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Bit of a palaver on Lyndhurst Grove last night, as a drunk driver rammed into a car, reversed, rammed it again, drove off when the victim got out of his car and told him to stop, then rammed two more cars before fleeing on foot. I saw the lot; it was both exciting and scary. Police arrived about half an hour later.

We were on our way back from il Giardino in Peckham, a place which should be recession-proof because its staff are so bloody nice that you’d never consider not going. One place which isn’t recession proof (segue!) is The Dark Horse, which as everyone must know by now has closed down. And on the subject of closures, we now have photographic evidence that Somerfield in Butterfly Walk will close on April 29th. I honestly can’t wait to see a Co-op in there; I was in Co-op today and it’s miles better.

Further good news about Burgess Park; as well as the £6m already pledged, apparently there is a further £1m to spend on the Chumleigh Gardens area. Looks like we’re on course to have a radical transformation; I’ll be first in the queue when the zoo opens.

I tried Amaryllis on Coldharbour Lane for the first time on Tuesday, as the wife wanted to watch Volver in the S&D and I wanted to watch Arsenal beat Hull in the FA Cup. It’s nicely decorated inside, and they serve decent Chinese food at reasonable prices — £3.50 for a plate of chicken in black bean sauce and egg-fried rice (I had rice instead of noodels).

Finally: Prince William was in Camberwell last week; our very own Eyechild has the report.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Great news!
    Incidentally, I was talking to one of the hairdressers in ‘Teamwork’ t’other day and she has been told the Funky Munky is closing too — has anyone else heard this?

  2. Interesting to know that Il Giardino is good — I’d always thought it looked a bit grotty — but I will try it on your recommendcation … Interestingly Toptable lists its nearest station as New Cross Gate BR, even though its on the same road as Peckham Rye …

  3. Peter
    i don’t think there are any plans for a Zoo in the scheme. You may have to start a campaign, the £6 million is for (from Southwark website);
    Secure better access to nature (planting, habitat creation etc)
    Remove redundant roads and paths.
    Improve the borders of the park,to make the park’s boundaries a lot clearer to the public
    Install new and striking art work to give Burgess a unique identity
    Improve entrances and create more user friendly paths around the park.

    You may get one under habitat creation, there will be lots of public consultation so all those wanting a zoo can get their voice heard there.

    saying this Victoria Park has £12 million budget from the Heritage Lottery Fund. I guess Burgess Park being the only large post war park in London is not old enough.

  4. Peter, you’re a caterer’s nighmare and I like it! The Dark Horse was “nice (if a little overpriced)” and now “£3.50 for a plate of chicken in black bean sauce and egg-fried rice” is only classed as “reasonable”!

    Our problem round here is that 90% of the myriad food outlets are spectacularly crap, which makes what they charge irrelevant. If only standards would improve in enough of them competition would take care of pricing.

    I dread finding the fridge empty of an evening.

    Bon weekend tout le monde. Allez Wales!

  5. Munky closing! You’re kidding?!?!?! That place is an institution.

    But then so’s the Maudsley…

  6. @Robp: If true, that’s a real shock; that would mean the students have abandoned us, and where will we be then?

    @Gnomee: If there’s no zoo in Burgess Park, I shall boycott until there is.

    @copeywolf: £3.50 is reasonable, isn’t it? I only meant it as a binary, ie not unreasonable.

  7. we went into Munky the other week, it seemed fairly quiet and they had run out of many of the beers on tap. Shame.

    I had a feeling then that they might not be long for the world.

    As to bargain meals, the Hoa Viet must be one of the cheapest places to eat around here, and the food is excellent. Just popped in this evening to collect a takeaway and the place was packed.

    Caravaggio is good but I wish they’d do more of the food like they do at La Luna, which must be THE best Italian in this general area.

  8. Unfortunately not the Co-Op

    Morrisons to Somerfield to Morrisons

    Now you know who is going into Butterfly Walk 🙁

  9. Hello. New to the forum. Just to say that I asked a guy behind the counter in Somerfield who was taking over the store and he said Morrisons. I know the chain is being taken over by Coop but that was what I was told. As you say, anything is better than Somerfield. Roll on May.

  10. I’ve live in Camberwell all my life, and can’t wait to see the back of Somerfield!!!

  11. Morrison’s is so much better than Co-Op, come on. There’s no comparison.

    Better it’s one of the big uns, and thus not Co-Op / Lidl / Somerfield.

  12. Co-op would have been better. If we want a Morrisons, we can go to the big Morrisons in Peckham. Now Co-op is expanding nationwide, it is going to thrash Morrisons. Co-op financials are merging with Britannia Building Soc — the future is in mutuality for a very long time, maybe 10 whole years.

    Consider the parable of the talents. Today, the son who buried his talent is the hero. “You mean you didn’t invest it?” says his dad in awe. “Awe this is now yours, son!”

  13. From tomorrow (23rd) you can get a train direct from Denmark Hill to St Pancras International (& beyond) they leave at 25 & 55mins past the hour and it takes 18mins!

  14. Thank you NickW. That’s great news! Very useful.
    On the Morrisons/Coop thing. C’mon, anything is better than Somerfield. I’d have even settled for yet another 99p shop.
    Morrisons in Peckham is a pretty good store and seems preferable to the somewhat shoddy example of a Coop on Camberwell new Road.
    The Munky seemed to be open this eve. Any news?

  15. Did anyone notice that The Bear was runner up for best Sunday lunch in the Observer Food Awards for the London area.

  16. Hurrah for direct trains to St Pancras. Will this also mean direct trains south to Gatwick and Brighton in the future?

    Re the whole supermarket thing. Surely, since Somerfield is being taken over by Co-op we will now have both a Co-op and a Morrison’s. The Co-op on Denmark Hill and the Morrisons, which Co-op had to sell due to competition regulations, in Butt Walk.

  17. Anyone interested in what the Council concludes about Camberwell’s future based on legnthy discussion, numerous surveys/meetings and years of work, should read this:


    And the reply in terms of timing for focus from the head huncho (Item 11)


    And the plans for how to arrive at a plan for Burgess Park via hearings:


  18. yes, thanks newroad, that’s really helpful and what peter said more or less, had a quick look earlier but it certainly needs a proper read.

  19. Nice train pointers, thanks.

    On a related subject, does anyone know of any stations on either Peckham or Denmark Hill lines which aren’t too far away yet are a suitable base for country — or at least green and suburban — walks?

    If you’ve read the Time Out walks round London guides then you’ll know what I mean.

    Coulsdon South is an example, though it’s not on our local lines. It’s in zone 4. Epping Forest is another.

    It’d be useful to have a bolt that wasn’t too far away (say 30 minutes) for when the weather turns good.

  20. Phil G, The Darenth Valley between Eynsford and Shoreham is beautiful. From Denmark Hill 1–2 per hour and about a half hour ride.

  21. I can’t get the editing thing to work, haven’t for weeks. The Kentish Drovers is a really cheerful pub. The 99p a pint beer is Ruddles Best and is excellent.

    The Co-op on the New Camberwell Road and elsewhere are offering 3 bottles of usually brilliant Californian Crow Road Shiraz for £11. Don’t touch it. It is off. For us less well off, this is something of a miserable disaster.

  22. Country-walk-wise from Camberwell I would recommend getting the train from Denmark to Sevenoaks (around 50 mins) where Knole House (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w‑knole) has extensive grounds (and a house obviously) and there are lots of other walking options around Sevenoaks.

    From my reading of the business press the Somerfields that have not been sold off will be coverted into Co-Ops within 18 months. The small Camberwell Somerfield fits well with the Co-Op’s neighbourhood convenience store format

  23. Morrisons v Co-op; the new Co-op stores (there’s one where I work, near Shoreditch Park) are clean, friendly, and have a great range.

    @Phil G: For nice country walks you could do worse than Dulwich Woods; head over to Herne Hill and jump on a train to Sydenham Hill.

    I will look into the comments editing.

  24. Scadbury Park near Sidcup is magic. Look for the ruins of the moated Tudor grange, deep in the woods. There is a great plate H8 WHY in Camberwell. That’s a poem on a numberplate. Not just “War, what is it good for?” but “There must be reasons for the hate.”

  25. QUICK. Photographers, scoot down to Scope in Peckham. There is a gorgeous black lady in the window wearing only a necklace. She has no arms and legs to speak of, nor even a head, but she looks absolutely lovely, which just shows the value of effective accessorising.

  26. Thanks for the walk tips, will put them on the list to try, not that there is a list.

    Just passed Noodels while hungry. The tempation was strong. Trays of salty grease and all I could eat for £4.95? Really? All I can eat? I can eat a lot. And are those prawns? And ribs too, I love those.

    But I stayed strong. Must not support such an eyesore. Must stay strong. Must stay strong…

  27. Salty geese sounds good, Phil. Goose fat cooks at a higher temperature than any other bird’s. You can get a whole goose at Lidl for 20 squids.

    There is now a giant lobster in the aquarium at the Horniman. It is like the latest generation tank being field-trialled by the Israelis in Gaza. Soon it will cut through the glass of its tub and splash water all over the frightened children. It is probably not a giant lobster but a colossal lobster.

    It was a sickening sight, but with great luck, there were dancers from Laban doing some sort of improvisation in the main peformance area. They were fascinating — especially to tiny Dagmar — and incredibly graceful. The word fit comes to mind.

  28. http://www.walkingclub.org.uk/

    This is a web version of the Time Out Books of Country Walks near London. There are lots of walks that you can do from Denmark Hill.

    The missus and I went from on the circular walk from Otford a few weeks ago

    and also on we bastardised this one and walked around the Ashdown Forest and played poohsticks.…Bliss.

    There is a lovely country pub or two in Hartfield, whilst the Fox and Hounds in on the first walk is ok. Just avoid anything involving fish if you eat there. Fish cakes were of the not really fish and just slightly fake looking breadcrumbs…yummm!

  29. You can ge direct trains from Denamrk Hill to st Pancras — how so? Where do the trains go? wish i’d known that on Monday when i paid an eye watering £22 to get a cab to St Pancras cos i couldn’t face getting on the 45 bus with my bags.

    On an aside i have been in Brussels for the last 2 days and spotted at least 2 Greggs the bakers in the usually very smart and cosmopolitan European quarter of Brussels — maybe they’ll get a Noodels City next!

  30. They go to Blackfriars then dive underground and continue to City Thames Link, Farringdon and King’s Cross.

  31. Speaking of prawns did anybody watch dpmq’s today?

    Our MP sounded like a schoolmistress trying to shout down, and losing it before a classroom of children. I loved the retort Tory William quipped at her, about her being the niece of a rich Countess; a clear cutting remark to the double standards she and the other Champagne socialists loved to forget when they spout on about their socialist roots.
    She kept on about IHT (inheritance tax) stating that only the super rich would get a break if the threshold was raised to £1million, but she has little understanding that ordinary people with parents who have houses in Camberwell, and its surrounds where houses have risen in value that were bought cheaply years ago and now worth £300,000 to £500,000 will have to pay a huge amount of tax if the threshold is not raised to that level.
    I cannot wait to see this NuShiteLabour government kicked out of office.

  32. However Chunters equally you could say those people who brought houses cheaply in Camberwell years ago have benefited from a huge amount of unearned income that has come from their house price rises and they should be taxed.

  33. Well, I bought a poky flat in Camberwell and would lose money if I sold now. Back then I used to think the place was on the up and up. Silly, eh. But doubtless Labour’ll tax me backwards if I ever sell it.

    I saw PMQs. I respect a few of the Labour cabinet, but not her. She really is a cretin, and sounded like it today. They need someone better than her.

    On a related point, did you know The Bank of England has today failed to sell UK gilts for the first time?

    Possibly some will not fully understand what that means. Basically – we have no credibility as a nation. Bankrupt Britain here we come.

    Cheers Gordon! And all that public spending, long before Northern Rock and RBS mind you, really made things better didn’t it.

  34. The ironmongers and hardware store in Kennington is closing down, thronged by rats hustling aggressively for discounts greater than the offered 75%, with £12 an unacceptable price for a toilet. Perhaps a 99p shop will appear instead, in that deafening red route location.

    Phil’s point about the gilts shows that UK Services plc is a busted flush. The City, Wharf and pin stripe are discredited, and small business is the only way for growth for the foreseeable future.

    If we are to get out of this mess, inefficiencies and imbalances built in to the system must be addressed. This includes buttressing the Post Office network with extra investment, to promote the ease of circulation of goods, information and money beneath the digital divide (which includes many businesses). Motorists in cyclist boxes must be aggressively taxed, as they intimidate pedestrians away from the high street. Empty or land banked commercial space must be forced into use, and cars must be cleared off the pavements, again to increase pedestrian circulation for the benefit of the economy.

    Many of these powers lie with local authorities. Let us hope that they realise the full extent of the crisis unravelling and step outside procedural timetables to force through emergency measures to protect and encourage small businesses, the true harbingers of growth.

  35. I am bored of this ranting about how bad things are. The vast majority of you have jobs and will continue to do so. The vast majority of you have somewhere to live, and will continue to do so. Boom and bust, it is a never ending cycle, so go with the flow, enjoy what you have and please, please, I beg you all.…stop whining.

  36. Awesome prawn, joe. Monkeycat is right, we should be grateful not hateful. Sometimes the prawn of life is big, pink and plastic; sometimes it is a little squinny of a thing like those jigging around in the huge surges of the tidal Thames. We have been told countess times, seize the day.

  37. Monk’s go see these videos and you will see that your kids or the ones you have later in life will be born with at least a debt of £ 20,000, and that’s before they can speak.


    That’s why you cannot go on being happy on this blog, things are, and the country are going broke.

    All you have to do is go see what the Governor of the Bank of England has to say about this.

    So Flash Slot Gobbler Gordon is, instead of getting us out of the shite is covorting around South America.

    I couldn’t agree more with Phil G but then of course Reg has to blame the whole fiasco on cars. Reg you are obsessed and a fool.

  38. Monkeycat, you’re right, this isn’t the place for it anyway. It was Harman what got me started. She is our MP after all.

    Just one question — do you work in the public sector? You’d have to be to be that confident about jobs.

    Correction on the gilts — it wasn’t the 1st time ever, it was the 1st time in a very long time, and is in any case a very unusual event. Thought I’d clear that up before someone said I was wrong so we’re all going to be OK. I was very slightly wrong, and we’re probably not going to be OK.

    Anyway, I will desist. Looking forward to this country walk anyway.

  39. well said Monkeycat — things could be far far worse. So the “good times” are over, get used to it and make some adjustments.

    You must all have access to the internet, somewhere to live, some money in your pocket — it’s not really that bad, surely.

  40. I’ve started looking at sewing machines so I can repair some of my clothes. I can handstitch — was taught at school back before they did whole lessons about Twitter — but a mini sewing machine is kinda cool.

    Monkeycat, you’re an upbeat kinda gal/guy, if you’re interested in a nice little flat in SE5 all of your own then let me know, I’ve got just the thing…

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