New balls, please

Saturday afternoon (yes, I know it’s Wednesday now) the wife and I took advantage of the brief sunny interlude to take a walk down to the Green and buy some limes (for a party). On the way back we stopped for a drink at the new Grove; she had half a Peroni, I a bottle of Waggle Dance; we drank outside on the sturdy wooden benches.

I have to say, I liked the place; it’s been sympathetically refurbished to really show off the building and, at least in the short time we were in there, seemed relaxed and relaxing. We didn’t try the food, although I’m sure my wife will be a fan of it (she likes the George Canning traditional English/Bistro style), and we didn’t spend a lot of time in there. But from what I saw, it was nice. Expensive, though; £3.60 for a pint of lager! Someone’s having a laugh.

I doubt it will become a new regular (still the Phoenix/Cadeleigh/George Canning/Sun & Doves quartet for us), but it’s a welcome alternative.

I have some questions about tennis facilities in the area, as I need to get myself back to a state of relative health and have decided that tennis is the way forward. Do you have to book the courts in Ruskin Park, or is it first come first served? Is anyone a member of the Butterfly tennis club, and if so, how do you join? Has anyone used the new courts in Burgess Park (Walworth Road side)? What are they like, and how does one go about getting a game there? Answers greatly appreciated.

Drinks this Sunday! Hope as many of you as possible can make it. Still not sure of the venue; as there’s Rugby on TV, want to avoid that, so perhaps the Phoenix? What does everyone think? Or, should we postpone to a later date? Lots of feedback, please.

Author: Peter

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  1. Never booked Ruskin tennis courts and never had much wait for a court. Phoenix shows the six nations games.

  2. Hi Peter

    I’d like to watch the rugby, allegedly in the Sun and Doves at 3 pm! Allez France!

    Can I very humbly suggest a 1 pm get together?

    Sun and Doves is nearest for me but any of the ‘usual suspect’ venues is walk-able.

    Do you think you should be the ‘benevolent dictator’ of the site and it’s visitors?

    Drew Mishmash

  3. Was assuming the meetup would be a bit later as I have a collapsing fence to repair! but Maybe I’ll start early.

    Mrs Dotcom and I used the courts in Ruskin Park without booking several times (though that was about 18 months ago)

    Maybe we should have a blog tennis competition hahahahahaha

  4. Ruskin Park courts are free but the surface is crap, which means the ball bobbles unpredictably. Can spoil the game if you take it seriously.

    Burgess Park you have to book and it’s £4 an hour I think, but the courts are in great condition and very well looked after. I tend to use Burgess Park courts as I really applaud what they’re doing there for tennis (lots of youth coaching etc) and like to support the facilities. I imagine they need our money to keep it open!

    Butterfly is a private club and fairly cheap. You have to become a member and pay annual subs. I looked into it a while back and rejected it because the opening hours were invonvenient for me. Good location though.

  5. The ones in Brunswick Park (where the proto-Williams girl plays) have just been relaid and as far as I know, you don’t have to book.

  6. You are supposed to book the Ruskin Park courts — they’ve got dirty great signs all over them saying as much. I’ll be pissed off if I’ve booked one and find one of you lot on there…

  7. Pah!

    A polite “I’ve got this court booked” will move any opportunistic bloggers on with minimum fuss.

    Don’t soil yourself!

  8. Brunswick Park have indeed been relaid and are very good surfaces. But on a sunny day there can be a bit of a wait as there are only 2 courts… and you will get shown up by the proto-Williams girl!

    Burgess Park — Very good too, cost about £4/hour, or £5 with floodlighting. Never had a problem getting a court there despite them always being busy. They have changing facilities etc.

    Never played on Ruskin Park as they look a bit ramshackle…

    Always up for a game if you need an opponent!

  9. Sorry to go off topic, but can anyone please recommend a local builder and/or plumber of good value and good quality (workwise, I mean).

    Mr Roana and I planning to move from Denmark Hill to near Southampton Way and would be very grateful for any suggestions.

    Thanks to Dagmar (I think it was) for

  10. This weekend’s becoming very busy for me on the meeting/drinks front though I’m up for a meet Peter if you demand our multiple attendance at one venue. You’re the boss.

    OFF TOPIC AGAIN — Reminder that Eostre are starting their ORGANIC FRUIT & VEGETABLE MARKET on the forecourt at The Sun and Doves this Sunday 11 March 2007.

    And RUGBY / FOOTBALL: We will show it if you tell me when it’s on! And if it’s terrestrial not Sky. And as long as we can find the digibox.

  11. Hi Mark

    This weekends six nations rugby

    scotland v ireland 1.30
    italy v wales 3.30

    england v france 3.00

    times are for kick off, coverage all on bbc and starts about 20 mins prior.

    my old school pipe band, the best in the world, will play at murrayfield before the ireland game, as they have done at every game since 1924.

    get into that attic, mark!

    Drew Mishmash

    ps if the tour de france is on terresrial tv i’ll take up residence on your pub sofa for the duration…

  12. The Bickleigh pub on Vestry Road now has a SOLD sign. This handsome building would make many flats, but also an excellent restaurant. The fish/kebab shop opposite is being refurbished and a nearby corner shop has recently been done out in a tasteful way, soon to be opened as something or other.

  13. I think Ruskin park tennis court booking number is 08451308998, courts are free.

    Why does the Grove have to leave its outside lights on 24hours a day!? I think the uniforms are disgusting and the fruit machine annoying, the food bland, the beer bad and expensive and the atmosphere poor.

  14. 1pm Sunday sounds good but perhaps Sun and Doves might be better than Phoenix, only because

    - those who wish to watch the rugby can do

    - those who wish to visit the market instead, can do

    - those who wish to have a coffee instead of a beer can do


    - we’d be supporting one of our fellow bloggers (Mark??)

  15. The courts at Buttefly tennis club are laughably bad. They are made from a strange rubberised surface which has dipped and warped to a ridiculous extent. I cannot believe that such a valuable bit of land can host such a poor quality facility. However, I did have some lessons there last year and the instructor was very good. Can’t remember her name, I think she is German.
    Burgess Park courts are perfect. Myatts Field also recently re-laid and to be recommended.

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