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  1. “To install new and striking artwork to give Burgess Park a unique identity.” One’s Camberwell crunchy artistic sensibility deliquesces in the fug well-meaning civic intervention and condescension. Or dissovles like a salted slug, leaving just a large, rubbery gut. The Princess Diana memorial fountain springs to mind.

    The green open spaces of Burgess Park — without much intervention — are soothing. The nature is great, the lake is fab. The park is very dangerous at night, though.

  2. I’d like to see the perimeter of the park better protected (to stop the joyriders dumping burnt-out cars in there), better lighting, Chumleigh Gardens could do with a better kitchen, some more varieties of plants and flowers. And, of course, the zoo.

  3. The list detailing what they’re going to do with the £6 million sounds rubbish. I can see a lot of “artists” in the vicinity rubbing their hands with glee.

    I agree with the previous posts — a fair percentage of the money should go on security.

  4. Camberwell Green misses out and I bet Southwark isnt prepared to fund any of the improvements

  5. Good for Burgess Park, a curiously unlovable green space at the moment, despite its wide open spaces. Can £6m get rid of the flocks of huge, glossy black birds which hang around at all hours (Rooks? Ravens? Anyone else less shamefully ignorant about nature?) giving it a faintly sinister air, like an Omen remake?

    On a completely unconnected note, can anyone recommend a busy car boot sale not too far from here? We’re moving house and have several boxes full of miscellanea to foist on an unsuspecting public at an average per-item cost of around 50p.

  6. @Mumu: I would say Camberwell Green’s problems are of more than a cosmetic nature; although I would like to see something done with the orchard.

    @PeteW: They are Ravens, I believe, and I like having them there; gives the place character.

    And there’s a car boot on Coldharbour Lane, near the S&D, on Sundays.

  7. I kinda like the roads to nowhere in the park. Suspect I’m alone in that, thou.

    £6 million is a good amount of cash. In and around Burgess Park seems as good a place as any to spend it.

    Some kind of semi-permanent staffed presence (cafe, sports club, etc) that attracted people there through the day/week would make it feel safer.

    Not that it’s unsafe now, as such, just the vibe could be improved.

  8. I like Burgess a lot. Its wasteland feel suits me good. But they need to reclaim some of the unused green spaces and make them accessible. Light the bugger up at night too.

  9. @Gabe:

    “Some kind of semi-permanent staffed presence (cafe, sports club, etc) that attracted people there through the day/week would make it feel safer.”

    The tennis club near Walworth Rd, Chumleigh Gardens, and the football pitches / sports centre over towards Peckham are all staffed during the day.

  10. “Light thickens; and the crow
    Makes wing to the rooky wood.
    Good things of day begin to droop and drowse…”

    The nature and lake in Burgess are the best bits, along with all the green grass. Plastic fun and embarrassing public art would both get rough treatment. Still, it is churlish not to welcome sweet 6 million quid’s worth of work to make it better — but I agree with people here that the old roads going nowhere and the wild areas make Burgess a good place already.

    “… but there IS no road through the woods!”

  11. Agreed thrice Dagmar.

    Commissioning public art and messing with roads are two very expensive pastimes.

    People have been wanting to “finish” Burgess Park for ages. Anyone here connected with the Friends of Burgess Park? They must have put together a blueprint/wish list that’s more imaginative.

    All the people I’ve mentioned this to have said “ooh, £6m. That won’t stretch very far”. It seems you can’t change a government lightbub for that these days.


    Great, great news nonetheless. And from the same page on the Southwark website it seems the last bit of funding for the Aylesbury regeneration has been secured. Happy days.

    Now how about the Bakerloo extension with stops at Burgess Park and Camberwell Green. Imagine all the tourists seeing those names on the map and flocking to our verdant idyll!

  12. Peckham Road is closed on the junction of Southhampton Way. Lots of police tape. Looks bad.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if some moron car driver has taken someone out. Every few months that happens there.

  13. Seems bizarre that TFL keep it’s current extended route a secret. Could be under Camberwell Green or maybe it extends dwon the New Kent Road…

  14. Was anyone here present for the power cut in the Hermit’s Cave last night?

    They carreid on serving by firelight supplemented with a couple of candles.

    Very atmospheric but it ruined the football.

    Apparently it was a fuse..

  15. The tunnel for the extension of the Bakerloo line to Camberwell was begun before WWII but abandoned when war broke out, indeed the station was supposed to be where Nandos is now. There are even Tube maps that were published with Camberwell Station on them.

    I’d agree with Peter though, don’t think this will happen anytime soon. I also think it would also be a wasted opportunity not to extend this line onto Denmark Hill, Herne Hill and beyond.

  16. I once had an A‑Z from 19378 that showed the proposed Bakerloo extension to Camberwell.

    25 years ago I was told by an elderly tube worker that the tunneling was stopped because of flooding. The tunnel stretches only for about 50 yards before stopping.

    I somehow doubt that I’ll see it started again in my lifetime.

  17. Compared to the cross river tram a bakerloo line extension to Camberwell and Peckham would be cost effective it wouldn’t cost any more than £500 million to complete — the tram was in the billions was it not?

    Elephant & Castle — Camberwell Green — Peckham

    75 years and counting!

  18. They have just finished a make-over spending about £3 Million on Myatts Fields Park, with beautiful results. I am not sure, considering the size of Burgess Park, how far £6 Million will go here…

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