Hooray, hooray, it’s a cheeky holiday

Right, I’m off on my holidays. Bloggage will be provided by Mumu (he’s justified and ancient) in my absence.

When I return, I hope to see Church St Hotel/Angels & Gypsies opened and causing a stir across the whole of London’s chattering classes, Cube cleaned up and turned into a light and airy cafe and deli, and The Old Dispensary reopened as a progressive coffee shop. Anything less, and I will be sorely disappointed.

I leave you with the news of a charming local couple who kept a former friend in their apartment as a ‘human dog’. All publicity’s good publicity, right?

Take care of yourselves — and each other.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

24 thoughts on “Hooray, hooray, it’s a cheeky holiday”

  1. Well according to a leaflet i got through my door a couple of weeks ago, as residents of SE5 we are supposed to be celebrating Camberwell as an area rich in the mentally ‘diverse’, ‘creative’ and ‘inspired’. Hence bonkersfest. Slightly disturbing i thought. Ever been to Rock Steady Eddies? Nothing rock steady about the regulars there.

  2. I have been to Rock Steady Eddies. The food was disgusting but the service was entertaining. The waiter treated us to an Elvis impression and told us how much he could bench press. He didn’t seem mad, just very excitable. Do you think this was Eddie?

    There was a man wearing a coat with no T‑Shirt underneath talking to himslef in one corner though…

  3. I really liked the look of Rock Steady Eddies — the cool, slightly dingey 50s diner rock’n’roll vibe but as i sat there, really rather hungover, with my coffee and toast and started checking out the company, it suddenly came over all From Dusk To Dawn. i went back another time to see whether i’d been in some sort of paranoid hangover state but it was the same. some real characters it must be said, but a bit in your face. is there a crack den round the corner?

  4. It’s a measure of Camberwell’s diversity that two grown men can take another man “walkies” to the shops two days running and no-one bats an eyelid. I have two tramps whom I am training to be gun dogs, does anyone have a problem with that?

  5. As long as they’re in gainful employment and not running down the street hammered waving their tackle around then go for it Olly…

  6. Not at all. As an open-minded Camberwellian I admire and embrace your creative initiative and alternative concept of reality.

  7. where is Rock Steady Eddies anyway?
    has anyone been to the British Queen recently?
    yes there are new depths to be plumbed, yet a very friendly pub to visit.

  8. When I first moved to Camberwell, Squidder and I shared a house just near Rock Steady Eddies. On my first day here I remember seeing a tramp walk into the doorway of Indiaah, get his tackle out and then turn round towards the street to relieve himself. Would have made great TV. The Rock Steady Eddie comments and Alan’s waving their tackle round comment just brought it all back.
    The food is diabolical. I remember taking madame bukowski there once on soem kind of misguided breakfast date. Jeez…

  9. On the subject of the “mentally diverse”, my partner once saw a completely naked woman standing directly in front of a chap who was sitting on a bench in front of Kings College Hospital’s day surgery, minding his own business.

    Apparently she was a known visitor from across the road. This happened last October time.

    Anyone else seen her??

  10. Almost any walk through Camberwell, at any time of day or night, whichever season, will encounter tragic tableaux of the human condition.

    Hot weather particularly concentrates the mix of dazed, broken, confused, angry, disaffected and plain mixed up people hanging out in our neighbourhood as the normal world passes by.

  11. in the country for a couple of days, somehow missing the ubiquitous howl of sirens, the frolicking of pit bulls on the Green, & the toxic atmosphere.
    No 99p shops here.

  12. Huh! Wish i had been in the country this weekend as some nasty little git snatched my handbag whilst i was walking home to my flat on Sunday morning. The only compensation was the pathetic haul he managed to get, as it was a small evening bag with little more than my bus pass, a brken mobile phone and a couple of quid in it (oh and a pair of used socks as i had been our bowling and took an extra pair of socks with me as those bowling shoes are always too big if you are wearing tights.)

  13. For some time now Lucas and myself have been leaving things we no longer need on our door step. They’ve been things like an old medicine cabinet, garden chairs an Ikea shelf etc. Things that work fine but that we just don’t need but don’t want to throw away. We started doing this as we noticed that everything we left out the front for the council to take when we were redecorating was collected by a new owner before they had a chance.

    Yesterday when we left the house to go to the pub quiz at The Grove(very good)a man who introduced himself as Rasta Paul rushed over to us and said that he been taking items from our house for some time now. He says that he has made things “that would make us weep” from what we have left out and some day soon he’ll show us his creations.

  14. Hi

    I grew up in Germany in the 70’s.

    Every town had a regular monthly night when surplus furniture could be left on the pavement for free collection. Into the evening cars and vans would appear and inspect and take away good stuff. Early next morning the council would clear the remainder for waste.

    This was no doubt a continuation from the austerity of the Marshall Plan — the war was still close in many people’s consciences. Every time we moved it didn’t take long to fill the [habitable, plumbed, and fitted out] cellar with a sofa and bookcase for a hobby room.

    I’m appaled at what we see in skips nowadays; applause to Lucas and Rasta Paul.Ive just joined Freecycle Lambeth and Freecycle London and was a bit miffed to find there is no Freecycle Southwark.But you wouldn’t beieve the stuff people give away — I just UPGRADED my old hifi for £zero! Try this!


    Drew Mishmash

  15. I wish Rasta Paul would come and visit our garden — we’ve had some ikea cabinets out there for a week now and no interest! Having said that though, everything else has gone — I think it’s a fantastic system. I also like to think that it’s the deep rooted honesty of Camberwell people that means the better stuff takes a lot longer to go than the obviously rubbish stuff — I like to think they wouldn’t want to nick something that we might still want — and we’ve had several people knock on the door to check that we didn’t mind if they took things. Doesn’t it give you a warm glow!

    by they way, does anyone know what was happening on Camberwell Grove outside the Lettsom estate last night about 11.15? there were 6 or 7 loud bangs that lit up the street — couldn’t work out if I should be worried or if they were just fire crackers

  16. likewise, i find the doorstep recycling ploy works a treat. the first time i had a big clearout, i took several trips downstairs to drop items off at teh allotted place for teh council to collect. on teh second trip there were already a coupld of people perusing my stuff (a mirror, small table, medical cabinet, one working but old and enormous tv). By morning all was gone, and there was a note in its place saying thanks for the stuff.

    i upgraded my stereo and the same happened when i put out my old stuff — thankyou note but no name.

    i also had a bike that was patently knackered and i had no room for it in teh flat. so i left it out unlocked for a more deserving owner. my girlfriend was watching it from the window — it disappeared in under 15 seconds.

    sold to the ned in the white tracksuit and cap

    no thankyou note that time

  17. Well i (very very foolishly)left me old bike outside that persian shop on peckham road the other evening — just for a couple of minutes while i dashed in — and someone very kindly cleared it away for me. That’s what i call freecycling. Didnt leave me a note unfortunately.
    Next time i’ll nip down there on my old gas cooker instead.
    Freecycling looks great though. Just trying to decide what i’m going to put up as my first offering so i can become a member. Perhaps my flatmate?

  18. Calm down it will be here shortly — a combination of the sun, relatives visiting and general laziness has resulted in me not being able to devote enough time to the task. Now that I’m back at work I’m more in a psoition to blog so watch this space

  19. Wow cool pics of RockSteadyEddies. Hadn’t realised it was such an institution in its heyday. Bring on a revival! Lunatics taking over the asylum…

  20. Drew — They still do that in Germany — at least they did a few years ago. I used to live there for a few years and kitted out my flat with furniture from the street.

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