England vs Camberwell

A flying update, to let people know that the next meeting of the SE5Forum will take place at the Institute of Psychiatry, Denmark Hill, tomorrow (21st) evening at 8pm. Two things to note from that:

  1. Institute of Psychiatry? You don’t have to be mad to live here, etc.
  2. Tomorrow evening is also England’s crucial Euro 2008 qualifier against Croatia, so *puts sexist hat on* expect the evening to be dominated by the fairer sex.

As this was rather sprung upon us I won’t be able to attend, unfortunately, as I already have plans in Central London (which mean I miss the football too). However, if you have time spare and would like to get involved in helping the area, rather than talking about helping the area, it behoves you to attend. Did I use ‘behoves’ correctly?

Fun in the power cut around Peckham yesterday. In my area of East Camberwell we lost power for 5 minutes at around 8pm, and 20 minutes at around 11pm. I understand from friends and comments here that other areas were affected worse. The scariest part of the experience for me was seeing how light it was outside, even in a black-out; the light pollution really is stronger than I’d imagined.

No time for more today; do please attend the SE5Forum meeting if you can, even if only to be a spectator.

Update: A quick plea for help. I realise we are living in a disposable age and this probably makes me a bit of a caveman, but does anybody know a good place to get mobile phones repaired? I tried the place next to the Green, but they don’t do full repairs. I bought a phone second hand and it has a small problem which I think could be easily fixed, so I don’t want to buy a brand new one. Can anyone recommend a repairman?

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Perhaps it “becamberwells” us to attend rather than “behoves” us to attend, ha-ha, blah blah blah.

    The extraordinary atmospheric conditions made it so light, Peter, I think, during the power cuts. The light was bouncing back off thick, low cloud — it’s normally far more dark than it was last night.

  2. I hope it wasn’t just my house where the power was cut off all evening and night (and might still be for all I know). I hope I shared that experience with my neighbours too. Otherwise I might get paranoid.

    The irony of the fact that I opened my blinds a little to let a bit of light in, on a wet autumn night, only just struck me!

    I have read the minutes of the last SE5 Forum meeting, and am intrigued by what the new consultants are planning to do. I suppose I would have to have been to earlier meetings to have been in the know. I’m not going to be able to go to either of the next meetings, but hope to go along to the AGM in January. I think more circulation of minutes and better advertised meetings would garner greater participation.

  3. Yep Dotcom Towers in Denman Road was still in darkness this morning when we left for work. I phoned EDF and was told that they hadn’t started working on it yet for health and safety reasons. Obviously they couldn’t have engineers working on it overnight.

    Fault caused by flooding allegedly. Our side of Denman Road went off about 7.30 and stayed off, the other side of Denman Road and the side of Talfourd road that it backs onto seems to have suffered the same cut as Peter — wierd.

    We tried to go to peckhamplex — but it was also affected. Furtunately the Sun and Doves wasn’t thought it was very quiet.

  4. Electricity update — at the time of writing 465 houses including ours are still without power. It’s due to a substation fire in Bengeworth road. Those affected can claim £50 compensation by calling 08457 673673

  5. No trouble here in Lambeth

    On another note — can anyone recommend a shop for plants in the SE5 area. I know Crusons the greengrocer do a good selection but I was wondering where to go if I want a bit more choice. I often go to B&Q on the Old Kent Road for DIY and gardening purposes but wondered if there was a gardening shop locally for bedding plants, shrubs and the like

    (oh my word I have just re-read that and realised that middle age is descending, eek: I’m young, hip and happening really!)

  6. There’s a garden centre at the top of Denmark Hill, by the junction for the station on the side of the hospital. Usually has lots of plants, although last time I passed it looked rather as if they’d scaled back somewhat.

  7. Plants: Croxted Road on the right not far up from Brockwell Park.

    Thanks for the message about the Foum meeting tomorrow Peter, much appreciated in the absence of activity, for tedious reasons, on the SE5 site. All that is being addressed now, as Mel alludes to above, through the introduction of support consultancy.

    IOP is modern building with glass doors on Decrespigny Park on the right had side with Denmark Hill behind you. Ask at reception where the meeting is.

    As for football, the call of the wild is such that The Sun and Doves’ quiz tomorrow night had to be cancelled in deference to the superior attraction of football when our lads are need the nation’s support. We will be showing the match live and you can book a seat or table in advance.

    One even has the opportunity of smoking in the garden while the fate of the boys is played out on the widescreeen all weather lcd screen.

    I will be at IOP getting my head sorted out.

  8. We’ve always got great plants from the place next to East Dulwich train station. Loads to choose from and helpful staff. Plus it’s always fun struggling on the buses with loads of plants.

    Not as fun a trying to bring a door home from Homebase on a bus but that’s another story…

    In SE5 news the roads around Myatts Fields are soon to become 20 mph zones with raised entrances and a choice of humps. The Myatts Fields park rennovation is to start soon and the trim trail has been installed in the small park by Gordon Grove. Woohoo!

  9. @10 re Myatts Fields

    20mph = good, but

    Speed humps = energy intensive installation using concrete, a bete noire of climate change + increased acceleration and deceleration = higher emissions = lower air quality, more noise and climate change plus increased wear on car parts leading to greater shipping emissions as replacements are imported.


    The answer? Deputise residents and community wardens with speed guns, and replacement satellite dishes with speed cameras. Instead of watching Prison Break, residents can go out to the Bear and have an onglet, whilst receiving a percentage of revenue for speeding fines.

    Well done to Southwark though, for the aspiration.

  10. love-borough — I stand corrected.

    But speed bumps are still bad for the planet, and often make for more dangerous and unpredictable driving to the great hazard of pedestrians and cyclists. Like the idea of giving residents a say in the street scheme though. That’s unheard of round here.

    Hopefully something can be done jointly with Southwark to incorporate Flodden Road, County Grove and Denmark Hill, as Southwark Council have an aspiration to introduce 20mph across the whole Borough, and Myatt’s Fields is right on the Southwark/Lambeth border.

    TfL’s red routes are the main obstacle to a Southwark target of 20mph limits implemented Borough-wide due to complications with signage and the many 20 metre incursions of red routes into side streets.

    Hopefully one day “three planets“FL will see the light.

  11. Does anyone know which roads are being designated as a 20mph zone? is it the Burton, Akerman, Lilford Roads kind of area or Knatchbull, Cormont and Calais?

  12. I think that the East Dulwich garden Centre (mentioned above by theFlaxman, is the best place locally for plants. Wide variety, and plants kept in good condition (not left to die, as in some other garden centres). And it’s very close to a bus stop, as well as the railway.

  13. That widlife place on marsden road is good. At this time of year you can get saplings for free. Good time to plant them, apparently.

    It’s a mellow place to just go and hang out. In the summer there are somtimes community events with cake stalls and stuff. Not hip, but fun.

  14. I wish I had of gone to the forum tonight instead of watching the dumbos being heave-hoed out of the Euro. Did anyone go?

    Alan Dale is to be emulated in following Eusebiovic’s example of watching the Hamlet. We should only do real things. The telly is false. Look at all the falseness on it, all false.

    Coming back from a long weekend away, it is noticeable in the black rain at night that the main roads through Camberwell are busy thoroughfares that connect us to other places.

    Walking is great, though. Browning used to walk to university in London from here. We should look ahead to a walking culture — that’s why Camberwell Baths should be kept open, I humbly aver, ooh-er, blah blah.

  15. Mumu, Myatt’s Fields slow zone. Myatt’s Fields, oddly, for the scheme is named after those elysian parts, is not included in the scheme proposal.

    There is absolutely NO link up across the border from Lambeth to Southwark in this (only natural I hear you mutter, ‘why set a precedent?’). That is why Denmark Road has NOT Got The Hump… although everyone living along it definitely will be if this goes ahead. It will become even more of a rat run than it is already.

    Oh Dagmar! The Forum meeting was good 1 hour 15 mins long — a lot covered. Next meetings are 1 and 8 December Away Days — where the committee gets to work really hard at bashing out a future for thr Forum.

    The AGM will be Wednesday 23 January 2008. Venue tbc.

    People wanting to take up position as new committee members think hard and long now. We want you if you want to contribute, are able and prepared to come to meetings more frequently than once in a blue moon, have a skill/s (or cash) that can be put to use in Forum work — this might even be a passion for envelope stuffing, a willingness to get on a ‘phone and call a a load of people and have their membership details updated, or to ask new people if they would like to join the Forum. Or you might just have a burning desire to keep generally quiet but absolutely love to hand out leaflets at public meetings.

    Some exciting stuff happening now. News soon.

  16. This had to get a space of its own:

    What is a ‘Sinusoidal Hump’?

    YES! Of course! It’s one of those special slow traffic down thingies that run right across a road, as opposed to a square bump (that’s a ‘Speed Cushion’), that used to be called sleeping policemen.

    Sinusoidal. Now THAT gave me the Hump.

  17. @20 Mark re sinusoidal hump

    This is a highly efficient type of speed bump which you cannot go over at more than 60mph in a Range Rover whilst picking your nose.

  18. Ironically enough, after praise of the East Dulwich Garden Centre above, today’s Southwark News reports that it is going to disappear — probably giving way to a new library + civic centre + flats.

    Southwark News also reports that Dulwich Leisure Centre is to get £5 million from the Council. I simply don’t understand why the Camberwell Leisure Centre can’t get some of that.

  19. Carole I think the logic runs something like this;

    Dulwich and Camberwell leisure centres are both owned by the council,and managed by fusion.

    If five million went on camberwell centre it wouldn’t fix it, merely postpone the inevitable.

    But if five million were spaent on Dulwich centre, in would be an investment that would generate a financial surplus.

    Which hopefully might be spent on repairing Camberwell. Hopefully. Might.

    Of course I stand to be corrected.


  20. I wonder why Dulwich is getting investment from Southwark over Camberwell? Could it be that the Dulwich has more community minded, politically active, afluent and influential residents? What’s the point in putting money into Camberwell from the council’s point of view, only half the residents are eligle to vote for Southwark (as the other half fall in Lambeth), and most of those don’t bother.

  21. Pints of beer cost £3.70 in East Dulwich. Just went for a drink with Squidder in the Bishop, which isn’t really any good. Drinks don’t even cost that much in Shoreditch or Soho. WTF

  22. Talking of the Bishop, I really miss the Castle, pre-takeover. I went there the other day and (as the last time I went in there) they had the big screen TV on playing massively loud, PC World adverts. It was empty and the whole place looked run down — it was really depressing.

  23. sorry I missed the meeting — I also watched that awful troglodite performance by the in-ger-land team…

    Maybe the next se5forum meeting should be held at the Dulwich Hamlet Bar?

  24. @23 Carole Drew is right at 24. And so is Southwark in their assessment of the situation.

    @25 Stuart: It’s because Camberwell’s losing money and it’s more expensive anyway to refurbish than East Dulwich. ED is making a profit. To refurb Camb it would have to shut for 3 years. Refurb ED and, because of its layout and location, it doesn’t have to close at all; i.e.

    Ergo Southwark thinks: Invest in ED and hope something like a development trust will come from nowhere and take on Camberwell Baths.

  25. Carole, I agree with Mark and Drew’s analyses. But the reason we cannot criticise Southwark too overtly — for all their faults — is that their reign in Camberwell has coincided with that of:

    ThreePlanets for LondON.

    Southwark know we are a TfL transport dustbin corridor, destined to suffer its unsustainable community precepts thrust down on us by order of Ken, its litters of motorway street furniture, allowed pavement parking and red routes stretching stone’s throws into side streets.

    So it’s throwing good money after bad, until we, with Southwark’s help or is that the other way ’round, can change TfL’s position on mitigating red route impact. Don’t buy dollars, they whisper in murky corridors of the stock exchanges of the western world, and don’t invest in Camberwell.

    Then they broadcast to the world, lustily,

    “Invest in Camberwell!”

    “Camberwell is the future!”

    “Oily economies of the East, do not undenominate from the dollar!”

    valiantly demonstrating their own heroism in supporting the favourite, though doomed, causes of the peasants.

  26. Remember when the Castle was called Snug? Was good. There was a good period as the Castle after that too. These days the Hermit’s is too good to pass up.

    I went to the Hermit’s on Tuesday night and it was rammo with students. I felt very envious of them.

    The Bishop is ok. My favourite ED bar is inside 72 but there is no decent ale.

    Be sure to say ‘Hi’ to Squidder next time you see him Buk. Is he still wearing the hat?

    Does your new top end of the Grove location give you the best of both worlds or do you favour one side of the hill? Which side?

  27. Good use of £35.

    Fisher Athletic share the ground with Dulwich Hamlet. They are at home this weekend.

    They are also in a superior league..

  28. Alan — Post 32

    I agree, Inside 72 is a really nice bar, I only discovered it a month ago. The music in there is really good, I like it that it feels like being in someone’s lounge whilst they play their favourite songs.

    The only reason we went to the Bishop was because Squidder and I were off work so we went for drinks in the day and 72 was closed.

    I’ve not seen him with a hat for a while but he told me he wore it recently!

    Re: living at the top of the grove, I really like it. The only hassle is that it’s not as convenient for night buses and often involves a drunken stumble up hill or a wait for another bus from the green. I suppose I go to East Dulwich more than I used to, it’s certainly way handier for Sainsbury’s. I go into Camberwell mainly for Rat Records and Hermit’s cave once in a while, Caravaggio’s is fantastic and I want to go a lot more.

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