Being John Malkovich

I’m going away for the weekend, I’ll be back for three days, and then off for a further two and a half weeks to see the family (the other half).

Whilst I’m away, would anyone like to guest post here? Could be one person, or a few people sharing between them. I can provide a login and brief overview of how to do it.

Or, should I just leave the comments open and at your mercy?

Answers, please.

Update: Only Mumu has offered. So, Mumu it is. No-one else want a go?

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. My vote would be to leave the comments open but give someone the login details in case of an emergency.

    e.g. if Alan Dale starts posting too many property-related comments 🙂

    (just joking Alan — we love ya really)

  2. Third that (if she’s up for it). Alternatively, we have to discipline ourselves to change the subject every 10 postings.

  3. Peter cant you blog from afar? Camberwell as seen from outside rather than the world as seen from Camberwell (or something like that)

  4. Only problem with so many votes for Dagmar (and Dagmar’s got my vote by the way) is that Dagamr is a figment of our imagination

  5. You mean to say that on the internet people hide behind names that are not their own? That people post using a persona that is not really theirs? Does anyone exist or are we all figments of our imagination?

  6. I completely agree, Alan. Windsor Walk has so much potential but at the moment it just attracts theives who can happily break into the cars parked along the street as a result of lack of residents and people outside commuting hours. I was planning to write a letter to Stuart Bell, the Chief Executive of Maudsley. I downloaded their annual report and while it was long and dull (and full of ‘Aren’t we great testimonials, facts and figures’), it did provide some insights and fuel for the argument to sell those properties. If anyone else is interested in writing a letter to him, his address is:
    The Maudsley Hospital
    Denmark Hill
    SE5 8AZ

    The link for the annual report is this:

  7. Great post Lulu- perhaps you could put something similar on the SE5 forum and the East Dulwich Forum?

  8. change in topic but I notice some action at the Angels and Gypsies — new stained glass windows oooh! Perhaps it may open sometime soon..ish.

  9. Will do, Alan. I checked out the ED forum. Lots of discussion and support on Starbucks, surprisingly. I thought, considering the number of indie shops on Lordship Lane that they’d support a local barista. I guess if you have a caffeine craving, any multinational will do.

  10. lulu -
    Well consumers are a fickle lot — they like to be seen to be ethical and support small business, but when the chips are down they love the corporate shopping experience with identikit high streets- bland, safe & unchallenging ( like the East Dulwich people themselves maybe)

  11. Someone really needs to do a complete redevelopment of the whole area:

    Windsor Walk returned to resi use, big air-rights mixed-use scheme above Denmark Hill platforms to fund a total knock down / refurb of the station with disabled access (it serves a couple of hospitals, after all), proper pedestrian links from the station to the hospital and Camberwell centre, across what, from memory, is the car park at present. It would be eminently sustainable, given it would be on top of a transport hub. Whatever medical use the Maudsley are considering the houses for could go in the station redevelopment.

    Perhaps the next big development you were asking about, Alan?

  12. This sounds like exactly the kind of thing the SLP should be getting its teeth stuck into.

    Re what to do whilst Peter’s away — I think SOMEONE should post. Mark or Dagmar, or anyone else — is there anyone out there prepared to say that they’re happy to do it?

  13. I agree that SOMEONE should post otherwise we will get to the point where this or the next article has 100+ responses making it unmanageable.

    I dont mind doing it if others are happy — I could offer the perspective of someone from the Myatts Field part of town (and my no alcohol in Lent fast is coming to an end so will be hitting the Camberwell drinking spots soon)

  14. Hello Mumu

    there’s a revelation — how many of the regular contributors live in Myatts Field? — acording to the Standard one of the last five remaining bargian house-hunting areas in London!

    if I was commisioner for Transport I would make TFL raise the disability access to all stations by 10 percentage points per year for a decade. and introduce statutory requirements to do so.

    olympic city my arse!

    Drew mishmash

  15. Hope no-one minds a newby butting in… Is Myatt’s Field actually Camberwell? or Kennington? or does it come under its own area. What’s it like? not meaning to be anal or in any way exclusive, i’m just interested as i’m not entirely sure what people consider to be ‘Camberwell’. i’m pretty near there as i’m on the edge of the Elmington Estate down by Burgess Park end. So i’ve been describing myself as being from Camberwell.

  16. We could have guest posters!!

    Althoguh really the sum total of my camberwell news often consists of left Camberwell to go to work, came home, went home!

    I am going to the Gowlett Arms tonight (althoguh i realise this is technically Peckham)

  17. I love your (Hannah’s) consistently brilliant typos! Keep them up.

    Mumu would be great to post — from ‘the other side’ so to speake er, I’m almost on the other side by the way.

    By the way I met Steve Reed last Friday — Lambeth Leader of the Council — with my SE5 Forum hat on; hope that will lead to some joined up discussion on cross border stuff.

  18. Yes Mishmash I am of the Maytts Fields area. I was at the Myatts Field AGM last Wednesday which I thought was a very interesting meeting and by the sounds of things the Myatts Fields group (forget the exact title) are doing innovative things with Lambeth and the lottery funding which could be applied more widely.

  19. On another note is anyone on here going to the Glastonbury Festival this year? After much knashing of teeth, frantic refreshing of browsers and good luck my friend was able to get me a ticket before they sold out yesterday morning so I’m happy — roll on the end of June!

  20. Damn you, Mumu. I was down in Devon over the weekend so with no broadband so I had to resort to calling from 2 mobiles every 3 or 4 seconds. No result. Remaining optimistic about April 22 though.

  21. Hard luck — it did seem very random who got through and who didnt. I thought it would be easier this year as everyone had to register but in fact it seemed much worse than 2005 or 2004. Ours are not ideal as we have coach travel included and will only get our entry tickets once on the coach — I can imagine scenes of carnage at Victoria Coach Station or wherever they are departing from, a long way from the leisurely drive down the A303 which we had in previous years. Good luck for the 22nd — I’m sure you will be able to get through

  22. Hurray I have been selected to be the guest poster! I hope I will be able to continue the traditions of camberwellonline for the two weeks I am in position

  23. I knocked on the window of angels and gypsies to-be. A man brandishing a circular saw shrugged at me.

  24. A whole load of comments got snagged in the spam trap again; they’ve been freed now, so apologies to anyone who posted and didn’t see the results.

    @Mumu: I’ve emailed you with the first step to becoming guest host.

  25. Jozza — anything with the postcode SE5 is Camberwell. Although you might also consider it a state of mind.

    Mumu — are you excitedly planning your first post?! We’ll be waiting with baited breath.

  26. Thanks Mel. Glad to know i’m well within the Camberwell state of mind boundaries. Just the wrong end of SE5 for the better pubs. Nowt wrong with the Corrib and the Castle mind you. Er, well. Oh and then there’s always the slightly tragic looking King William Fourth. hmmm investment opportunity anyone?

  27. I had some friends who lived in Castlemead tower a few years back, and one night we ventured into the Castle. We were welcomed most heartily — I don’t think they were used to new faces wandering in — and stayed for a lock-in. The experience was soured somewhat when a black guy came in asking for directions, and the pub dog jumped-up from where it had been totally immobile all night and barked like mad at the guy until he left. My friend and I felt it was significant that the guy was black. This was many years ago mind — I’m not saying anything about the Castle now.

    The William Fourth used to be a gay bar at that time and we used to go in there more regularly. It was never very busy but I always preferred it the seedy Father Red Cap. God, this is all a long time ago. Good times!

  28. I live in the block just across the road — Masterman House. so technically the Corrib is my local. Damn fine Irish pub — 3 different bars don’t you know — and doorstep sandwiches and irish stew(not tried it but there’ll come a time). I quite liked the Castle just for the sheer balls of the place. I was actually looking at some earlier Camberwellonline discussions talking about the excellent food at the Castle and there i was thinking erm, really, wow, who’d’ve thought it and thinking perhaps i’d give it another go — perhaps take me mum there for lunch — and then realised, feeling darn silly, that it was the other Castle pub (which i’d never even noticed) on Camberwell Church Street that they meant. ho hum. Shame about the William Fourth then. Could really do with a nice pub on the park. Perhaps one day hey…

  29. Hi Mark

    I was walking up Denmark Road the other day and saw no 100 with the for sale sign up.

    Back at the homestead I looked up details of properties in SE5 below, say, oh, half a million.

    And you know what I found don’t you?


    Best wishes, my [paper] wealthy chum!

    Drew Mishmash

  30. Its a guilty pleasure — We may not like to talk about it but secretly we’re all monitoring rightmove and findaproperty or whatever for the prices of homes on our streets.

    However only if we are selling up and moving to a cheaper location will we be able to realise any of the ‘profit’ we make and for the most part that would mean moving to suburbia or far away from london ‑anywhere outside of London, the South East and parts of the West and South West- but then we wouldnt have joy of living in camberwell

  31. I saw young Muslim man doing his evening prayers on Camberwell Grove last night. He was perched on a mat next a van which was parked opposite The Grove…

  32. If I’m correct in understanding that a couple of the above posts contain another blogger’s address, and a link to details of their home, then I think that’s really dodgy.

  33. I don’t think they do.

    I think the address is jus that of a house that is for sale in a bloggers st.

    That said the blogger in question is Mark and he blogs as himself and freely admits to running the Sun and Doves so if you do want to stalk him I think you’d be able to find him prior to Drew pointing out how rich he is.

    Very topical though the whole bloggers getting stalked thing what with the Kathy Sierra stuff and all…

  34. Oh — I see. I thought the house in question was Mark’s house. It’s not so much stalking that bothered me, but the idea of discussing someone else’s private/personal/financial situation without their initiating it.

  35. @Mark [38] — maybe in July — that’ll be the third anniversary of the blog. Perhaps a special BBQ at the S&D…

  36. Mel, your concern’s appreciated; Alan’s right. I do live in Denmark Road but not at 100. And I certainly couldn’t afford to move there. Others contributing here have admitted to living in Denmark Road too… As for being identified generally, I came to blogging naively being me and quickly got to the point where I might as well go on being me… Never been comfortable in fancy dress anyway, and I wanted people to get to know about what running a TIED pub is like and thought doing that anonymously wouldn’t wash. I really should have started a blog about running a pub. WELL I did but I couldn’t remember the blog name and had trouble finding it to post more stuff. Then Peter Gasston made this site so easy to use and, and, well,. And… so we’re all here.

    And I’m not rich yet and Drew does do the [paper] thing; Alan doesn’t believe I’m not rich but it’s true. I’m working on it though.

    What about a meet up in Corrib bar then? Or the Castle — on Castlemeade. I noticed the ‘business opportunity’ sign had been taken down a wekk or so ago. Maybe someone’s taken on the pub.

  37. Can anyone come? The Corrib is practically on my doorstep but i am new to this whole blogster malarkey so i might sit in the corner in fancy dress heavily disguised as myself and no-one will be the wiser. I’ll be eavesdropping though.

  38. I’d be up for a meeting in the Corrib. I love old men’s pubs. I wonder what the regulars will make of a load of bloggers.

  39. ooh-er this developed quickly!

    Quite right melr — I wouldn’t dream of revealing something about someone they hadn’t revealed themselves. Sorry if i’ve trod on any toes — including yours alan, this being your metier.

    I’m up for a pub meet — last one ended with me and copeywolf bemoaning the damage professionalism brought to rugby.

    chin chin

    Drew Mishmash

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