Disparate notices

Hello, everyone. How are you all?

Little to report at the moment, as everyone’s away on their holidays. Here’s a selection of titbits:

A post-Lakanal House inspection of other buildings on the Sceaux estate has found a series of hazards. It’s good that actions are being taken to prevent this happening in the future, but there’s an unmistakable feeling that the stable door is being bolted a little too late.

Comedian James Sherwood makes a joke about Noodels City in his stage show. It’s a rich vein of comedy gold to mine.

Camberwell’s very own Florence (with or without her Machine) is up for a Mercury award tonight. I quite like her album, but she’s not hotly tipped to win it. Update: She didn’t. South London still represented, though.

Now onto more prosaic matters: I’m looking for someone to take over this blog for a while; at the very least for the next two weeks, as I’m off on my annual jaunt around the Med, but probably for a little longer too. I’ve been writing the blog for over five years and if it isn’t getting a little stale for you, it is for me. I’ve got plans for more stuff I’d like to do with it, but time is sparse right now, so I need someone to take over the reins for a bit.

Ideally I’d prefer to have a few different people, to get some variety in the voice of this site. If you’re interested in writing — from a single post to a regular gig — leave a comment below or email me at peter@​camberwellonline.​co.​uk.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

7 thoughts on “Disparate notices”

  1. Hi Peter, the blog’s great. I’d volunteer to write something, but… [insert various excuses].

    I did notice there are posters up about a session in South London Gallery for local residents to come and hear about the expansions plans. Evening of September 15, I think.

    Apparently, they’ve opened up an entrance onto Sceaux Gardens and this has boosted the number of people visting the gallery. Who’d have thought?

  2. I’d love to offer my time but considering the fact that I ought to be appealing for someone to manage The Sun and Dove’s website and the various web satellite offshoots it’s not realistic.

    Anyhow; whatever combination of people come together to ‘do’ your blog Peter, it will be interesting. Your generosity of spirit is amazing.

  3. Peter, you need a holiday, that’s all. Mind you, we all need a holiday from much of the middle-aged-male, morose & mediocre mutterings on this site. The point of Camberwell has always been its spark. Muriel Spark, for instance.

    Florence and the Machine is a spark and a half, a flame indeed. Her voice is really something. She luckily missed the curse of the Mercury prize and can now preRaphaelfight it out with La Roux and Sodium Laureth Sulphate.

    Come on some spod bod — help Pete with the wiring while he’s away and we’ll have an autumn of amino-acid-charged mind-and-leaf-altering bonfire of the inanities.

    Let us once again make Camberwell the place where people come to be cured — the first ancient hill due south of the Thame,s where the refreshing breeze of change is reflected in the most cosmopolitan cocktail of peoples, attitudes, ideas and appetites in the whole of the mighty capital!

  4. I’d be happy to write something on behalf of all morose middle aged men.

    And I’ll have something interesting to say shortly about Warwick Gardens’ “Warwick Wingding” on 26 Sept. A music festival no less, bang slap on the Camberwell border.

  5. Florian, one’s good fellow, you are more floral than Florence and the machine. The Warwick gig sounds fab, as music followers are saying at the moment. Yeah yeah yeah, in fact.

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