The third COB/SE5FG meetup

After much deliberation, I’ve decided that the details for the meetup are:

Sunday, 11th March, 5pm at the Phoenix

My first choice would have been 3pm, but as the rugby is on, everywhere will be busy and noisy. I did consider 1pm, but I think that because it’s Sunday lunchtime, everywhere is going to be busy also.

5pm should give people time to watch rugby or eat lunch (or both), or maybe finish moving house, and drop in later. It’s also early enough that you can come out for a drink and still be home in time to watch Heartbeat.

I chose the Phoenix just for variety, and because it’s usually quite quiet on a Sunday evening. However, I am open to discussion on this.

So if you can make it, I’d love to see you all, and watch the discomfort on your faces as you have to say your web pseudonym out loud, in public. Please wear a name tag with your real name and the value of your house. Only joking. In case you need to recognise me, here is a photo of me with a horse called Bubbles (photo removed 1203).

Update: Just to confirm, absolutely everyone is welcome; whether you’re a regular, a lurker, even a troll, come along and say hello.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

28 thoughts on “The third COB/SE5FG meetup”

  1. Is Bubbles coming too?
    Mrs Dotcom and I will come — she doesn’t even qualify for lurker status!

  2. I’m going to try and come to this — 5pm is definately easier than earlier in the afternoon for me.

  3. ah Pete! Seeing the photo, I think I know you — didn’t you work at LBS about 9 years ago, before going off to south america??

    It’s Sue, I also worked there in finance.

    Funny old world.

  4. @ sg/Sue: That is indeed me. I knew my shameful past would catch up with me eventually.

    @ Creature: I’m the one with the whiskery face, scruffy hair and mad, staring eyes.

  5. Frightfully busy weekend — 2pm Dim sum in Soho for friends birthday. Will come to Phoenix immediately after. Looking forward to meeting Peter’s horse. Must say that’s a novel way of knowing how to spot someone Peter, usually it’s a carnation in a lapel.

  6. Sorry don’t think I’ll make it as you all scare me :lol:- or maybe I’ll sit in the corner and spy on you.

    Have a great time!


  7. How will we know who is from the blog and who is simply enjoying a quiet Sunday pint?

    I can just imagine a room of twenty people all looking suspiciously at each other .….…..

    hmmm, maybe that’s answered my question

  8. Maybe there should be a descreet sign either on the table or at the bar to direct people or Peter should stand up and give a speech welcoming us all to the blogmeet

    (lurker but may be tempted to come along for some real interaction)

  9. I should be there at 5pm prompt with the wife; just come over and say hello. I’ll try to get the area upstairs.

  10. Did anyone go to the Women’s Day, Mad Chicks Sans Frontieres “Losing It” bash at the Corsica Studios last night? Squidder, did you and Mrs Squidder go?

    My psychogeographer’s [Situationist’s] find of the week is a news hoarding for the Southwark Sparrow or whatever it’s called, declaiming ‘DULWICH TO BE MADE URBAN.’ I gently removed this from its grille and it is now available on ebay to discerning Dulwich folk anywhere.

  11. I would love to come but can’t make it as I’m moving house. Have fun. I’m sure you’ll all have just the one.

  12. I’m sure you’ll be in need of a pint after that moving, won’t you? Come and have one with us! Unless you’re moving away from Camberwell, in which case: stuff you. 😉

  13. How funny!! Your pic Peter gives it away!! We often see you and the wife out in SE5. Shamefully, we called you nerdy computer man and his the wife he bought with his passport. Shameful I know. Bless. I’m sure she thinks you are a stunner, and maybe your mum. See? Not everyone thinks you are minging 😉

  14. hello fiends.

    sorry not to have to have met up with you all tonight. Had a family / parent / illness / hospital emergency back home to deal with.

    finally back here in se5 now, and wanna hear the gossip from your boozy sunday night out!

    @ellie, why all the bitterness m’deary?

  15. Failed in my resolution to come — or rather seduced by Clapham and the Sunday evening offering of comedy in the Landor Arms (good in parts)

  16. Had a much better experience in the Grove on Friday evening — after dinner at Safa we decided to go to the Dark Horse but when when we got there found that all the tables were full and so, it not being a standing up and drinking kind of place, we went to the Grove which was half-three quarters full and as a result had a much better atmosphere than when we went on the first weekend it was open.

    I’m pleased that the Dark Horse was full and it will remain the pub of choice in central Camberwell, but I’m also pleased that the Grove on the second visit proved better than the first.

  17. Hi everyone,
    I was away in the Big Apple over the weekend. It was great fun, but am glad to be back in London where you don’t have to tip everyone you speak to and it’s proper springtime weather – it was snowing when we got there last Wednesday!
    Hope you all had fun catching up…

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