely up for a longer meeting next time… and suggest that Team Blog enter the Phoenix Pub Quiz!

  10. I had a great time in the Phoenix, was fun to meet you all, hubby also had a great time and is now planning to do less lurking and more blogging!

    I also had a slight ‘head’ this morning but a bagel and strong coffee sorted me out in no time…

  11. Yep, it was great to meet some of the bloggers.

    Interesting conversations about the SE5 Forum, Wordsworth’s, cycling to work and of course, Starbucks.

    Excellent idea about Team Blog entering the pub quiz. They also run a pub quiz at the Grove on a Monday night, to give us another option.

    Suggest we stack the team with some experts — e.g. Alan Dale on local house prices, perhaps?

  12. Alan — you saw Felix — he was poached by a customer here last year who has a bar over there — Felix enjoys doing crazy things on snow, the customer said ‘fancy a job in Chamonix?’ I don’t think Felix hesitated for long.

  13. Was there any snow Alan? Listening to Riviera radio last week, all they kept on saying was ‘don’t bother waxing your skis,it’s too warm.’

  14. It was very sunny but there was plenty on the higher slopes. You couldn’t ski all the way down into the town though.

  15. One of the reasons I love this blogsite is the democracy that you display in your management of it, Peter. You could easily have removed the offensively personal comment posted earlier, but you chose not to and instead, make comedic references to it in later postings. You have my applause for that.

  16. I’ve just put into moderation a comment by someone claiming to be Alan Dale, although from a different email and IP address. Alan, did you post here at about 10.30pm?

    One thing I won’t tolerate here is users impersonating other users; provocative speech I can take, but abuse of trust I can’t.

  17. Dashed Beliefs. Faith Destroyed. Fantasy Ruined.

    I found out about Alan Dale at the weekend; I mean the fact that Alan Dale is a pseudonym. A nom de plume de ma tante. And not even from East Enders but from Neighbours. Shock Horror.

    You see until then I thought Alan was the only person other than me and Peter, and er perhaps NickW, and maybe Amanda Fuller (although now I imagine she’s from Coronation Street) who blog as themselves and can fairly easily be chased down and identified.

    Don’t watch television you see. Shameful.

  18. Yes, I find it interesting that those who tend to post provocative or shall we say controversial views on this blog also found reasons for not attending the meet on Sunday.

    Concerns about facing up to people, perhaps?

    Bravo to those who had the courage to attend — its easy to hide behind a pseudonym and remain one dimensional.

  19. I do post from two different locations and I did turn my machine on at 10.30 but I am afraid I don’t remember whether I actually posted anything.

    Thanks for your vigilance anyway.

    As well as being a street in Selborne Village (Allendale) I am also in Ugly Betty and the OC. Small world eh?

    Sorry that you thought I might exist beyond cyberspace…

  20. SG — Facing up to people? Do me a favour. As far as I can tell only Ellie has ever been personally rude to people. Everyone else has only expressed a legitimately held personal opinion. Why would they be afraid of meeting people? Do you think your intellectual wrath is so terrifying?

    Rather I think that people have other things going on. Indeed, Alan proved he was in Chamonix, the coward.

    For most people, blogs are not the be all and end all. There really is a smug liberal superiority on this site which can be oppresive.

  21. Maybe Foxy is right.

    There might be less call for pseudonyms if there was more tolerance on the site however I am personally a little suspicious of people who post in their own name.

    Seems a bit vain to me…

  22. I have no problems with people using pseudonyms; my problem comes when people start impersonating other peoples pseudonyms.

    I know you sometimes post from different locations, Alan, but have you ever used the email address a@joke?

  23. I just got into this habit from the book trade — I was drew mishmash, and dealt with nick pumpkin, simon greenvale, trevor lomond, and tim wordsworth.

    There are some issues with using surnames, as they can be tied to addresses and the like; some people just always wanted to be spiderman44.

    I can promise you that “Is Alan Dale coming? was the first question everyone asked on Sunday.

    have a chilled day

    drew mishmash

  24. Not me.

    Wow! Brilliant interception.

    Quite flattering to be impersonated though. Got to be good for houseprices.

  25. Get out my arse Drew! (joking)

    You should never meet your heroes.

    I saw David Dimbleby on London Bridge this morning.

    Much shorter than I expected.

  26. Ever thus, Alan.

    People “off the telly” are always either much shorter, or much taller than you think.

    Or they have appalling dress sense, that needs to be rectified by “wardrobe”.

    Drew Mishmash

  27. @Drew — I know I never had Dec Donnely down as 6ft 2″.

    @Peter- For the sake of this thread I think we need you to tell us what was posted.

    I can take it.

  28. @FoxyAl — ok, “facing up” was probably a bad choice of phrase. I apologise. Maybe “having the courage of your convictions” might have been better.

    But it amuses me that after making a couple of good points, you then proceed to throw out a couple of insults.

    You sure you don’t work for Foxtons?? Ooops, there I go, throwing insults back again 🙂

    Er, unless you do, of course. In which case, maybe you see that as a compliment.


  29. Peter — I don’t think you should have mentioned it. Certainly don’t post it otherwise you may as well have let this unscrupulous person get away with it in the first place.

    Not attending a freindly drink is one thing, trying to undermine someone you disagree with by impersonating them is altogether more cowardly and should not be dignified with a response.

    Alan — Is David Dimbleby your hero?

  30. Foxy is right again. Ignore the imposter.

    Yes I am a fan of massive fan of David’s since he accidentally referred to Robin Cook as “Robin Cock” on Question Time.

    But we should not speak ill of the dead..

  31. To be honest it was more silly than offensive. It was very out of character for Alan, which is what flagged my attention to it. I won’t be repeating it here.

    My issue is not that someone made a silly/rude post pretending to be Alan, but that someone pretended to be him at all.

    And by the way, I don’t judge anyone at all for not attending the drink on Sunday. I was happy that some people did, not angry that some people didn’t.

  32. @Sg- Foxtons bashing again?!

    I had three Big Macs at one sitting in Chamonix. They weren’t greasy and they were piping hot.

    Say what you want about French food but you cannot beat their take on the Golden Arches.

  33. Sg — I have not insulted you. I have made a general comment on the overall theme of posts on this blog. I am sorry if you misunderstood.

    I will chose to keep my indentity and profession a closely guarded secret. If it ever got out, I may have to kill everyone on this site…

  34. Hey Alan

    Being a skint ex-bookseller and not a fantabulously wealthy property speculator, I’ve never been to Chamonix to eat a Big Mac.

    Is it true that you can have a beer with it? And is the Quarter Pounder really called a Royale?

    Did you fly? Cheaply? Honestly? Have you paid your carbon offset? Mishmash and Merrick Detective Agency will find out if you’ve been naughty…

    Bon Chance

    Drew Mishmash

  35. @Drew- Yes. Yes. No- City Airport is worth the premium. Yes. Not unless you count replacing my patio with lawn as an adequate offset.

    I am going to Vegas in April. I have paid to offset that. Only £14 though. Can that really be right?

  36. It’s been a while since I’ve read Littlejohn; thanks for making me laugh on a stressful day.

    His point: everyone else is polluting, what’s the point in us stopping? Not very original, or clever. I might as well chuck my litter on the street, as other people aren’t going to stop doing it. I might as well crap on the road, as some dog owners don’t clear theirs up.

    Honestly, the man’s an idiot. The frightening thing is that his brand of idiocy is popular.

  37. That’s ace! Where do you start with Littlejohn? Very funny.

    With regard to my £14 I paid it so that I can take the moral high ground at dinner parties and it really works.

    A lot of people much more left leaning than me have never thought to off-set their carbon and it annoys them to hear I’m one step ahead of the game.

    Is there really no one in Morecambe capable of picking up a cockle? Class.

  38. I think you are deliberately misrepresenting him, the dog mess analogy does not work. If he were saying that everyone in India does not clean up after their dog so neither am I, then that would be stupid.

    His point is that the problem is global and paying a nominal amount of money to carbon offset you holidays abroad is basically meaningless.

    He is generally a buffoon, I agree, but I do think people talk crap about the environment because it is trendy now.

  39. The Camberwell festival is upon us and promises the best weather and firmest going for years. In the first race:

    Alan Dale 2–1
    Foxy Al 4–1
    Smug Liberal 8–1
    Lord Henry 10–1
    Ellie 50–1
    Jean Baudrillard 100–1

    100–8 bar

    And they’re off. Oh, what’s this? Jean Baudrillard is coming through on the inside rail and has taken the race by a nose. Or has he? There’s a steward’s enquiry. Or is there?

    And the winner is Spring Song, ridden by Felix Mendelsohn, trained by John Ruskin and owned by Henry Maudsley. And the crowd are going mad.

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