Warwick Wingding: 26 September

Peter has kindly lent me his blog to plug a local music and arts festival.

On Saturday 26 September, from 1pm to 7.30pm,Warwick Gardens SE15 will host the first-ever Warwick Wingding.

The Wingding will see a line-up of the most exciting new bands on the local scene from Peckham, New Cross, Camberwell and Nunhead, including:

The Pepys, The Saudis, Kids Loves Lies, Lime Headed Dog and Butch & Femme.  The Wingding will also welcome singer-songwriters Pierre La Rouge, The Boycott Coca Cola Experience, , as well a 30 piece swing band The Starter Big Band.

Peckham’s own DJ Mickey Smith will MC proceedings.

Expect too to experience yoga classes, hands-on theatre, hula-hooping, dressing-up, face-painting plus stalls from local artists and creative types.

Food and drink there will be plenty: Thai Pod, Chicken Wingding Barbecue plus Spanish and Italian along with wine and cider from Green & Blue and a beer tent.

And if that isn’t enough, South East London’s best municipal bouncy castle will also be present, courtesy of LB Southwark.

So come along and enjoy the late Summer fun.

Or if you’re feeling even perkier, we need help! If you can spare some time to get involved during the day please LET US KNOW.

Email us at warwickgarden@​googlemail.​com or attend the volunteers’ meetings on Thursday 24 September or Friday 25 September at Wilton Hall, Bushey Hill Road at 7–8pm.

16 thoughts on “Warwick Wingding: 26 September”

  1. Bloody hell I’ll miss it cos of (another) wedding. I’d rather be in the park meeting fit indie babes.

  2. Sounds great. All those Myspace links go to someone’s webmail account. Looks like the links got pasted in wrong? Or, mebbe, some kind of scam.

  3. I HATE to be skeptical but what happened to local LETTS and what happened to the scheme set up by Big Issue?

    I think they evaporated into the ether. Can’t see this working any better although maybe they’ve proved in Totness that an alternative currency can work. I’d rather be able to spend a Euro here, or there for that matter, than a Brixton Pahnd mate…

    I feel really sick today. Of everything, it will pass. She cried.

  4. Talking of Tottiness, we, the old Dags will be there, inshallah, at the Wingding on Saturday 26 September in Warwick Gardens, a most welcome event in these parts at that time of year. There was a brilliant spread in thisislondon yesterday or the Lite which made the Peckham side of Camberwell look really happening, which it is.

    Cocky young men at Wingding on the look out for cute indie chicks or yoga experts — nudge, nudge — will be fair prey for my gorgeous haunches, which act like a colossal crab’s claws in Alaska, each crustacean trucked singly through freezing Canada by hairy bears on the back of their roaring rigs. Yes, snap, plop, ploop, yum! Like the savage guillotining that all young men dread and even crave however fatally from we knowing women. What an end!

    Blossom Hill wine is awful. To think that the laid-back, cultured & cultivated winemakers of California lend their name to this overpriced two-stroke. Somerfield are pushing it at £3.49 a bottle but it is like baby medicine. Any more of this and the old bolt cutters will be out! Retailers be warned!

  5. We have the Hell’s Angels as security, so keep your haunches to yourself. Wine from Green and Blue, so no Blossom Hill unless we need to unblock a few drains

  6. My mouth this morning is like a parrot’s bottom. Netto have a Vin de Pay de l’ Attitude in litre bottles, I saw the other day. The angels know me, watch them blench!

  7. Blossom Hill is sold in various ‘pub chains’ at £7.00 a bottle. There’s a few other labels that reach the depths of the same stakes too, they always have inoffensive, popular sounding names and, uniformly, are awful. I cannot swallow them once they hit my palate. GAGHC!

    Still these pubcos know what they are doing, fostering and nurturing the great tradition of the British pub. Crooks all of them.

    Ths first pub I worked in — The Ridley Arms in Stannington, Northumberland — sold Corrida — vile Spanish PLONK that was nailed to the back bar and dispensed through optic measures. The chiller cabinet had ‘dry, medium, and hock’ wines stocked. The hock was some German slop that looked like multivitamin enhanced piss. The wines made me wriggle viscerally with disgust as soon as I put a glass to the optic. Oh the good old days.

    Days of Whitbread Big Head Trophy Bitter the pint that thinks it’s a quart; of snowballs, port and lemon, vodka and lime, lager and lime, scotch and water, Guinness and blackcurrant, of mild and bitter, light and bitter, black and tan and Babycham. That’s when men were men, women were women and pubs were pubs.

    A long time before Eastenders and Big Brother. I’m rather glad we left those times behind arktewally.

  8. village fete today — 11 — 4pm in Brunswick Park, Camberwell — free — everyone welcome but don’t bring dogs — bouncy castle, bike surgery, face painting, sports, singing, fabric painting, loads of stalls, oh and cakes and sausage sizzle

  9. Great, Brunswick Park fete is always fun.

    Open House this weekend — it DOES include William Booth College, the Salvation Army HQ, but only at 2–4.30pm today.

  10. Turned up at Wm Booth College with a 2008 Open House Guide, oh dear. Was only one there. Brunswick Park Fete was good, though, tropical atmospherics. St Peter’s Church, Walworth is great, by Soane, has interesting stations of the cross by Adam Boulter. Set in a beautiful square and garden. Bomb killed 65 in the crypt in 1940.

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