Red bus, red bus, red bus

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Much traffic has abandoned the Walworth Road while the Parisianisation takes place, meaning it has now become the almost exclusive reserve of the bus. This morning there was a queue of 11 buses waiting at traffic lights going north, and a further six going south. I’ve rarely seen so much red.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. The Walworth Rd roadworks must surely be related to the E & C regeneration?

    It’s hard to tell from Southwark’s web site — they vaguely mention the area south of Heygate Street but these roadworks are near enough to Camberwell.

    Interesting to see that by the Council’s calculations, the regen of E & C won’t be finished until 2014. Which in yours and my currency, probably means 2020.

    Still, it will be good when its done.

  2. I thought the Walworth Road works came out of a Southwark Living Streets survey of the area. I think they’ve done one of Camberwell too — anyone know about the results of that?

    I’ve been surprised at how few delays I’ve experienced whilst the works are going on. My journeys have been no slower when I’ve taken the bus.

    Thanks for the search facility, Peter — I was trying and failing to find the recently recommended plumber yesterday, but just found it no problem.

  3. Lets hope they introduce similar modifications to the roads in Camberwell — both Lambeth and Southwark have some of the lowest levels of car ownership in the UK (in both boroughs around 48% of households own a car compared with 75% of households nationwide) so measures that speed up buses and improve the roadside environment will bring benefits for the population of Camberwell

  4. Walworth developments are a result of Living Streets working with TFL and loads of others concerned with traffic flows.

    Living Streets did some surveys around Camberwell recently, in the Southwark section at least, around Denmark Hill, Camberwell Green, Church Street and New Road. Resulted in a letter to Harun Khan at TFL. Will post more when have more detail.

  5. Speaking of Camberwell and transport, did anyone see the horse in Camberwell Church Street this afternoon? Next to Nisha’s restaurant.

  6. The horse was some sort of Blakeian visitation, I’d say, perhaps because I went on a Camberwell pub crawl yesterday afternoon after a trip to the Camberwell Green Magistrates Court.

    Hermits Cave — Dark Horse — Silver Buckle — Dispensary — Miliki Spot. This latter is a great place, really friendly, and the Nigerian Guinness is served chilled. Finally, the food in the Bolu restaurant is just the job for this kind of Situation.

  7. Didn’t Caligua make his horse a general or a senator?
    what about other famous horses? ( other than racing nags obviously!)

  8. I’ve actually recently come up with a gameshow idea called ‘The Horses Mouth’- small world eh?

    Anyway- Trigger? Scout? Lloyd’s bank.

  9. Frankie Dettori is a particularly unfunny jockey.

    If you had a racehorse what would you call it?

  10. If I had a race horse I would not call it Nil Desperandum as I bet a £50 on a horse with that name last week at Uttoxeter and it died trying to win. So now I have decided to only bet on flat racing too ease my guilty conscience.
    Re Horse sitings it wasn’t a big cart horse with a guy who has locks riding it as I have seen that over Stockwell a few times

  11. FD- “I thought Frank’s shoes were going to eat the ball. He has the crocodile shoes no?” Worst joke in televisual history.

    I’d call my horse Pritt-stick.

  12. Many dogs in the locality will find it in poor taste that the man has been described as being “kept as a dog”. Their human rights have been sullied, this is unacceptable.

  13. Nothing to do with Camberwell. No one blames Shtrasskhofe or any other part of Vienna for what happened to Natasha Kampush.

    Stop wallowing!

    O Camberwell, O Camberwell,
    How are thy leaves so verdant!
    O Camberwell, O Camberwell,
    Much pleasure doth thou bring me!

  14. BANANAS. Peckham Lidl is selling bananas from Martinique. This island, like neighbouring Guadaloupe, is part of France, an overseas department, whose currency is the euro. Most of their bananas go to France — a recommendation in itself, the French are the world’s gastronomic connoisseurs. Lidl’s German-based buying power brings the Martiniquais bananas within our reach. Their stickers proclaim Banana de Martinique RIEN NE PEUT LA BATTRE, This is a banana from Martinique, NOTHING CAN BEAT IT, batter it maybe. Actually, bananas frittered in butter are marvellous. Anyway, despite the banana war settlement of 2005 that allowed American companies in South America to flood the market with low-priced but bland bananas, we in Camberwell can savour the second-best bananas in the world, second only to those from Cameroon.

  15. That should be Guadeloupe, not Guadaloupe. French Creole “bannann” means plaintain, not banana — which is “bannann fig”, strangely enough. Even stranger, bananas are a herb not a fruit, like tomatoes are a fruit not a vegetable.

    Where is everyone?

  16. That’s plantain, not plaintain. Today, I looked up the Stuckists’ website and it stuck my computer, crashed it, I had to reboot. The computer is so stupid!

  17. Hi Dagmar

    We’re just sitting here, waiting, getting out of shape, and all the time Charlie is up in the jungle, getting stronger by the day…

    Enough of that — having been impressed by your taste in cheap booze and french cars, you now add bananas to your list of discriminatory abilities. Me I have always prefered the smaller organic Windward Islands fruit. Or herb if I am to be corrected.

    The CIA-backed banana war was no laughing matter — it almost destroyed the quality woolens business in the Scottish borders, and there’s not much else going on there I can promise you.

    I’m off to eat a banana…

    Drew Mishmash

  18. The list of trade-war items was strange. As well as bananas, it included greetings, cards, sweet biscuits, waffles and wafers, candle and tapers, and knitted cashmere clothing.

    What was that quote about Charlie in the jungle, Drew? Apocalypse Now was on the box the other evening, still a frightening, good film.

  19. Oh yes the “napalm” speech; Duvall as Kilgore as Westmoreland.

    This speech, like almost all of Apocalypse Now, was improvised. Most people forget that last line; “some day this war’s gonna end…” and then what? We go Home? These poor “dinks” can start to live? We have to go somewhere else and do it all again?

    Duvall stands up, walks out the frame, and we are left, like Willard, renedered speechless by Kilgore’s lack of moral engagement.

    “You’re an errand boy sent by a grocery clerk to collect an unpaid bill.” Ouch!

    Drew Mishmash

  20. Thanks, Merrick, you piloted the technology good.

    A lot of people fell in love with the helicopter noise in Apocalyspse Now, mainly boys. Boys like helicopter noise.

    I want the cock from the Bickleigh pub sign. It is a most magnificent golden cockerel about two feet high, the emblem of Courage the brewers. It would look marvellous in a garden.

    I wonder if the cock is classified as historic street furniture? Anyway, I’d rather it fell into my hands than those dubious boys from Architectural Rescue.

  21. ’ I f**k your sons and I f**k your daughters because you are all pigs’
    which great ‘70’s film is this quote from?

  22. I don’t know but if you bung the quote into Google you get all manner of weird.

    Is your Flavia gold? I have seen one in these parts and wept over it, careful not to wet the bodywork.

    Today is the 200th anniversary of the passing of the Act here to abolish slavery. By chance the Dagmar family found themselves at the Horniman where the Nzinga troupe drummed and danced. They were fantastic. It made our day.

  23. What was funny, Mark, was that as is the way of knackered young parents, we didn’t know today was the official 200th anniversary of slavery abolition day, so we didn’t turn up with any whatever, just our kids and knackeredness.

    Boy, were they good, Nzinga. What a find!

  24. Its from the great court scene in Midnight Express, which must be up there with the top movies of the late 70’s — maybe Taxi Driver too.
    Travis Bickle would have made a good Apoc Now
    character. Have you seen the Apoc Now Redux?
    it has some very bizzare scenes — with French colons, with the helicopter girls, and an extended surfing scene- Willard steals Kilgore’s surfboard- the Air Cav then search the jungle calling out with loudspeakers to trya nd get it back.
    I’d seen the original a lot of times, there’s even a cinema in NYC ( around 1992) that shows nothing but Apoc Now and the amazing documentary
    Hearts of Darkness, I still don’t really understand the film — it is different every time on many levels- but now the Redux has me seriously confused.

    Dagmar — the Flavia is metallic grey, but is in need of a repaint. She is mechanically & structurally sound having been hand crafted at Pinninfarina in 1970, and been very well waxoyled
    and looked after since. Tax exemption and cheap insurance outweigh the negatives — quite thirsty and funny little windscreen wipers- she drives as well/better than most modern cars, indeed with disc brakes, powersteering & electric windows the Flavia 2000 was about 20 years ahead
    of the pack. However as innovative as Lancia were with their engineering they were shite businessmen. Fiat saved them from extinction, only to herald the age of crap rust buckets made out of recycled soviet T34’s, like the notorious Beta.

  25. A friend of mine has a Beta he keeps garaged in case there is an autumn mist and it deliquesces into a pool of rusty water.

    There are a few Triumph Heralds around these parts. The bloke who designed it died recently. He was hired by Leyland to replace Issigonis who was uncompromising. So the chap designed the Marina and Allegro. The rest is history, dust and rust.

  26. All I can say is that it is a nightmare getting down the Walworth Road now. This morning I had to abandon the bus I was on and walked from Burgess Park to Elephant, so backed up was the traffic due to these blasted roadworks. I think I counted about 23 buses in a row waiting at the lights, and I am seriously not exaggerating. I think I am going to have to find an alternative route to work for the next few months if this is what its going to be like.

  27. Hi Bonbohue

    And there’s me thinking it was the porno remake of the aminated Animal Farm…

    There’s often a lot to be said for redux cuts — Blade Runner I spose is the classic case of an unintelliginble film made so much better in the editing room. Cinema Paradiso too; have you seen the version where salvatore finds the girl? Oh Dear! And Mrs Mishmash reminded me a couple of days ago that almost all of La Belle Noiseuse could have gone in the cutting bin; personally I found three and a half hours of looking at Emanuelle Beart standing still in the nude quite enthralling…

    But you are right; Apoc Now is more confusing in redux version. I think the point was to add in more of the confusing history of the Vietman war; thats why they all speak french and Willard can’t understand them; it’s less focussed on the trip up the river. And Heart of Darkness is just horrific — not relaesed on dvd I think — but Apoc Now remains one of the top three or four films I think, and of course it contains the most famous cough in cinema [from the very young Harrison Ford]

    Best Wishes

    Drew Mishmash

  28. An amazing book about American 70s film is Peter Biskind’s ‘Easy Riders, Raging Bulls’.
    Anyone read it? Everyone ditches the dirt on each other without realising that everyone else is doing the same.
    There were so many classic films from that period.

  29. Drew
    Harrison Ford does look almost adolescent in the movie, but as he was born in 1942 and therefore must be 65 now he was certainly in his mid 30’s for both Apoc Now and Star Wars.
    Other Hollywood actors seem to also take a long time to make it — for instance Paul Newman in Coolhand Luke acts the young character but was no spring chicken at the time.
    I agree about Emmanuel Beart — i would gladly watch her all day clothed, naked or otherwise
    mmmmmm. a nice thought

  30. does anyone now what was happening on Camberwell Road around 5pm tonight? It was traffic carnage, all closed off with a police cordon.

  31. I think it was an accident; when I went past the street was empty apart from loads of police, an empty car, a suitcase, and a blanket and pillow.

  32. Hi

    @Bukowski333 — very much so; unfortunately the other biskind titles are a disappointment, simply because the characters in it aren’t as fascinasting or as macchiavellian as Easy Riders Raging Bulls. Used to sell piles of it in my bookshop…he said wistfully.

    Be Happy

    Drew mishmash

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