Savage beasts of SE5

Has anyone seen these animal sculptures that have appeared near Denmark Hill station, at the junction of Grove Lane and Champion Park?

Wolf prowling Grove Lane

They seem to be advertising an Art Deco fair / sale, but I didn’t have the forethought to take a picture of the poster. Lovely to have them, though; gave me a little thrill as I stepped off the no. 40 bus.

Update: Looks like these are permanent; how lovely. Thanks to Elij for the link.

In other news, there’s a new art space, called Art’s, opening above the Funky Munky in March. I thought the area above the Funky Munky was used for the weekend student crowd; maybe it still is.

And finally, Teamwork (formerly Cube) hairdressers is set to stay open, according to the stern Balkan(?) girl who cut my hair on Saturday. Fingers crossed for that; why don’t you all go and make appointments now?

This was the news.

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  1. Word on the street.….…..
    It seems our new sculptures by Leigh Dwyer were provided by the Camberwell Community Fund and they are going to plant bulbs etc as well. The people with the box hedge garden just by the triangle apparently contacted the fund and the woman, Beth, instigated it.

  2. The highlight of Buddha Jazz for me was telling the attractive waitress:
    “I would like a 69 please. That’s a BJ special.”

    Go there and do it. It’s divine. Food not bad either.

  3. Can’t believe you stole my scoop without giving me the credit Peter?!

    Last time I tell you anything..

  4. The art deco fair thing is a red herring. It’s an old sign that’s been there for months.

    HAve we named the sculpture? Savage Beasts of Camberwell doesn’t get my vote. Not just because you stole my scoop- I think the Ram is protecting his family from a savage beast true, but he himself is a strong and dignified family man.

    Let’s have a competition to name it!

    I like Camberwell’s Yummy Mummy.

    A ram goes for a driving test. The instructor says ‘can you make a U‑turn’ the Ram replies ‘make a ewe turn, I’ll make her bloody eyes water..’ — Bernard Manning

  5. I saw the sculptures going in yesterday when I passed on the bus and thought wow they look great. Well done however got it done.
    Savage Beasts or as ” like being Savaged by a Dead Sheep” as a Denis Healy said of Geoffrey Howe

    I was on the bus to go to East Dulwich to spend money at the Butchers and Fishmongers I do this every couple of weeks. So far this week apart from my local shop at LJ I have spent zero in Camberwell the quality at Christines, the Chinese Supermarket and Somerfield is just not good enough.

    The shops in Camberwell are not aimed at affluent second home owning car users who want to park outside. There are some good shops but I spend way more outside Camberwell on food, clothes etc. I am sure i am not the only one on this blog who does.

  6. The sculpures look really good, but why place them at the top of Grove Lane?

    The council always seem to be ‘beautifying’ around the Groves.

    If you travel to North Camberwell there are holes in the pavements and whole areas that have been left derelict. It seems that the areas with the best existing environment, attract the most investment.

    Still, better where they are than nowhere at all.

  7. just got a few grocery items in Cruson and Sophlocles. Now sitting outside the Hermit’s waiting for the kids. All kinds of life passing through Camberwell late Sunday morning.

    Tadim’s still being refurbed. The swank houses on the Grove are getting built slowly but surely.

  8. cant help but notice this local culture clash: the booze and fags of the funky monkey and the hermits right next to the beacons of self improvement — the library and the leisure center.

  9. Church Street Hotel right next to KFC.

    Pharmacy opposite the Drink Store.

    Cyclists in the traffic.

    Every kind of person walking by.

  10. I saw and took a pic of the statues being embedded but don’t have a cable to download pics from my camera. Lost it somehow. The last three times I used a card reader for this particular camera — the pics were all corrupted in the transfer… Curry’s PC World Maplins — none of them has the right cable. Amazon beckons.

    Was on a walk about of Camberwell last Tuesday with leaders of Southwark council, councillors and local people. Same as last time and the time before but more to talk about because Camberwell’s even LESS attractive now than it was a year ago. IMHO innit.

    There was mention of a £3million grant from TFL for the junction around Camberwell Green.

    Camberwell. Roll on Morrison’s.

  11. Interesting Mark. I think Regeneguru is right, the junction and traffic is the heart of how to improve Camberwell.

  12. “The people on the ground.” That’s what we are. A funny phrase. They use it on the Radio 4 all the time. Their dramatisation of Waugh’s “Scoop”, on at the mo, is fab, says it all about people on the ground, the news, spin, reporting, objectivity, subjectivity. But this morning, for the people on the ground…

    March brings with it the sublime sun,
    Warming Camberwell, Peckham,
    And as far as Wimbledon.
    Today is fine, but the world is undone.

  13. “It might be enforceable in a court of law this contract but it’s not enforceable in the court of public opinion and that’s where the Government steps in”

    This is a quote from Harriot Harperson, our MP on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning.

    My P*ss is boiling over this inane statement.

    She was refering to Fred the Shreds pension payment which is giving all a bout of blood pressure rise.

    If the court of public opinion is to be used as law then most of the cabinet would be out on their ear or in jail.

    If it did we would have a referendum on the Lisbon treaty
    The Home secretary would be guilty of corruption
    Two Pies would have been sanctioned for bonking his secretary in office hours
    Derek Conway would heve gone to jail
    The gitmo bloke with the beard would not be here
    Greg Dyke would still have his job
    Tony Blair would be tried for war crimes
    Mandy would never have been enobled
    You, Harriot as a prominent Human Rights lawyer should know that you cannot have it both ways, if Fred has a contract then that is that. He is entitled to the protection of the HRA which you mentioned a few minutes earlier.

  14. Yes, she is threatening Fred with the mob, the hoi-polloi, drunk on minimum-wage units or whatever the big next idea is. Tax the poor, that’s it.

    Harriet not Harriot. You are thinking of Ainsley Harriott the chef. Or James Herriot the vet.

    Harriet has probably been ordered to willy-waggle on behalf of Gordon, Peter and friends. Still, or “you know” as Tony Blair says, the government is trying to keep its nerve and show of authority in these somewhat perturbing times. I do not think the Knobs, however greasy, are the right people to hold the helm at this time.

  15. glad to hear Teamwork will be staying open — was worrying about where else to go for a much needed haircut this weekend

  16. Dagmar said “Harriet not Harriot. You are thinking of Ainsley Harriott the chef. Or James Herriot the vet.”

    So a spelling mistake is more important than the reality of the situation.

    Are you saying that it is acceptable that the mad woman Harman and the bunch of inepts that she works with are taking us and all this country to the dogs?

  17. I like the sculptures having driven by this morning. The Ram is particularly striking as you arrive at the top of Grove Lane.

    As someone has mentioned they should be perhaps in another part of Camberwell, maybe the green, but then again they’d be gone in a heart beat.

  18. on a totally different note, does anyone know why the southwark news site is down? (it’s been down for a day or so?)

  19. I don’t know, I apologise. Harriet Harman probably shut it down. She’ll end up a pub singer in New Cross. Harriet Harman and the Inepts.

  20. The upgraded Forum site is now live, and you can write to members of the Board directly here with your ideas, concerns and interest group lobbying relating to Camberwell.

    It’s (hopefully) part of the Change We Need.

  21. I hope that there have been press releases/ announcements to the media about the new site to get publicity for the Forum and ultimately more members/greater clout

  22. Yes. Dilys M. Hill’s “Participating in Local Affairs” has many useful tips about how to be a thorough nuisance in meetings and indeed the locality.

    Those moaning about the nu decline of Camberwell should visit Penge, as a senior Dagmar did today. There is a pound shop there named THE ROBUST POUND. Fortunately there is also a Wetherspoons where Greene King IPA may be sunk for 99p.

    There is an anglers’ shop, a runners’ shop, a specialist repro furniture shop (“MAHOGANY YEW OAK PINE”) serving the whole of fake soth-east England, and a guitar shop called Twanguitars which looks really good.

    There is a monumental God’s castle (as tiny Dagmar calls ’em) Congregationalist church with the strapline on its frontage, “Serving God for 100 years in Penge.”

    A chap set it up in 1908. His wife survived him for many years, dying in 1971 aged nearly 100. So like in Camberwell, you set off to mock, and end up respecting what there is.

  23. Had ‘Noodels’ for tea last night.

    They threaten a 40% surcharge for wasted food. I guess it’s 40% of the initial £5 but it’s not clear. Neeless to say there was not a dirty plate in the house.

    I was particularly impressed that they do all you can eat chips to go with your all you can eat chicken curry. Delicious way to die.

    Other thant that the food was fine. There were a couple of stray roc-hard rice grains that had baked under the lamp but the noodles weren’t bad.

    There was a good crew of Camberwellians in there, all creeds and colours as you might expect locally. One guy seemed to have nodded off in his noodles which was odd but endearing. Others were more animated. The vibe was friendly. It was busy too — about £100 worth chowing down alongside me. That’s not including drinks.

    Knock it when you’ve tried it. That said, I will reserve visits for post pint kebab alternative.

    Kids eat for 2.99 by the way but a can of coke is 80p.

    All in all it’s a welcome oasis of value in these economically barren times.

    I’ve already eaten there more times than I ate in Mozzarella Pommodoro.

  24. I thought the sculptures were some kind of traffic calming measure…they get me every time on that bend (at night) — seem to come out of nowhere

  25. I walked past ‘le petit parisien’ this morning — looks much better, dining in Camberwell seems to be going up in the world (probably prempting the new Grove development opening) — glanced swiftly at the menu – mains start at around £13.00. Also, the now closed Somerfield had two massive vans outside – one looked like a removal van, the other was a salvation army clothes collection van – the uniforms perhaps?!

  26. The relaxed ambience and affordable food is good value for money.
    Authentic French style. Good luck.…

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