Denmark Hill on the tube map

Big news: Funding has been approved for the East London Line extension to Clapham Junction, so Denmark Hill will be a tube station by 2012.

Seen on (and here!).

Update: More information from yesterday’s Metro (thanks to Robert Waller for the heads-up).

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  1. We should lobby TfL, the Mayor, Southwark to have the station renamed to in some way bring Camberwell into the title.

  2. What about renaming the station “Camberwell Hill”? That would leave open the possibility of re-opening the station that once existed in Camberwell Station Road as “Camberwell” or “Camberwell North” or “Camberwell Green”. It would also be a bit snappier than “Denmark Hill for Camberwell”. It’s true there is not currently anywhere called Camberwell Hill. But it’s a good descriptive name for the whole area south of the Green.

  3. What about rebranding Camberwell completely? Camberwell the product — the offering, the proposition — would stay the same. But the name would change and some new brand values could be puffed, spun, trumpeted, tromboned and tin-whistled.

    Peckham Lidl has two German reds for £3.99 which look good. One is a Dornfelder — a grape made in 1955 using grape engineering — and the other is a pinot noir, praised as “Rhenish” in the plays of Shakespeare, which is a good advert.

    You can also buy a whole, frozen goose for £19.99. Goose fat has a higher melting temperature than any other animal fat and is therefore ideal for making roast potatoes.

    By contrast, Somerfield has been flogging off breadcrumbed flatfish made of chicken bits for 32p down from £1.30. A powercut two days ago kiboshed all their chilled and frozen products. But the weird giant flattened goujon chicken flatfish are made only with 44% chicken bits, which makes you wonder what other flesh they may be made from, since the processed “chicken product” factory is in Northern Ireland, where the shenanigans are not over yet…

  4. Fantastic News (about the ELL, not the chicken bits).
    Well done to Southwark Council for their part in this.

  5. Tramptown? Alkiebury? Lorryville? Camberwellians-under-A202? Denmark-on-the-A215?

    A reference to the cross we have to bear (one of the busiest junctions in the south) could be constructive, forcing local representatives to include it in their policy documents.

  6. Good news but as a past vertern of the East London line it is of limited use and you’ll find log jams at “useful” interchanges such as Canada water (Jubilee line) and Whitechapel. It’s good we haev another link but i’m not sure Camberwell is going to be transformed by having a quicker way to get to Dalston! (although amusingly i hear from my Hackney correspondents that they are expecting great riches from the flow of new SE london commuters — i hadn’t the heart to tell them!!)

    However what we desperately need is better or more transport between Camberwell Green and Oval. I’ve started a new job in Victoria and using that route every day is awful — it’s actually quicker to walk the 3.3 miles than wait for the bus! (not such a bad thing for me — unlike many londoners i don’t mind walking a few miles and i much prefer it to sitting on a crowded bus going nowhere)

  7. @Hannah: It’s the link in the opposite direction, to Clapham Junction, that is the better news to me.

    As for getting to Victoria, it’s only the Camberwell New Road up to the Wyndham Rd junction that’s the problem; once the bus lane starts, everything goes quite quick. Mind you, I quite often used to walk back from Vauxhall when the weather was nice.

    Alternative route: Walk or take the bus up to Denmark Hill, get the train. Much quicker.

  8. Or get a bus from the Green to Victoria (but this might take longer).

    As Peter says the problem is Camberwell New Road ‘the longest Georgian road in the UK’ — once you’ve gone past Flodden Road its mostly fine

  9. Does this mean that the London bridge to victoria loop line is more or less likely to be binned? Will this be a case of the Lord giveth SE5 and He taketh away?

  10. Yeah — thing are alos a lot worse on Camberwell new road due to roadworks at the moment.

    one issue i have is not the traffic or the frquency of the buses but the fact they are often too crowded to get on in the morning. Well i won’t moan too much i actually enjoy the walk and it’s making me a bit richer and fitter!

  11. Noodel Junction
    Close Your Eyes and Don’t Stop
    New Lagos
    Greater East Dulwich
    Herne Hill Borders
    Camberwell Park (since it’s near a park)
    Likewise, “Kings”. That has a nice ring to it. Yes, I live in Kings Hill.

  12. No, let’s not give it a proper name. The station sign could just have some illegible gang tag instead. Dem Tube Stop Kru, or something.

  13. The only good thing about Noodels city is it will help visitors to Camberwell navigate thie way — eg “you know you are in Camberwell green when you go past Noodels City” I use a similar landmark when visiting friends in Stoke Newington — i know i’m near their house when the bus goes past Hackney’s legenday “Chikpiz” (they sell fried chicken and pizza)

  14. When I read Chikpiz I thought for a glorious moment it was a unique place that only sold chickpea-related dishes, and so I must go to Stoke Newington to try.
    But no, oh no…

  15. What about Demark Hill, alight here for the toilet which is Camberwell, drunkards welcome and if you only have 99p this is the place for you.

  16. Denmark Hill is perfect and is all part of the rich tapestry of London’s history — It’s up to the people who move here to discover what area lies hidden behind a name..

    I think Denmark Hill will remain the same and they will add “For Kings College Hospital” in small type underneath…

    Oh, and I am absolutely delighted with the news…It was a no-brainer really…less then £100 million for a tube upgrade — Brilliant!

  17. When I drive or cycle up Camberwell New Rd I seem to get caught by every single one of the excessive number of traffic lights. Often there’s nothing coming from the other road anyway. Is there anyone I can contact about correcting the phasing of the lights, or better still, reducing the street furniture with the odd roundabout or a give way sign? It’s even worse when commuting on the bus as the drivers do so enjoy stabbing the brake on to catapult the elderly through the air.

    Speaking of street furniture, some ‘traffic calming measures’ are being installed in my road as I write. This is of course a euphemism for a permit zone on a road with an abundance of parking spaces. My real beef is that it’s another £100 on my council tax bill. Money which could be much better spent on free bailouts for banks to convert into bonuses. Or the first busker in Denmark Hill tube.

    Was in The Bear again this week. Top notch pie and booze. We’re lucky to have that pace in Camberwell but please don’t go there so there’s more for me.

    Having lost an argument once between monosodium glutamate and some gloop, I’ve now decided to try out some Chinese again. I’ve heard mention of far eastern delicacies here before, but can’t remember who came out top?

  18. happy love day everyone!

    this is what we sent out to our newsletter subscribers yesterday — do let me know what you think? thank you

    We are planning a big public meeting in Camberwell, possibly in April, for the people living in Camberwell, to see where things are at, agree on the issues which need working on and agree on the course of action. Some of the current concerns are:
    — Apparent lack of cohesion/consistency regarding planning permissions in Camberwell Town Centre
    — The highly contentious transport system around the town centre
    — No Camberwell identity in the town centre, as the local businesses are marginalised

    The aim of the meeting is to involve people who normally do not get a chance to have a say, so if you belong to a Tenants & Residents’ Association, or simply live in the area, this will be the opportunity to do something about your environment. Please let us know as soon as you can what your concerns are. We will need a venue for some 200 people, so if you know of one, let us know. Would you be able to help out with the administration, logistics or publicising of the event? Get in touch

  19. Did any one see the regional London news on the Beeb last night? Unless I’m much mistaken, David ‘the hugmeister’ Cameron was on location by that row of dilapidated houses next to the Phoenix.

    It was with regard to some initiative he’s proposing wherein vacant properties be used as council housing…

    I’m 90% sure it was there anyway — those turquoise panels boarding them up are hard to miss.

  20. Have just arrived home from work and passing the new Noodels Bar there seems to be a loada rozzers in the place.

    The place is hardly open and is causing a fracas, or is this the protest concerning the signage?

  21. David Cameron’s visit to Denmark Hill was widely reported last week — here’s the Guardian link with Labour’s response to his proposal:

    “Responding for Labour, Hazel Blears, the communities secretary, said the Conservatives had voted against the 2006 empty dwelling management scheme, which authorised councils to step in and maintain a private property if it was unoccupied for six months.

    “While Tory MPs around the country oppose the building of new affordable housing in their constituencies, they can have no credibility on meeting Britain’s urgent housing needs,” she said.

    I wonder why DC chose those particular empty houses?

  22. Just letting tenants and residents of the area surrounding Brunswick Park know that there is a general meeting tomorrow night at Harris Street Housing office from 7pm.

    The agenda will include a discussion from the Council on the plans for Brunswick Park,an update on our various activities and campaigns including CPZ, Deynsford pitch and some safer neighbourhood stuff, and also an invitation for tenants to form a new sub-committee to deal with issues specific to them.

    Anyone can come along but only those from the area may speak as our time will be tight.

  23. @liliana CPZ = controlled parking zone and Deynsford pitch = plans to re-develop the existing pitch on the Deynsford estate.

    We tend to focus only on immediate concerns of our local area including Brunswick Park. There are plenty of other bodies who focus on wider issues, such as SE5 Forum etc. Instead of overlapping with them, we give them our support and invite them to our meetings from time to time.

  24. For those that didn’t see this morning’s Metro, The Line from Dalston Junction via New Cross to Clapham Junc. will be Overground not Underground and looks to be using the new Bombardier stock. Also TfL will be taking over the route from London Bridge to Victoria at the same time, so the lines will probably join somewhere south of Queens Road (Peckham).

  25. I swear I can hear a peacock calling on the D’enysford estate right now…

    …anyone up on Camberwell Grove or Grove Lane missing a pet?

    Re: the derelict houses by the Pheonix (great pub the way) and Mr. Hugmeisters visit there. Haven’t they been bought by King’s or the Maudsley and due to be used by the hospital? Sure I read that somewhere.

  26. By the way:

    @ Liliana: The D’Enysford Pitch is a football pitch on the D’Enysford estate. It is getting renovated and upgraded soon…April I think. The kids on the estate are looking forward to it…

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