Hello Camberwellonline!

So I have been given the controls of the mighty Camberwellonline blog and what an honour and privilege it is, I hope over the next two weeks or so to share some of my pearls of wisdom about living in Camberwell.

About me
I was born in Brighton but moved to Wiltshire aged four so consider myself a West country boy. After university in Canterbury I moved to London almost 10 years ago and after an initial brief flirtation with Golders Green and West Hampstead I am now firmly established in the South. I have lived in Clapham, Brixton, Streatham, Stockwell, Camberwell, Vauxhall (the joy of assured shorthold tenancies!) and last July, doing my bit to further the property owning democracy moved to Camberwell courtesy of Winkworths. I am now living in the ‘Minet Conservation area’ near to Myatts Fields which according to some is not in Camberwell (its ‘Oval’, ‘North Brixton’ or ‘Loughborough Junction’). Apart from the previous spell in Camberwell (in Canning Cross about 10 metres from the George Canning pub) I have lived in Lambeth all the time Ive been in the South so its from that slightly different perspective that I offer my postings.

2 thoughts on “Hello Camberwellonline!”

  1. WELL DONE MUMU for holding the fort. The Dagmar family has just come back from two weeks in the Cornish sun and passed through your formative Wiltshire on the M4 today. We know some folks in Malmesbury — they are canny Scousers who bought a crumbling house there before Malmesbury became part of the Cotswolds. Now their crumbs have become a whole load of bread.

    Camberwell appears somewhat urban on return here, but Lucas Gardens is reliably green. How parched the earth is everywhere from Cornwall to here, though.

  2. Yes I come from a village called Cherhill on the A4 betwen Calne and Avebury that is about 15 miles from Malmesbury. Wiltshire is such a contrast to Camberwell — in my village there was a population of 600 people which is probably the number living on my road here in SE5!

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