Two wheels good

Never have I been happier to be a cyclist than yesterday when, after Traffic Chaos Brought The Capital To A Standstill (© Evening Standard), I was able to freewheel past the immotile automobiles on the Walworth Road.

It’s nice weather for cycling, although it looks like the Mrs has bought a pup; her bicycle is very pretty to look at, but it has disc brakes which have to be completely removed if you get a flat tyre, as we found to our cost recently. We had to take it to Edwarde’s to be changed. I picked it up yesterday morning, so if you saw a man riding a ladies bike which was obviously too small for him and had a basket on the front, that was probably me. Not definitely — you know Camberwell — but probably.

This morning I cycled to Victoria for a meeting, giving me the chance to whoop my way down Denmark Hill and along the nice, straight, flat Camberwell New Road. I noticed that one of the buildings halfway down (or up, if that’s your preference) Denmark Hill has had a refit and it looks like something big is going to open. At the moment it looks like a bank, but I’d guess from its location that it’s more likely to be a drop-in centre or something. I think somebody mentioned this to me before, but I’ve forgotten what they said.

For any who don’t keep up with news from the SE5Forum Forum, the dilapidated snooker hall is to be demolished and replaced by new homes, and a new snooker hall.

The big news at the moment, obviously, is the new structure on the corner of Camberwell Green, where the toilet used to be. What is to take its place? A memorial, or a new super-toilet? Local tongues, when not quieted with langoustines or lager, speak of nothing else.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. The buidling on Denmark Hill is auctually the old family planning clinic having a refit.… although it does look like an easyjet outlet!!

  2. @jozza: That’s a very useful link. A few weeks ago there was an large, deep pothole in the underpass at Waterloo, which I narrowly managed to avoid; had my front wheel gone in there, I could have been in serious trouble.

  3. I run from the city to camberwell once or twice a week in the evenings. Walworth Road is so congested I can race busses from Elepant and Castle to Church Street. I am undefeated in 2007.

  4. And no, I don’t press the buttons on the traffic lights as I run past. As my wife rather unfairly suggested.

  5. I was told that the demolished toilet on Camberwell Green is definitely being replaced with a new one however my source couldn’t tell me what type.

  6. On a buildings tip, I noticed in the window of Hindwoods and something at Goose Green that 5 Camberwell Church St is up for rent/redevelopment (50 grand rent a year and it’s yours). They enticingly described this retail opportunity as ‘the chance to bring the West End to Camberwell’. A great example of the bubble of optimism in which estate agents float…

  7. ‘Immotile’ Peter wins the award for clever use of a word in June 2007, I had to look it up:

    (of spores or microorganisms) not capable of movement

  8. @Gnomee: I love the fact that you are protecting your source’s anonymity, even though they basically didn’t tell you anything.

  9. the business of toilets construction is obviously carried out very much on a need to know basis

  10. Is that ‘need to know’ basis, or ‘need to go’ basis?

    I thought ‘immotile’ was a typo for ‘immobile’.

  11. A man knocked on my door yesterday in full fishmonger gear asking if i’d like some fish.

    What’s all this about? Is this common practice?

  12. It is elsewhere Duke.

    My folks up in Wales get fab fresh fish this way direct from Swansea fish market. Regular supply of John Dory from our waters these days. Yum.

    Given our lack of such provision (does even East Dulwich have a proper fishmonger?) this could be great. If he’s good.

    Did you buy any?

    Mark, you could have him stop by the S&D once a week and have a fish night that’ll make us all healthy and brainy! Get him to bring some weird and wonderful stuff, choose a recipe, stick a suitable wine on special offer and let the feeding frenzy begin!

  13. @Mel R: I never make typos. At least, if I do and I spot them, I change them so it looks as if I never do.
    @Copeywolf: “Given our lack of such provision” — We have Wing Tai. Lovely fish.

  14. @the Duke.

    Yes, up until around a year ago, I also used to get similar guys dressed in fishing gear knocking on my door. It was only during weekdays though.

    Apparently, they drive up from Devon or Dorset or somewhere, with a refrigerated truck. If you want some, you can go back to the truck with them or wait for them to bring the fish to your door.

    So it’s not a classic Camberwell door-knock con. I bought some fish from them for twenty quid: got loads and it tasted fine.

  15. I’ve seen it all now.… cycled past a coach parked outside The Grove last week and thought “how annoying — some coach company using the road as a parking place til they have to go and pick up their load from whatever non-camberwell tourist site” but when I’d passed it I noticed that it had deposited a group of japanese tourists who were merrily taking photos of all the houses and the gardens through the gates!

    Thought it might be something to do with the open gardens last weekend but have just seen another coach go past today.…. what with this and the new church st hotel have we finally made our mark on the tourism market??

  16. Peter — my apologies for even considering that you might have made a typo!

    I decided this morning, as I was sitting on a bus on Walworth Road, that ‘immotile’ was a better word to use than ‘immobile’. I like the idea that all the buses, cars, and people are spores or microorganisms moving along (or not) the veins of a greater being — ie the city.

    Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone! I feel a bit giddy.

  17. re. toilet to let you now my source, means wee will tell you at our convenience. Has anyone seen the Car wrapped in rope outside the Art School? looks like it has been lasooed and hog tied.

  18. @ sg, post 16 — he was dressed as a fishmonger, not quite in full fishing gear.

    Although I could almost make out his tackle.…

  19. YAY, a new snooker hall. The old one was in need of a lick of paint. Hope it isn’t shut for too long!

  20. btw… does anyone have a picture of the toilet on camberwell green. My boyfriend denies that it ever existed…

  21. The paint job on the shop on Denmark Hill is for a new police and community wardens’ outpost. Another is planned for Castlemead.

    Toilet on the Green: Here’s a picture of the one we knew and loved:

    The replacement is going to be the type that pops up out of the ground. They’re some sort of advanced pissoir, I think women can’t use them without great personal exposure, apparently there’s some in Soho. I’ve been told about them again and again but having never seen one so can’t get my imagination around the idea.

    The snooker hall. IF it’s rebuilt in a good building and IF it’s run well and IF it incorporates more facilities it could be a great ASSET to the area. I used to think I’m not a gambling man until I realised that I set up a pub in CAMBERWELL and that’s the biggest gamble I could ever have taken but I wouldn’t bet on this snooker regen being a good one.

    5 Camberwell Green: hahahahahahahahahaha! Theyr’e asking for a PREMIUM to take on a building site that’s nowhere near finished.

    Jokers all.

  22. Building on Denmark Hill

    Sorry I got buildings on Denmark Hill mixed up; the one I referred to saying it’s going to be a wardens’ and police outpost is further up the hill past the junction to Denmark Hill station, under the new ishblock of modernish looking flats before the ex kwik fit site that’s now a hole in the ground…

    The one mentioned at the top of this page is going to be a sexual health clinic I believe. I migth have got this wrong, it might be a family health clinic. I’ll try to confirm with on of my various sauces.

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