London Open House 2009

Hi everyone, my name is Joe and I’m honoured to be writing for the Camberwell
Online blog post in Peter’s absence.

This year’s London Open House will be held on the weekend of the 19th-20th of September throughout London and, once again, there are several buildings in Camberwell opening their doors for the public to view.

If you’re not familiar with Open House it is an annual architectural and design event, providing the general public with the opportunity to explore a diverse range of buildings of architectural interest in the capital which are not normally open to the public. Access to hundreds of buildings both public and private is free, although admission to some of the more popular locations does require pre-booking.

I really enjoy Open House and have seen many fantastic buildings throughout London including several local flats and houses. I would encourage anyone to take an interest and, with this in mind, I have put together a list of local locations participating in the event. In compiling the list I was a little disappointed to see that the Salvation Army building opposite Denmark Hill train station does not seem to be taking part this year, they usually provide access to their tower which, providing you can climb the ladders, offers fantastic panoramic views across London. I actually think there are less local participants this year although I’m happy to be corrected on that one.

Locations in SE5

There is also a tour and talk at the South London Gallery apparently, although I have not been able to find a link to this on the Open House website.

UPDATE: I found a link on Facebook to the Open House event at the SLG:

Find out more about the SLG’s expansion project as well as its history in these special ‘hard hat’ tours. Acclaimed architectural practice 6a will outline their plans for the neighbouring terraced house and a new extension behind the original building.

Booking recommended on 020 7703 6120. Part of Open House 2009.

Locations Local to SE5

I’ll be interested to hear reports from anyone who visits any of these buildings, you could also post any photos to the Camberwell SE5 Flickr account.

23 thoughts on “London Open House 2009”

  1. Very useful post thank you … however someone should tell Open House that the pic of St Giles Parish Church on their site is of a different church …

    Bizarrely we met the people who built 15 12 consort rd on holiday in France this year …

  2. Thanks Joe.
    We nearly bought one of those flats on Dog Kennel Hill off plan — had a look round the show flat though and didn’t like it.
    Might have another poke around now that they’re all finished.

    Love Open House.

  3. The town hall on Peckham Road still has many copies of the Open House brochure — in previous years these have been expensive or hard to get hold of. You just walk in and take one from the leaflet dispensers there by the reception. There is no beadle to tell you off.

  4. blatant advertising time 🙂

    Brunswick Park fete is on next Saturday 19th September. Lots of free activities including:

    * bouncy castle
    * Doctor Bike
    * organised sports events
    * face painting
    * loads of stalls with info on local activities and services

    * cake stall
    * sausage sizzle
    * ice cream van

    Hope to see you there!

  5. You can also do product placement now, e.g. Coca-Cola will be on sale to whip small children into a frenzy then dissolve their heads.

  6. The picture of St.Giles Church on the Open London website is of the parish church in Camberwell, Melbourne, Australia…

    The Muppets!

    Good to see lots of projects in the former Camberwell Borough Council area though…(Camberwell,Dulwich,Nunhead,Peckham)

  7. We spent the last evening of the summer (Saturday) outside the Vineyard following a windfall which paid for the whole dinner. We drank a toast to the hero of Togo who stuffed it up the Arsenal.

    They say that, like the ravens at the Tower of London, if the Vineyard goes, the whole of Camberwell disappears, too. Mind you, they said that about the Kerfield, the Buckle and Zara’s Kitchen.

    The Scottish & Newcastle magazine for publicans “Impact09” is very revealing, if you can get hold of it. Here is an extract.


    * ‘No nonsense’ guys aged between 40–59 years

    [They do not appear to live beyond 59.]

    * Regular bitter drinkers

    There is another spread headlines: “ARE YOU GETTING ENOUGH BLOKES DRINKING REGULARLY IN YOUR PUB?” Come on, son, make it twice a day! There is a sub-head, “Blokes are straightforward.” The paragraph then begins, “Most don’t mind admitting it.”

    Yeah, and the more they naff on about “What yer see is what yer get”, the more noncey they become and the more you back away before they invite you to see the human torso they keep for company back home in ‘is mum’s freezer.

    The Vestry Road kebab shop closed after many years which is sad. They had just had a new refit and were really proud of it.

    People round Dagmar Road and Denmark Hill are paying their respects to Aage Bohr the Danish physicist who has just died. This reclusive classical music fan spent his professional life staring into the tiny tiny nuclei of atoms. On his infrequent visits to his local bar for a half of Tuborg, the regular bitter drinkers, snarling and spittling, straightforward blokes y’know, would shriek in their burlesque falsetto as he came through the door, “AAGE! BOHR!”

  8. Back from hols and feel there is not enough food related banter going on.

    I am always amazed at the existence of the vineyard. Not just me but the three groups I know who has eaten there over the last few years say the same…

    Overpriced and not pleasant.

    Whither Vineyard?

  9. Never had a good meal at The Vinyard — and heard the same from others. Once had Fizzy tarama. Consequently not been there for years. It always looks attractive though.

  10. I’ve updated the post with more information about the SLG Open House event.

    While we’re on the subject of food, Keith Floyd RIP 🙁

  11. Only went to Vineyard once as it never looked that appealing and seemed pricey. However, the main meze dish they do was actually really nice between two and not bad value. Would go again.

  12. did anyone go to the overview & scrutiny committee meeting last night? it was going to be about lakanal house fire, if anyone has, could we have a brief report for people’s republic of southwark please? thank you

  13. While other resturants come and go, the Vineyard continues in business; how do they do it? It does what it says on the tin and does it successfully, probably why they’re still going strong after so many years in business.

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