The end of Summer

Back from a week in sunny Spain (36° C in Sevilla) to see what could be the last-gasp of the British summer, a warm weekend of clear blue skies. Waking up late (well, not me; my significant other), we took a walk down to Caravaggio and enjoyed some really tasty panini (goat’s cheese, bacon and spinach for me) with a generous salad.

On the table next to us a boxing trainer/manager and a couple of his lads were signing up another fighter. First fight should be late October sometime. The trainer is apparently “the best in the business”, trained a couple of British title winners. Didn’t know him, myself (it wasn’t this guy).

Then off to the Sun & Doves for a couple of pints of cold cider and a read of the papers. The customer service in there is a world away from this time last year; now they pay attention, and even provide proper table service. A real winner.

Anyway, enough of my nouveau middle class lazy weekend updates; what’s going on in Camberwell? Honestly, I genuinely don’t know. I bought a copy of the Camberwell Quarterly this weekend, but haven’t read it yet and I don’t know where it is now. So… the most ill-prepared post I’ve ever written (and it’s up against some stiff competition).

Here’s an interesting article on the history of the Odeon cinema on Denmark Hill. When I find my CQ I’ll write more.

Update: OK, to stop this being the worst post ever, here’s some news from CQ; Denmark Hill station is set for major changes in the next couple of years. The derelict houses nearest the station are to be opened as an assisted fertilisation centre by Kings (so I guess they weren’t bought in auction), the old stationmaster’s house has been granted funds for refurbishment, and the station itself is to finally receive stair-free access and many improvements to access in and around — including, possibly, a new entrance on Champion Grove.

Plans have been mooted to have the station redesignated ‘Denmark Hill for Camberwell’, ensuring we finally get a bit of recognition on the transport grid. All of this should happen just as the number of rail services gets cut. That’s Camberwell.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. @34 “bring back SE5 forum!” — fingers crossed, it should be back later today; failing that, tomorrow.

    While on technical matters, a couple of things I’ve added/updated:

    1. The latest version of the ‘edit your comment’ software is in place, so no more bugs (I hope). I’m currently evaluating a whole new comment system which will more easily allow you to follow replies.

    2. I haven’t done anything for Blackberry users yet, but iPhone/iPod Touch users should see a special version of the site.

    Just trying to bring things up to date a bit. I have plans.

  2. Would you Adam and Eve it?

    The reason the SE5 Forum site was down is entirely my fault — I didn;t pay a £10.45 name renewal fee at the same time as I paid for the annual hosting, because I missed an email sent on the 28 September bnecause my email at work imploded with potatoes when the email programme we use at S&D decided to get our domain name blacklisted so that wjhenever I send out an email invitation I get over a thousand emails back telling me the recipient dsidn’t get the message because sunanddoves domain has been sending out more than 500 emails an hour.

    The good people at Fasthosts who I called three times last week said there was nothing wrong with payment, that it had been received and there must be something wrong with someone elses’ rever and so on.

    That is until this lunchtime when Peter of this camberwellonline blog fame called me to say it was definitely Fast Hosts and I should call them and tell them.

    I did call them and the person I spoke to today said ‘I don’t know why anyone you spoke to last week should have said that because there is an outstanding unpaid invoice for £10.45 and the domain has been parked until this is paid…’

    So it’s not exactly entirely my fault.

    1. Raccoon Lady is that mad woman with the shopping trolley and the brown knit coat who walks around Camberwell arguing with herself, imaginary people, and real people. She has mascara plastered around and above her eyes. It makes her look like a raccoon. If you’d ever met her, you’d remember. Frightening.

  3. @53. Is she really mad? I wondered that last time I saw her. She seems to have enough sense to know how she likes to do her makeup. “Different” as she might be, I have always assumed harmless.

  4. This is a badger site, it has funny lines going everywhere and makes [reply] [reply] noises as though it’s being hunted by lampers at night.

  5. I’d assume without hesitation that Raccoon lady is no more mad than at least half the people I bump into in Camberwell on a good day. At least she seems to have a sense of ID.

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