And here’s the stuff I was going to post

Herne Hill has a new baker’s shop. I realise that we don’t live in Herne Hill, but I mention it because I passed there a few weeks ago and I noticed that there is a row of shops with a baker’s, a grocer’s, a fishmonger’s, a butcher’s and a delicatessen all next to each other. It’s what I dream of having in Camberwell. Here’s an article from the Guardian, also not about Camberwell, but about the balancing act of regenerating an area without pricing existing residents out, which is what I believe we face here.

News from around;  it seems that we had our own little Cans Festival here, on Camberwell Passage. You can go down and see some of the artworks still, I believe.

I had a somewhat boozy few games of pool in the Cadeleigh recently, and promised Mary (the landlady) that I would mention that Dermot (the landlord) scored a hole-in-one at golf. He is very proud, apparently.

Lots of websites: Loughborough Junction looks to be the result of one man trying to promote the area to increase his house’s value (not your friend the piano man is it, Alan?). Sorry, that was quite mean of me; it’s actually a look at places and services around the titular area. People’s Republic of Southwark is a migraine-inducing site with social and environmental tips and articles; Creative Camberwell Network is a hub for artistic endeavours in SE5.

The SE5 Forum website is back online at the correct address now, although I have some stuff I need to do to rescue it completely. No, I’m not the admin again, I’m just a caretaker manager.

I had some other news which I kept reminding myself to write down, and didn’t, and forgot. Again.

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  1. Yes, then the R101 airship passed overhead on the way to France. Eusebiovic waved his red flag at it as he preceded the first car to pass through the checkpoint. Alan Dale was carried through on a pallet by a troupe of exotic dancing girls representing Empire. Peter and his wife rode through on a tandem tricycle.

  2. @100 — Frank = Farfrae? There may well be a brass arrangement eyup north east of this delicate offering by Felix to Fanny.

    Later that day came an early Camberwell penny farthing casualty as the first joys of motoring were obliviously indulged in by one motorist as he perused a newspaper story of Austro-Hungarian intransigence whilst chugging along. Parp-parp! Watch where yer going! the driver screamed at the now-dismembered urban cyclist pioneer, whose family then went off to work in the poorhouse in the path of the exhaust fumes of the old Marmite Factory.

    This turned their skins strange colours permanently, leading to much abuse of these apparent immigrants “stealing our jobs”. Historians now accept this early acclimatisation to “new communities” did much to encourage the cosmopolitan Camberwell that we know today.

  3. D.H. Lawrence passed through Camberwell yesterday, I was relieved to see, in the run-up to Camberwell Arts Week, loco.

    There is a product design student at Camberwell who is making various art bicycles including an upside down bike and a tricycle with a steel beer keg as the front wheel which writes as it rolls. His work is worth looking out for at the degree show.

  4. The Old Dispensary property is going to be a bar! It’s retaining its name. I shall sample its wares on opening night and return from the frontline with a full report!

  5. Naughty Dagmar! It hasn’t been Camberwell Arts Week for a couple of years now. It’s Camberwell Arts Festival. I should know, I’m the Chairman of the Board!And there’s lots on from 14th to 22nd June, so get your raincoats on and come see. Full programme available ubiquitously.

  6. And on to more important things — I see that the Old Dispensary has received a new coat of white paint and had new signage painted on — it is now to be known as… the Old Dispensary.

    I see also that the Indian restaurant opposite Safa (formerly called Bolu or something) that has been shut for 2+ years has also received new signs and is now known as the Spice of Life. No indication when either of these establishments will open.

  7. The Indian restaurant opposite Safa was once called Zara’s Kitchen, and the food there was delicious. Zara was a real person, and would emerge smiling from her kitchen sometimes. Then it changed hands, was painted blue, renamed British Raj, and very quickly went downhill.

  8. Ah yes that was it — I realise Bolu is the kebab shop thats still going strong nearby.

    I have happy memories of Zaras kitchen — if I remember correctly it was byo so it used to be common to see people coming laden down with cans of beer obtained in special six cans for £5 deals from one of the handy off licences Camberwell is blessed with.

  9. Alan. We had family come recently who stayed at Church Street Hotel to rave reviews. We went over for breakfast and I’m very impressed, not least because they do a very good business all week long. The only slight downside, at least for our family, was late night/early morning street fighting in the area.

    Anyway, the restaurant is still in the works, but not urgent. I fished to find out if it was money but turns out they simply are very busy with their two hotels and other pursuits (one brother is a busy actor as many know). They also aren’t convinced the market can support it just yet. Camberwell has a maximum number of such restaurants/bars it can sustain.

  10. Thanks for the update.

    I think that given the media attention the hotel attracted they could create sufficient demand and it could even have a knock-on gentrification impact. But who knows? I guess they will open when MAry Datchelor is occupied..

    Do they serve breakfast to the public or just to guests and their guests? I would like to try it..

    I am also contemplating a stay there but that seems a little extravagant in these troubled times…

  11. They aren’t open to general public for breakfast, which is really on fresh fruit, pastries, croissants, cereal, youghurt etc. Nothing hot/cooked. But the dining room is lovely.

    If you have anyone staying there you can go visit and eat/have an evening drink at the bar. I’d highly recommend it. I believe small groups may be able to hire the area for meetings. Worth just stopping in and asking to see it if nothing else.

    They’ve had some challenges with folks coming in off the street including a knife battle that spilled into reception. But they seem to take it in stride and as I say, they do a booming business, which was both surprising and heartening.

  12. Ah! Zara’s Kitchen — The best vegetarian curry I’ve ever tasted…rumour has it that the lovely Ms Zara de-camped to the outer reaches of Croydon — Although I’ve never had the chance to fully investigate…The inner reaches of Croydon are strenuous enough as it is 😉

  13. Vegetable curry: try Kastoori in Tooting. NOt been for a long time because of life getting in the way but if it’s anywhere near as good as it was, it is some of the best food I’ve ever tasted anywhere.

    And 100% vegetarian.

  14. I’ll head off to La Pampa in Battersea or Santa Maria De Buen Fe in Broadway Market for my Argentinian Steak and Fried Egg on the first weekend after pay day…That’s always good too — and the hot pancakes with buttermilk ice-cream for desert — mmmmmmmmm

    We all need a nice healthy balance in this life…And I do feel as alpha as Lee Van Cleef after a good steak meal

  15. Has anyone been to Punjab Kebab? Their battered langoustines seem interesting. But they’re not. They’re just battered saltwater crayfish with nothing to say, languishing in the window, hung upside down, totally ignored by passing trade. My inner coriander tells me new thread soon or blog will eat itself.

    Road rage at the Camberwell Grove Railtrack Dead Bridge Memorial Chicane today — you get about 3 seconds to turn right from McNeill onto Grove. Woman in blue BMW who overtook everyone on the wrong side of the bollard, all power to your crazy elbow, hon!

  16. Ah dags a new post must come soon! Rumour has it Pete’s is bored. He’s tried a million blogs casting himself as the true voice of intellect in a mad world but no one ever bites. This is is only claim to fame. Could be he’s on another high carbon footprint, expensive holiday and will soon be back to tell us why he can’t afford to buy a house before jetting off again!! Try if you need a fix.

    You all have plenty to talk about. The left here must be creaming over your man Mugabe giving the West a what for!

  17. Did Peter steal a girlfriend from you in the past, Johnny? Sack you from a Saturday job? There must be something personal going on. Of course, you could just be naturally petty and unpleasant.

    Your jibes are so tired they don’t really deserve a response, but what the heck, especially as it’s a quiet day at work:

    - It’s easy to style yourself as ultra-cynical and without principles, and then spend your time shouting ‘hypocrite!’ at anyone who tries to live to any sort of ideals, however imperfectly. Luckily, most people grow out of this one by their teens.

    - You might want to read a few newspapers if you’re going to try and wind up the lefties. Zimbabwe’s a bit of an odd target — as far as I know not even the Socialist Workers back him anymore. Hugo Chavez is usually a better choice these days.

  18. I’ve only just realised that it’s been 3 weeks since I posted. New one coming soon.

    What I find funny about JohnnyM’s latest tirade against me is that it’s the textbook example of transference; having so long cast himself in the role of the voice of sanity in an insane world, he now puts that description onto me. It would be funny, if it weren’t so boring.

    I did, however, enjoy the ‘outing’ of my other blog — which I have tried to hide for so long by using my name as the domain.

  19. hi Peter

    I was just about to send you details of Camberwell arts festival so you could make that your next topic.

    I’ll do it very soon i hope.

    Now you have an excuse for a short breather


  20. @ Comment 21 — Pete W — Absolutely cracking put down, matey. Had me in stitches.
    Johnny M — have really missed you. In particular, have rally pissed your tribble spilling.

  21. Johnny M @ 120

    Displays jaw dropping,toe-curling ignorance by failing to realize that if Mugabe is still in charge of Zimbabwe it is because the collective bourgeoise supremacy are more happy to have him there — after all he was benefiting them (and himself) for years after independence — and he is still allowed a Swiss bank account

    The left doesn’t come into it!

    I won’t be holding my breath for a JohnnyM quantum leap any time soon…

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