Lifts at Denmark Hill station now fully operational

Just a quick update to bring the good news that as of 5 August 2013 the lifts at Denmark Hill Station are now fully operational. Hurrah! Denmark Hill station is now fully accessible to people in wheelchairs, those with reduced mobility and parents with young children in prams.

The London Overground service is bringing real benefits and at last, it seems, really putting Camberwell on the map. In an ideal world I would like to see Camberwell incorporated into the name of the station somehow — something like ‘Denmark Hill for Camberwell’ or similar to connect the two.

Until the new Camberwell tube station and Camberwell railway station open Denmark Hill is your main option for travelling to Camberwell by train.

12 thoughts on “Lifts at Denmark Hill station now fully operational”

  1. Being a lazy slob I actually find it easier to get a bus to Peckham Rye than walk up Denmark Hill 🙂

  2. Good to hear the Denmark Hill lifts are finally working — the whole project is only running about a year behind schedule! And whoever designed the new entrance for some reason thought one ticket machine was enough.
    Incorporating Camberwell into the name would be good though — who do we need to speak to to propose that?

  3. Name-changing, hm. The Stirling Castle was renamed “The Recreation Ground”, for God’s sake. The Grove Tavern was renamed what it’s called now. All this rebranding, refreshing the offering — imagine if the “Daily Mail” were to be refreshed as the “Cesspit of Paranoia”? Windsor Castle, “WC”.

  4. Really pleased to see the lifts open, means I no longer have to lug my bike up the steps (and of course it is going to make life a lot easier for people visiting the hospital). AS PK36 says though, only one ticket machine is a bit of an error — especially considering you can’t top up your oyster at the manned desk. There is some sort of work going on in the old ticket hall — any chance they’re going to reopen that so there’s two entrances (and two ticket machines)?

  5. Camberwell, after the summer holidays, and in this miraculous blossoming of late summer with its end-of-season semi-tropical flowers and huge insects bearing news in their DNA from the sunny Carboniferous, is a dream.

    Away from the bustling bus station of Denmark Hill, Camberwell Church street is a mellow flow of good nature and laid-back tristesse at the passing of the growing season and the completion of the harvest.

    The forthcoming fortnight of hot weather will be like life after death, especially if Australia beat England at the Oval as they deserve, after the triumphalism of sodden Old Trafford where they thrashed the chaps’ chaps.

    We are amazed today to find that MALOKO, easily the coolest cafe in the world, is run — so to speak — by our old pal Evagle who until recently was a professional runner as in Usain Bolt. We grew up with him in the parks.

    When the Dagmarettes were small we used to run into him — so to speak — in the parks where he was training. “Oh, just off to Stockholm,” he’d say, “just off to New York.” “What to do?” we’d say. “The marathon,” he’d say.

    We think it is the fresh air that makes him so happy. When you have a cup of coffee at Maloko, his joie de vivre infuses it — it should be in the ingredients’ small print. Camberwell is happy-go-lucky, but Maloko is its winning tape.

  6. @becky: if you mean Denmark Hill and the Overground it’s already here.

    If you mean Bakerloo Extension, probably some time after the extinction of the human race. Finger’s crossed.

  7. In a word no — the proposals that are currently being spoken about are included in plans for post-2020 so at the earliest is its likely to be 2025 or later for a tube (if ever). The railway would be (I think) easier — I believe TfL/ Network Rail have kept the option of developing the current bus garage opposite the Bear pub on Camberwell New Road but again there is no timeline associated with any development. There are various websites where things like this are discussed so a little googling should bring up some more accurate information.

  8. There are still platforms at the site of the old Camberwell Station, which was closed temporarily in 1916 and never reopened. The car tyre place in Station Road is in fact the old station building. Some 4 or 5 years ago, TFL announced that the DLR services were to be extended to Camberwell using the existing Overground emabankments, and that a new Camberwell Station would be constructed in John Ruskin Street.

  9. Lifts at last! It has been plainly obvious that this has been a vital addition to the station. The vast majority of people that use this station are disabled or ill. I have seen these people struggling to mount these steep stairs, with younger, fit and impatient people behind them trying to get past. Good news.

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