Lifts at Denmark Hill station now fully operational

Just a quick update to bring the good news that as of 5 August 2013 the lifts at Denmark Hill Station are now fully operational. Hurrah! Denmark Hill station is now fully accessible to people in wheelchairs, those with reduced mobility and parents with young children in prams.

The London Overground service is bringing real benefits and at last, it seems, really putting Camberwell on the map. In an ideal world I would like to see Camberwell incorporated into the name of the station somehow — something like ‘Denmark Hill for Camberwell’ or similar to connect the two.

Until the new Camberwell tube station and Camberwell railway station open Denmark Hill is your main option for travelling to Camberwell by train.

New Southwark leader sets out his priorities for the borough

Southwark Council Leader and South Camberwell Councillor Peter John has set out his vision for the borough.

The full cabinet has also been announced including several Camberwell Councillors.

See the Southwark website for full details

Also see the website for details of Camberwell Community Council

How this vision translates on the ground in Camberwell remains to be seen…

Update by Peter: For reference, here’s the Labour party Vision For Camberwell by Cllr. Wingfield as well.

Staffing at Loughborough Junction Station

When I contacted Peter about the staffing issues at Loughborough Junction train station, he very kindly invited me to write a guest post. I am honoured to have the opportunity.

The ticket office at Loughborough Junction train station has recently been reviewed by First Capital Connect, who have decided to close the office after 12.45 noon and at the weekends. Their reason for this is reduced ticket sales in the afternoons. Unlike at other stations where the ticket offices are proposed for closure, Loughborough Junction will be left completely unmanned when the office is closed.

We are very concerned that this proposal will inevitably make the station attractive to criminal activity, affecting public safety and will lead to increased general vandalism. Users of the station including elderly and children should expect staff to be available to advise and provide support at all times the station is open. The station platform is also a very isolated place high above the streets below.

Please offer your support for the station and anyone that uses it by signing our petition.

As this affects so many locals, I would very grateful if you could inform your friends and neighbours too!

Thank you for your support

Nick and the Loughborough Junction Action Group

For more information please visit the Loughborough Junction Blog.