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By gum, it’s been a while. More on that after this bit of good news:

Burgess Park has won a Green Flag Award, given for meeting eight criteria including being welcoming, secure, and well-maintained. I know the redevelopment has had its critics but I think it’s much nicer to visit now than before, especially with the wild flower areas finally bedding in. I cycled through the park a few times in the recent hot weather and it certainly seems to me that it’s being used a lot more than it was before, with the picnic area in particular being extremely popular.

This is now the fifth Green Flag park in Camberwell, joining Brunswick Park, Myatt’s Fields, Ruskin Park and Warwick Gardens.

So, I’m looking for contributors to help run the blog as I’m currently finding it very hard to keep going. Mumu has already done an excellent job of providing the last pair of posts, and I’m looking for a few people who can help out with a post every month or so. If there’s an area you’re particularly interested in you can cover that, or you can also write more general posts if you prefer. I have a few names in mind I think would make fantastic additions, but I’m really open for offers from everyone.

There’s no compensation other than satisfaction, although I do sometimes get offered tickets to press previews of local theatres, if that’s your cup of tea. Anyway, if interested please email peter@​camberwellonline.​co.​uk or leave a comment below. Thanks.


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14 thoughts on “Park, life”

  1. Hello Peter-

    Happy to contribute towards the blog.

    Its such a good local barometer — would be great to showcase how Camberwell is changing and charging ahead.


  2. I’d like to second Priya. My own IT skills are poor. Some days I am baffled by my own pencil.

  3. I would also like to lend my pencil to the blog. How ever I cannot guarantee any charging ahead, but maybe a bit of a meander or aimless wander through Camberwell’s Rare Doings

  4. Lambeth Council are consulting the community about their Cooperative Parks Programme.

    This is an important change in Ruskin Park may be managed and funded in the future.

    To have your say you can go to

    A series of public meetings are being planned to gather local and park user views, ideas, and suggestions on the Cooperative Parks Programme on the following dates:

    Tuesday 3 September 2013
    Karibu Education Centre, 7 Gresham Road, Brixton, SW9 7PH

    Wednesday 4 September 2013
    2.00pm – 4.00pm
    English Martyrs Church, 2 Mitcham Lane, Streatham, London, SW16 6NN

    Wednesday 11 September 2013
    King George’s Conference Centre, Stockwell YMCA, 40 Stockwell Road, London, SW9 9ES

    Thursday 19 September 2013
    The Old Library, 14 — 16 Knights Hill, Norwood, SE27 0HY

    Wednesday 25 September 2013
    Newton Hall, Lambeth Academy, Elms Road Clapham, SW4 9ET

    Thursday 26 September 2013
    St Agnes Church Hall, 37 St Agnes Place, Kennington, London, SE11 4BB

  5. I would also second (third?) Priya and Eilean to write the blog.

    Meanwhile, I’m thinking of taking up tennis. Does anyone know the score with the Butterfly Walk Tennis Club?

    Does one need a recommendation to join? Or does one simply climb the fence?

    A photo of the Eid festival made the front page of the international edition of the Guardian last week. We were in France with the Le Tout Dulwich.

  6. Anyone tried out the Peckham Pelican? It’s a hipsterish looking cafe/bar/gallery on Peckham Road where New Gallery was for a while. Website says coming soon ( while Facebook shows it’s open (
    Also Recreation Ground seems to have closed — not too surprising really they never seemed busy when I went in.
    Where’s Mark Dodds these days? Haven’t seen a post from him in quite a while.

  7. yeah, it was open when I went by tonight, I guess for the first time. They’ve been re-fitting for a while. Not wanting to be too cynical, but it’s fully packaged.

  8. Mark Dodds is fine, very busy pursuing the people’s public house concept. He has not deserted us, is just hard at work.

    That Pelican venue is such a good space — place. Remember, it is the space between the ears that is the most important place.

    The Recreation Ground and Union are great big old pubs, large in area, hard to make work. A pub is so old school as an idea, totally analogue, even where it says wi-fi.

    But the Hermits and opposite are still full of life. As D.H. Lawrence said, “And how should this cease?”

  9. Hi,
    I went to the Recreation Ground last night to discuss food options for my party on the 24th. To find its been shut down without them phoning or emailing me to say they’re closing down sucks. I’ve also lost my deposit so I’m not too happy about it!

  10. Hi Peter,
    I booked it about 3 months ago and an email or a phone call informing me they were closing would have been nice.

    If anyone can suggest another bar or pub for next Sat that would be great :-). It’s for a group of 30 people and we need decks.


  11. @MellieMel: that is a bummer about the Rec, but I’m not massively surprised.

    Ben and the team at the Bear do great food, have a few options for functions and I’m sure will help out. They can get you decks as well.

    Frankly, it’s a different class to the Rec.

    Good luck.

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