Noisy neighbours: the Peckham scene

I read recently yet another ‘Peckham is the latest London hotspot’ article, with the evidence this time being Frank’s (of course) and a one-off night food market at the Bussey (of course). There’s definitely a buzz in Peckham at the moment, but it goes a bit further afield than those two now-stalwart venues.

Just around the corner from the train station is Peckham Refreshment Rooms, a small Spanish-style restaurant serving portions of fantastically well-cooked food including some delicious Parma ham. It’s small and very busy, but worth a trip.

Peckham Pelican is a new bar/cafe with tasty and very reasonably priced pizza. It’s got a very improvised vibe* at the moment but is still a work in progress and is more accessible than the previous incarnation, the New Gallery.

Cinnamon Tree Bakery sell at Borough and Broadway Markets and have just opened  a new shop on Peckham High Street. It’s mostly sweets and pastries, plus pizza; haven’t been there myself yet, but they’re apparently very proud of their coffee. And if coffee’s your thing, Cafe Viva sell hip London blend, Volcano, along with some good breakfasts and lunch specials.

Nowadays a scene is defined by its pop-ups, and in SE15 there’s the Peckham Bazaar, a ‘pan-Balkan meze and mangal’. Haven’t been there yet, but looking forward to it. Also on Fridays and Saturdays ‘all Summer’ there’s Peckham Springs, behind Bar Story.

And the hipster bingo card will soon have a full house with the arrival of craft brewers, Brick.

There’s probably a ton I’ve forgotten, but it’s pretty exciting to be around Peckham at the moment. Biggest news is, of course, that the temporary space holding Bold Tendencies/Frank’s will be made permanent over the next few years. Visit now before Foxtons get there.

Update: If you’re into the Peckham scene, you might want to kickstart a new local magazine, the Peckham Peculiar.

* Do people still say ‘vibe’? I fear I may be showing my age here.

Author: Peter

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11 thoughts on “Noisy neighbours: the Peckham scene”

  1. ‘Vibe’ rocks.

    Oh — I’m probably showing my age too.

    Peckham is turning into a veritable wonderland.

    Through my job I was invited by Dow Jones to a ‘happening’ at Bold Tendencies / Frank’s a couple of weeks ago.

    I didn’t go (I’d rather go as a local, which I do regularly anyway and WTF?).

    The surprising (or not) thing was that only one (of the 15-odd people at work who were invited) was interested. The rest thought it was ‘too dangerous’.

    I was glad to see that we haven’t yet suffered the indignities that have been visited upon Shoreditch, Haggerston, Dalston et al.

    The whole Peckham scene (oh god, showing my age again) has been created by local people, primarily for local people. I just hope it doesn’t get hijacked by the hipsterscenti before it has a chance to mature.

    Great to see that Frank’s and Co will be permanent.

    Incredibly proud to be a Camberwellian (with a waft of Peckham).

  2. May I suggest universal patronage of the haulage services of Fred Sherwood of Shepshed, Leicestershire, who have walking floor technology on their trucks ideally suited to the recycling of household waste.

    Every day, the Situationists of Goldsmith’s College see Fred’s juggernauts ploughing through New Cross towards the Old Kent Road crammed with the detritus of consumerism.

    Who cannot forget the heroic efforts of Shepshed Dynamo in the 19967 FA Cup First Round (they lost narrowly 6–0 to Carlisle)?

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    Could they one day catch up with our own Dulwich Hamlet who were not just promoted last season but are thundering up their new division with a 4–0 win only last Tuesday against Cray Wanderers.

    Fred Sherwood of Shedshed’s trucks supply the extraordinary household-waste-into-energy plant very near us.

    Therefore, may I also recommend a visit during Open House London 2013 to SELCHP (pronounced “sell-chip”), the waste recycling and energy production plant whose beautiful giant aluminium tube of a chimney can be seen from Millwall’s magnificent football ground on Ilderton Road.

  3. Hooray! A new pizza/pasta restaurant is introducing itself to Denmark Hill today. The teeny sample I sampled tasted fresh and good and the people smile a lot.

    Drink licence in the post and due any day now. I will check it out and report back when a bottle of chianti becomes an option.

  4. After an evening shooting charcuterie for Cannon and Cannon (Market Row, Brixton if you’ve not already tasted their wares…)
    I am now turning the heat up in the kitchen prepping for tomorrow night’s @homebytomtom supper club: The highlight of the summer calendar!
    I have two tables of 2 free — and I hate seeing anything go to waste.

  5. There’ll be a glass raised for Heaney in the Hermits tonight.

    Monkeycat, did you shoot any badgers? They are on the large and cuddly side of cute, but their ground remains fit well enough into the fishnet stocking of charcuterie.

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  7. Morning all.

    I missed this as it was open yesterday but if you are interested garden, this may be open again soon. It looks and sounds lovely.

    The writer starts by saying he knows nothing about Camberwell. Clearly, as he got off at Peckham Rye to go to a garden in Grove Park. Doesn’t know much about maps either!

    @PK36 Thank you for your lovely comments. Now I have to work out who you are. Damn these false names!

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