New Southwark leader sets out his priorities for the borough

Southwark Council Leader and South Camberwell Councillor Peter John has set out his vision for the borough.

The full cabinet has also been announced including several Camberwell Councillors.

See the Southwark website for full details

Also see the website for details of Camberwell Community Council

How this vision translates on the ground in Camberwell remains to be seen…

Update by Peter: For reference, here’s the Labour party Vision For Camberwell by Cllr. Wingfield as well.

57 thoughts on “New Southwark leader sets out his priorities for the borough”

  1. Let’s hope that the vision doesn’t include plans for more churches in Camberwell. Elsewhere in South London the Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) will not be appealing after its plans to turn the former bingo hall in Church Road, Crystal Palace, were rejected by Bromley Council. More on that story in the Croydon Guardian.

    [Edited long URL — PG]

  2. that is good news Mark as we’re planning on a triple birthday celebration at S&D on the 12th and there were some concerns from friends about watching the game

  3. Soon, within a week it should be, you will be able to bring all those used juiceless batteries you have lying around in drawers and baskets wondering what to do with them instead of putting them into landfill to The Sun and Doves for recycling…

  4. Having read through the Labour vision for Southwark for the next four years, I think it’s a good sign that members’ allowances are being cut by 10% immediately. These were hugely inflated by the previous administration and this is a step in the right direction (but only a step).

  5. Camberwell described in the Bricks & Morter supplement of The Times today as “…a thriving diverse place with a big creative scene”.

  6. The Indymedia 10th Anniversary party mentioned in the twitter feed and here:
    gives the address as 298 Camberwell Road. That’s the address of the Camberwell Shopping Centre/Rock of Redemption building. What’s going on with that building now? Are the Church no longer using it if it is free on a Sunday?

  7. Totally off subject, but can anyone suggest a local garage that can carry out an MOT at reasonably short notice?

  8. @Matt; call Ian Tudor at Tudor garage (used to be next door to S&D) 7733 2770 and ask him about the MOT garage next door to him in the railway arches at the back of Flaxman Road.

  9. Matt — Bruce on 701 1066, Vanguard Court, very tried & trusted by the Dagmars with their tired and rusted motor.

    I am increasingly thinking that we should all get behind Millwall Football Club — it is a big local business and will bring a lot to the area if they get promoted next season to the Premier League.

    Imagine, we could have Manchester Town supporters asking where the South London Gallery is, Sunderland folks having an impromptu kick-each-other in Lucas Gardens, pretty Barcelona girls giggling & simpering in the Mermaids Cave…

    In these coalitive times, we should bury our prejudices and embrace, well, Millwall. They are a very interesting set-up with a great manager from nearby Watford, players from as far afield as Walford and an excellent image consultant from Camberwell. Yes!

    Just when we thought Camberwell was going down, Millwall are going up. They could be the thinking person’s situationist, artistic team. Remember, Camus was a goalkeeper. Cantona was a Camus fan. Camberwell, yes you can!

  10. Mr. Reade at Gordon Grove Garage is a gentleman and and a gentle man. I usually get mine done there with very little fuss.

    020 7274 4809

    418–9 Gordon Grove, Camberwell, SE5 9DU

    Whilst we are at it Master Mechanix on Camberwell Station Road is great for repairs.


  11. By the way, what’s happening at The Castle? It was shut again this afternoon. Is it open at all now?

    And Woolies is definitely a Peacocks after all.

  12. Went to the consultation regarding the old council offices on Peckham Road yesterday.

    It’s great that the University of the Arts is looking to take on the majority of the key buildings, but a shame they’re going to be used solely for student accommodation with no public/community element.

    They are looking to develop some kind of “creative corridor” featuring the new college buildings which I like the sound of, but the emphasis will be on linking with Peckham not Camberwell.

    Add to this that Thames Reach are taking on another of those fine old buildings and I wonder if all that’s going on up there will be good for SE5 or not.

    What do you think?

    It certainly makes the Gala Malarkey even more important in my opinion.

  13. breaking news:
    1st ‘new’ camberwell community council thursday 24th june, 7–9pm
    It’s your chance to meet your newly-elected councillors, find out what is happening in your area and to have your say about local issues. You can also meet other people from your area and speak to officers and service providers. Snacks will be provided.

    The main items on the agenda will be

    o Camberwell Community Council Fund decisions
    o Southwark Active Citizens Hub
    o Recycling services consultation

    In addition there will be the usual updates from the Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Community Wardens.

  14. @Gay Camberwell; cheap AND good and painters do not come in the same package. If you find one employ them full time and never let them go. It will be worth it.

    @copeywolf. You can guarantee what is happening to those buildings will turn their back on Camberwell. The College’s vision is too Peckham oriented. It has been so for a long time.

    @Liliana: good on you for highlighting the CC meetings. We should all try hard to take an interest in our local area and make it a democracy, something it most certainly is not anywhere being yet.

    FOOD: I started going to market to buy produce last week. Very intimidating initially but exciting too. The Barbecue and its menu is finally coming out at The Sun and Doves — if we have a summer it will be a fresh, tasty and healthy one.

  15. On a mission today to get a light fitting fixed and ended up with the ever reliable Howard Bros on Coldharbour Lane. They are going to order the parts I need, to repair my expensive Tom Dixon light for around a fiver. Great service from the guys in there as usual beats B&Q hands down.

    Delighted to see a wedding reception well certainly a bride and groom with guests in tow all going to eat in Noodel City fabulous!!!

  16. @ JK
    The bit of LJ south of the railway line at Cambria Road where it is no entry Finsen Road, Northway Road Kemerton etc is referred to as Ruskin Village by estate agents so I have been told!

  17. Urgent advice needed: we’re just about to exchange on a flat in Jowett Street. Passing by today, we realised there had been a murder right outside the door on 1st June — someone was shot, then the car with them inside it was set on fire. A couple of weeks before when we tried to see it, the adjacent Sumner Road was closed off by police. Do you think we should reconsider the purchase, or is this no worse than anywhere else in the area? We love the Camberwell/Peckham area, but are we being silly by buying in this particular part of it?

  18. Evening gay Camberwell. My first reaction is via lightning never strikes twice. But to be safe why not call up the community police chappies? Or knock on a few doors on the street? Re painters i may be able to help there. Will call on monday when back from kent, where me and the lovely lady are away in the campervan, enjoying lemon sole on the barbie, king prawns and beer to help wash it down.

  19. Gay, that’s the old North Peckham Estate area. It’s just not very nice. The murders as ever will not be random, they will be territorial and drug-trade related. Nearby is Blakes Road where Damilola’s killer ran to — the beak didn’t believe they could get there in the first trial. It’s just not very nice. There are so many better areas. I am surprised you want to go somewhere so grimey.

  20. @ Gnomee

    I live on the wrong side, proverbially (?) and literally, of the tracks to be in Ruskin Village.…LJV it is

  21. There’s nothing wrong with the old North Peckham Estate area. OK, it’s not Grove Lane, but then the prices aren’t Grove Lane levels either. I live on St Georges Way within the footprint of the old estate, though the other side from Jowett Street.

    The night after I moved in, a man was shot dead about 70 meters away in Burgess Park. That’s was a bit worrying, but since then there have been no major incidents in my area.

    Don’t always assume that police tape means trouble. In Burgess Park its often there for filming, like this from Luther a few weeks ago:

  22. @ Gay Camberwell,

    I live in what is generally known as the old ‘North Peckham Estate’ area and sadly suffers from the lingering bad repuation attached to that name, but the area has actually changed dramatically in the last decade and most of the old estare buildings have made way to new builds now, we feel very safe and happy here and it’s so close to Burgess Park which is lovely.


  23. @ JK

    For many years the highly imaginative local estate agents have been referring to the south side of Coldharbour Lane from Denmark Hill to Loughborough Junction as…wait for it (drum roll please.……)

    Ruskin Village

    Yes, it’s true — I kid you not, ask Oliver Burn in Herne Hill 😉

  24. @GayCamberwell

    Shit like this happens all over Camberwell. When we moved here 9 years ago there were 3 shootings on Coldharbour Lane with 18 months, the most worrying was someone spraying a Mac 10 at another car outside Bright News. Since then its been a lot quiter here so i have to agree with MCat that lightning is unlikely to strike twice Its mostly gand and drug related as well not random shooting of strangers. Did you feel safe walking round the area when you were viewing the flat? I would base my decision on that not a rare shooting occurrences

  25. @GayCamberwell. While stuff can and does happen across SE5/15, there’s no doubt that you’re heading into deeper Peckham there and that it’s going to be rougher than a lot of SE5, and certainly my bit.

    It might be OK. Have a walk about at night. I had a look around nearby.

    With a new job, I was toying with the idea of viewing near to your new flat:

    I had a cycle about. A few things struck me.

    - it’s a big estate back there, between Peckham Rd and Commercial Way. I’d never realised how ‘suburban’ it got. It’s also all quite new. From clearing out the old estates I guess.
    — there’s a lot of rubbish about in the streets, and a lot of less than houseproud homeowners.
    — there were very few facilities / shops on the estate, and it’s a slight hike to the bus stops.

    Does anyone live round there and can they comment? £250K for a 2 bed with garden seems good to me. But if I end up with bad neighbours or in some soulless or worse — rough — estate, then I’ll just stay put.

  26. It all needs dragging up around here. Essentially no one is entirely safe anywhere. I certainly don’t go for the lighting never strikes twice bit that monkeycat so kindly promotes — and the CID do call this area CamberHell although they likely will not say that if you cold call them.

    However the shit ebbs and flows like a tidal sewer and that’s just the way it is. Over all this is a great area, all of it, because of the many good people who are here bobbing around on top of the scum.

    We live on Denmark Road and I spend half my life at S&D up the road around the corner on Coldharbour Lane. And I can tell you there’s been A LOT of shit happen this side in the last fifteen years. It’s ebbed in the last year or two I’d say although even in that time there’s been a good peppering of bullets, stabbings, break ins and robberies.

    None of the shit is exclusive to those of us on the outer limits. With friends in high places, like Grove Lane and Camberwell Grove, I know they’ve all experienced themselves or their kids being mugged or worse at some time or another, right on their doorstep or maybe after getting of a bus at Camberwell Green.

    Currently I sense a lot of the violent tide is out. A long hot spell might get it lapping on our doorsteps again. I am optimistic though and do believe WE can make all this a lot better. Metting people such as Monkeycat, Gay Camberwell, James J, Liliana and many rather brilliant local others has brought me to this open conclusion that drew me back from the jaws of despair — along with a bit of medication and one to one counselling of course.

    My aim is to encourage us all to promote Camberwell as having the ambition to be the first Green Village in London.

    Putting the GREEN back in Camberwell.

    Or something like that.

    Together we can do it. Build it and they (the normal people) will come.

  27. Fine, well, shit it is. But if you are a normal person, north Peckham is more than that, it is dismal. Off Southampton Way (properly, near Burgess Park, not just estate agent near) or Coldharbour Lane is far, far better than round the boring, hopeless, give us more, dull, treeless, I am a male moron youth, stab yer streets.

    The whole place should be bombed and levelled. That has happened before. When, why? Duh! Dunno.

    Surrey Docks is great, a massive area of housing for posh and ordinary alike. One of the biggest & best secrets of Camberwell is the Brunel Museum in Surrey Docks.

    Duh! Dunno! Give me!




    Give, give!

    I can’t, you can, duh!

    Stab. Murder. Shank.


  28. @GayCamberwell

    I’m also about to exchange on a flat on Jowett Street (I think we’re buying in the same building and are about to become neighbours!).

    The shooting/car fire outside the flat is making me have second thoughts too though…

  29. @EastLondon — If it reassures you, we went to chat to some people already living there who told us that they feel very safe and happy in the area, and have no specific concerns (unless the noise of children playing in the park offends you). They seemed very nice and very cheery about the block and the area, and they’ve been there since September. Is the solicitor being as slow with you as she is with us? We’re almost giving up hope (though this gives us plenty of extra time to deliberate).

  30. @Peter: Those were the days eh? Even though I might not seem to espouse this position normally I do believe Camberwell really IS on the up, finally, after fifty years of shameful neglect and pig ignorant mismanagement.

    Today I have been feeling mostly jaded even though the Tea Party in Myatt’s Fields’ Park was delightful and the weather too.

    @Melanie: thanks.

  31. Highly annoyed that I missed the opening of Camberwell Arts Festival at the crypt on Saturday night…

    Was laid low with a migrane to end all brain haemorrages — it wasn’t fun

    I like The Crypt and I like films…

    Camberwell Village Hall can happen…I want to see future Camberwell Arts Festival use the building, should we be successful — it’s the way to go — we can do it


  32. The tea dance party in Myatt’s was incredibly, pleasurably camp. Golly, it was sex on a tea tray.

    Clank! clank!

    Pete is right.

    Not just because he is the boss of the blog.

    He is incredibly, editorially, free of prejudice and let’s hear it for him, during this marvellous midsummer.

    Tonight is midsummer night.

    We are good.

  33. Hi @Gay Camberwell, Nice to meet you too!

    Been meaning to reply but keep getting sidetracked, sorry. Yes, we’re moving at snail’s pace too which is very frustrating, but we’re a little nearer to exchanging, hopefully. Are you buying the top flat? There’s lots I want to ask and compare notes on but I’m conscious that that’s of no interest to anyone else in the forum, but I can’t see a way to PM?

  34. @EastLondon: I have your email address stored in the system; with your permission, I can forward it to Gay Camberwell.

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