101 years ago, and some years from now

Another super-quick update, to promote a couple of events. First, local photographer, Conor Masterson, wants to recreate a famous Camberwell-based photo, this Sunday at 11.15am in Southwell Road. You can find more details on his blog, and Mark Dodds’ long comment (which got identified as spam and quarantined; sorry, Mark).

Second, the Maudsley are holding a series of public workshops regarding the future of the hospital. The first takes place this Saturday, and there will be three more in the following week; see the SE5Forum.org Calendar for dates.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

16 thoughts on “101 years ago, and some years from now”

  1. Lush ride up to the steel and glass this morning.

    Had to go Green –>Walworth Road –> Elephant today. That route is one big fail.

    Hannah, how’s that TFL-endorsed bike lane coming along?

  2. Dman — the reason Buses were bad yesterday was cos of many road closures for the state opening of parliament.

    I don’t know about the cycle lane — i don’t work for TfL — i’m just close to someone who does!!

  3. ah, got it.

    it was just me being grumpy are my cycle ride into work and nearly getting killed several times over by hurtling lumps of metal “driven” by people who don’t appear give a f*ck

  4. RED Alert RED alert Abort Abort! The detailed and informative post I put on the last thread says Saturday for the photo opportunity. It’s Not It’s THIS SUNDAY. Sorry for that.

  5. Interesting notes here. Our Community Council is generally a lot of talk, but it appears they are talking about:

    1) an annual arts and crafts market using money from developers
    2) commissioning public art
    3) lobbying to ensure the soon vacated Southwark Town Hall will be used for arts

    And a bit more. Course I read too Peckham gets the whole Council leadership, MP’s etc. to come out as they turn yet another community vision into redevelopment of Peckham Rye Station and surrounds. How is it they get community groups right and turn it into hundreds of millions in projects?

  6. I have been eating so many seeds recently that plants have been bursting up from my gut and out of my ears. I have to stem them constantly — people chase behind me picking up the bits I have chopped off, throwing them at me as I run, saying are these yours please? I say are you casting nasturtiums?

  7. The season for nasturtiums is long gone. Even taking into account normal body temperature. I HAD to belly guffaw at the seeded stool though, Quality.

    1. yes i guess (id totally missed out on the whole reclaim the streets thing as im not from the uk :S)

      there is an undeniable socio-environmental aspect to it as much as anything else.

      email me if you can make the meeting

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