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A few social things:

1. Liliana is organising a general meeting regarding Camberwell, and would like help; Liliana, would you like to write a guest post about it here? I’ve emailed you about it.

2. For those of you into popular social media, you can show your attachment to this blog by becoming a fan of the Facebook page, or sign up for updates on Twitter, which will have brief notes, links and observations that may not merit full posts. I’ve included the latest Tweet on the right hand side of this blog →.

3. What does everyone think of holding an offline meet-up in March? It’s been a while since we had one.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Like the twitter updates. I just started actively using twitter (rather than passively through search) — it is utterly fascinating from at one level, but how to balance personal, local, private, work? I am @gabeuk but i think i will stick to worky stuff there and maybe set up another account for *fun*

  2. Passed by Noodels City today. Excellent diversion 4 police cars 12 police a ladder, various staff, a suspect with a football and an enormous window panel that had been pushed out of its frame from inside the restaurant. Looked like there had been a scuffle as the staff were setting up for their first day’s trading. Strange and impossible to put together what had happened from the evidence available.

  3. This is one of those lateral-thinking pub riddels, you noodel! They often involve a dwarf and a length of rope.


    There’s a ladder, a lad with a football, 4 police cars, 12 polis and a scuffel. How did the duffel bag get to be hung on top of the Eiffel?

  4. We passed by at the time and a member of the interested public told us that someone had been threatened with a pair of scissors.

  5. Gosh we never got this sort of excitement from Mozzarella e Pomodoro!

    I’m beginning to think Noodels City is a deliberate mistake — it’s certainly got them more publicity that money can buy! Perhaps the scissors/football based riot yesterday was all part of a cunnign publicity plan too.

  6. Yes very exciting — when I saw the ladder I thought it might be someone so offended by the sign that they had decided to take direct action in an art terrorism style

  7. Noodels. I’ll bet it isn’t a mistake. I’m gonna ask them next time.

    I saw them readying the buffet bar the other day. Shiny trays ready for shiny gloop. It’ll be like that one in Peckham shopping centre, but more in your face.

  8. £2.99 I am so there! Could be a good pub stop.

    Watch out for empty spring rolls. And that beef that melts in your mouth? They soak it in plastic buckets full of water loaded with something, think it’s bicarb of soda. Mind you, that goes for most Chinese places.

  9. Carnage on Camberwell New Rd. (Junction of Wyndham Rd.). Police car being frantically dismembered by firemen with power tools. Driver sitting bolt upright in seat all the time (they’d cut the roof off) he was either very much dead or very much alive (no attempt was being made to get a drip into him and he didn’t seem to be talking). Unclear how the situation had arisen.
    No buses running either direction on the New Rd.

  10. Have you seen that shit prog on TV about Soho police?

    Tries to cast them as heroic but really you’re left there thinking what an astonishing waste of resources they throw at simple things – a drunk in the street, a harmless tranny sucking someone off in a side alley etc. These things take vans of gimlet-eyed cops, sirens everywhere.

    You know in London and especially Camberwell when a rozzer blares past with the siren going and you sort of assume it must be important, like a life in danger, or TERRORISTS! – well, they’re probs just taking some pissed lass to a holding cell, having wound her up and confused her with pointless dispersal orders.

    It’s all there in the TV show. Can’t imagine why they think this is good PR.

  11. This morning the New Road crime scene (which had been completely sealed off) was back to normal, with cars fully occupying the cyclist boxes at red lights, reducing visibility and safety margins at this critically dangerous junction, fully confident of not being fined.

  12. does anyone actually know what happened? It looked like ahead on collision with a jeep?? anything about it in the news?

  13. Must admit to having some sympathy for this (photographer criminalisation). Taking or using someone’s photo without their permission is an inherently aggressive act, and I can’t see the reason for snapping a plod, unless it’s a Rodney King incident. I’d be surprised to see anything from the prolonged New Road accident investigation on Flickr.

    Taking a photo of a motorist putting others in danger, however, can be compared to rugby-tackling a thief, tripping up a rapist, or holding back a knife-wielding murderer, — a citizen’s arrest with all the same risks of a violent reaction.

    Rise up citizens and use Flickr to improve our area, rather than just how beautiful this orchid looks from this angle as I catch the light of the pond you’d never know this was SE5 if you can just make it across the junction etc., although that has a part too.

  14. It’s none of your business where I choose to live, Brunswick, or why.

    I’d say the people regularly driving out of the area to second homes, drive-shopping to Dog Kennel Hill and taking two to three holidays a year are the ones who really dislike this area.

  15. actually, regen, I do two of those things but I absolutely love the area.

    I’ve lived in far, far worse places — and better — but camberwell is just fine with me and I won’t hear a bad word said against it (unless in jest) 🙂

  16. @ regen: sympathy?! outside, now! 😛

    i actually feel strongly about this but am too tired today to write about it

    on a related note though, you’d be pleased to hear that we are planning a massive shoot (walk) through at the moment undecided area in camberwell/peckham to do just that, shoot the cars endangering people — shoot with cameras that is. i’ve been meaning to set up a naming & shaming photo page on peoples republic of southwark website as i have now twice avoided death by cars driving onto the pavement :S

  17. I have sympathy for both sides but you can’t blame cars for always being in the wrong. I see many cyclists on a daily basis skipping the lights and nearly mowing pedestrians down. I little less street furniture, a little more respect for all road users irrespective of your mode of transport is the way forward.

    On a happier note, turn over to the Brits on ITV and watch Camberwell’s own rising star Florence and the Machine who’s reportedly receiving the hot new talent award.

  18. Reg,
    PC Plod has a special team — FIT, to take pictures of the public and darling Jacqui S. has sicced them onto taking snaps of people — just in case. Plod also has an unknown (to me anyway) number of CCTV boxes for making sure we are all good citizens.
    NB There is an exception to the use of CCTV — when driving an infernal combustible vehicle the police no longer have any powers to do anything about them breaking laws, it is down to the local council and TfL. Luckily TfL have one of the largest fleets in London with the damned things forever parked on the pedestrian x‑ings on Denmark Hill
    Stay tuned for more on the Mass Shoot

  19. What stuns me about plod is just how stupid so many of your average PCs are. And as for PCSOs, Christ…

    And do you know that these folk can retire a decade before you or I on around £20K a year? So they’ll get a guaranteed £20K pa not to work for half their adult lives.

    Maybe they’re not so stupid after all…

  20. The police are the thin blue line. Villains big and small are nasty and would ruin our lives if left to it. It is no use expecting police to act like social workers, even though they are treated as such by the free-market state apparatus, with all the paperwork they have to fill in, quality standards to meet and there-there attitude to adopt with every stroppy me-me person they deal with.

    There are wheels within wheels, veils behind veils and a shimmering grey penumbrae of doubt over the most rock-solid surety.

    Take the HELLO! magazine special edition handed out with the Evening Standard on Tuesday along with an umbrella which may or may not have a “winning poison tip” in some daft competition.

    On the cover is SIENNA MILLER AS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN HER BEFORE. The diligent commuter slave opens the mag to see ONE OF THE MILLER SOCIETY SISTERS — pic of several crisp ladies — ALEXANDRA VON FURSTENBERG SHOWS US AROUND HER CHIC, ART-FILLED L.A. HOME.


    “My family love LA… Marie-Chantal had her filth child here.”

    Ho! So, one immediately notices, there are no full stops in “LA” in the upper and lower-case subheads but they must appear in the caps headlines. So the mystery thickens.

    Beethoven passed through last Friday, the last engine to draw a train under British Rail in 1997, an 23.15 departure from the marshalling yards at Folkestone bound for those at Wembley. By midnight, the whole rail system had fallen into American, private hands.

    The Surinam Toads at the Horniman look like large dead leaves at the bottom of the pond, strange critters. (Perhaps they could save Somerfield’s bacon at the last minute — toad fritters in breadcrumbs, the new crunch food fad.)

    So it goes. Things are not as they seem, nor is it otherwise.

  21. Here’s to Spring Song by Mendelsohn, originally called Camberwell Green, one of the stapels of drawing room piarno, wrote while he was staying here. It’s normal to be gay, it’s great to be a noodel, spring is here, all is well again.

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