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  1. It’s time to move on from Angels and Gypsies. Another new year beckons, may it not be as vile as the last several.

    Having found my lost avatar, I feel much more secure about the future.

  2. Happy New Year!

    I love the old green and orange tiles and sign of The Tiger where The Silver Buckle was…

    They look a bit too damaged to be fully restored but it would be lovely if they did make an effort to match the tiles and mend and repair…Isn’t it fashionable and more environmentally friendly to do so?

    It seems to me there was a lot more attention to aesthetic and detail back in the day — It looks effortlessly elegant — I hope the refurbishment puts it’s neighbours (Noodels City) amongst others to even greater shame

    A landmark pub on the junction of the Green is one of the best things presents Camberwell can have for the new year…

  3. Happy new year to one et al! I am unfortunately not in Camberwell to see the ’ Tiger’ tiles it would be great to see a photo… Hope 2010 brings you all lots of good stuff.

  4. The full, blue moon on New Year’s Eve augurs well for 2010. We are back safe from the glassy roads in the Bongo Friendee. On the motorway, Hills Waste Management’s tankers boast the world’s best strapline: “Hills: Delivering Waste Solutions”. Some adjacent villages’ names in Somerset spell out a familiar old poem:

    Curry Mallet

    The Tiger would be great as “The Tiger”. The fact that a pub went back to its one-before-last name instead of being called a silly kiddie bar name would be a great launch story in the papers.

  5. Johnnies’ cafe on Coldharbour Lane is having a really good makeover — smart tiled and excellent veneer interior. The bins outside are ‘Dirty Harry’ waste collectors. We are going stateside. Off to the Tiger for a photo opportunity.

    Had Sunday lunch at The Sun and Doves yesterday — Duck for the goose and Lamb for the gander — was really EXCELLENT.

  6. Just checked fares — looks like Oyster is more expensive — £3.20 on pay as you go compared with £2.40 when buying a ticket (blackfriars denmark hill).

  7. Single fare to London terminals (Blackfriars, Victoria, London Bridge) is £2.10, which is 20p down from last year. However, there are no return fares available on PAYG, so a return will cost £4.20, which is up from last year, I believe.

    PAYG Oyster single fare finder

  8. Good news about Denmark Hill station accepting Oyster PAYG, however less good news for those of us in Camberwell Green the bus fares have gone up enormously — a monthly bus pass has gone up from £53 to £63.90!

  9. Changing the subject completely, has Camberwell enough backgammon players to create some kind of event?

    I’m fed up with always playing with myself (ooer) onscreen and I met another couple in Angels and Thingies (new years’ greetings P & C) who would be up for some partner swapping (snarf snarf). I know another couple of players who drink regularly in the Hermit.

    Are there enough of us to create an evening of backgammon? Has anyone ever played in a tournament? I know of a pub in Stoke Newington that used to have a weekly tournament, but I have no idea how it all works.

    If there are enough of us I’m sure Mark could find space in the S&D in between the popcorn nights and 7 inch singles events.

  10. @Hannah M: A single bus fare has increased by 20% to £1.20 — it’s now only 60p less than the tube! Hitting the poorest, hardest.

  11. And remember that it is £1.20 for each bus taken, whereas a tube fare allows as many changes of tube line as you like without paying again. With the Oyster card, it would be easy to introduce a system where a single payment would cover all subsequent bus journeys started within, for example, one hour. It would just require the political willpower.

  12. Angels and Gypsies (sorry, Mark) is excellent. The food is fresh, very well cooked and delicious. And it’s definitely the classiest restaurant venue in Camberwell.

    Given that the quality of food and surroundings can live with the more august tapas venues in town, I’d say the price is good value too.

    Get there before Jay Rayner does a review and the prices go up.

  13. butterball — thanks for the reference, I’ve no problem about angels and Gypsies being excellent — desperately needed I say. Had a very good time there, when I did not look at the food prices because the print was too small for me without straining even with reading glasses. The bill was over £30 a head. That was a lot for what we had but most of it will have been the rather good wine and the Manzanilla.

    The 2010 quiz starts tomorrow night at 8pm http://snipurl.com/tz0yw

  14. To be fair, jamon, good jamon is eyewateringly expensive in Spain as well. And this seems to be very good jamon. Some from the north (Santander I believe) and some from near Huelva or Extramadura can´t remember exactly where, but which is is pata negra.

    My problem is that to really enjoy the stuff you need regañas (which are a speciality of Seville) or picos which are much better and crunchier versions of breadsticks. The contrast is amazing in the mouth. Normal bread just doesn’t cut the mostaza as they say in Spain.

    Re backgammon: would love to play a game or ten. Bring it on.

  15. There Has been am enormous fire in Camberwell. The entire development site between Warner road and Station Road — near 100 homes, a large site half way through completoon ‑appears to have burned down in a spectacular inferno.

    Residents from all around the area were evacuated to local halls at around 3am this morning. As far as I can make out no one has been injured.

    Some people are going home now at 6.30am. Not us though

    This is pure speculation but it’s hard to imagine how such a conflagration could begin without nefarious assistance.

  16. Shame about the fire…no doubt somebody left a heater near something flammable

    I suppose I can consider myself Iberian (half Spanish half Portuguese) so I may well sample the fare at Angels and Gypsies at some point in the near future…I hope I’m not too dissapointed — my standards are high…hope I’m not too dissapointed 😉

    Looks like the old buckle that used to be silver will be getting a more than extensive refurb…(Hooray!)


    Let’s hope they keep it as “The Tiger” — it’s much more fitting for Camberwell than the lavender scented “The Oberon”

    (All in jest of course!)

  17. Shame about the fire…sounds like an electric heater was left near some flammable material…or those plaster drying lamps weren’t switched off!

    Will be investigating Angels and Gypsies at some point in the near future — I suppose you could call me an Iberian (half Spanish half Portuguese) so my standards will be very high…hope I’m not too dissapointed…

    Looks like the Buckle that used to be Silver will be getting a more extensive refurbishment than originally planned (Hooray! — Cigars and Brandy all around)


    I think “The Tiger” would be a much more fitting name for Camberwell…“The Oberon” has a slightly fey quality to it…maybe when open they can put a picture of Oscar Wilde on the wall to cheer us all up 😉

    Au Revoir!

  18. The fire was indeed massive. My housemates and i were among the evacuees (along with Mark and his family) We Denmark Road people were finally sent home at about 8.30am this morning.

    I think everyone is ok — and the council and emergency services did a great job of getting us all out ok and giving us somewnere warm to stay — we particularly enjoyed the special 36 bus that was laid on at 4.30am to take us from Warner Road to the rest centre! Althoguh we are all ok it’s concerning how close all our houses were to such a large fire and even more concerning that it’s the second building site fire in a few months in Southwark.

  19. Jes — You’re talking about the Fox Reformed in Stokey i think.

    Ref. here —


    It works well for the Fox — was always full on a Monday night when i frequented it a few years ago. Key i think is to have a league. I reckon if you chose a venue between Camberwell and East Dulwich, and put something on the East dulwich forum, you’d get enough interest.

  20. Yeah they were great — however i see form the press statements we were given tea and food — we saw not food! — i may go and demand my Southwark council biscuit ration :)!

    Also on a more serious note i think we Camberwell and Peckham residents need to start asking some serious questions of the authorities about fire safety etc.. If it had been a windier night or if the fire hadn’t been detected so soon us residents may have lost more than a nights sleep.

  21. hope you’re all ok & get to go home soon!

    @hannah: serious question time indeed — i don’t think it’s just the question of fire safety, but rather of the madness/unsafety of wanting to squeeze another few hundred flats into any one available square inch of space. none of the ‘housing boom’ is happening anywhere near dulwich village or east dulwich.

  22. There’s talk of gangs of foxes roaming the estates tearing at the packed binliners searching for scraps. Most shops in East Dulwich have boarded up against looters, though the organic butcher’s is selling fox, funnily enough, and has ’em hanging up outside. The pigeons are looking nervous. Some of the customers in the Hermits are eyeing each other even more than normal. Cats have been spotted jumping the freight trains heading for the channel ports…

  23. We’re all ok this morning — still suffering somewhat from a lack of sleep!

    Two interesting knock on efffects — Warner Road is currently like an ice rink as all the excess fire fighting water has frozen solid and we currently have a police guard at the bottom of Camberwell Station Road (i assume it’s to stop looters and the like going near the fire site) i felt very sorry for the frozen police people who had to stadn there all night.

  24. Well i’m not suggesting anything like, but i’ve just heard that the Camberwell fire site was owned by the same company as the one that caught fire in Peckahm a couple of months back.

  25. I was unable to sleep and went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. It was about 1.30am I believe but whatever time it was, it was the dead of night. I looked through our kitchen window (which happens to overlook Sacred Heart School) and I saw that the sky appeared to be bright orange in colour — it seemed like the sky was on fire. I thought this might be due to the weather or something but then I could see and hear Fire Brigade sirens and Police Cars with their sirens flashing (as I can also see part of Camberwell New Road from my kitchen window). I guessed something was up but didn’t see any news coverage about the fire. Thanks Hannah M for providing the link above. I guess when things like this happen in Camberwell or Peckham it’s not worth reporting! If it was Kensington or St. John’s Wood or we lived in the Borough of Westminster…

  26. Oy! Peter!

    This damned thing doesn’t register my posts…despite verifying on t’gadget options…

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