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  1. @ Amanda — Sounds like a good plan, but I know that December is usually pretty busy for everyone. Still, raise your hands if you’re interested.

    BTW, someone asked what the filming in Burgess Park is; the BBC are shooting the third series of Ashes to Ashes there.

  2. Some of you will remember the Warwick Wingding held back in September.

    There’s a rather good and short film of the day here —

  3. Great video. I recognise a few people (mostly kids) from around the area.

    @Amanda — good plan. It would be slightly strange to meet people for real, thou. Wouldn’t it? Or maybe not. Hmmm.

    AFAIK, I know only one other person who posts on these boards. Guess there are a few lurkers too. Maybe I should add my profile photo, then people could say “Hi” in the street. I’d definetly try to introduce myself to Mark Dodds if I ever see him around.

  4. I’ve met a few ppl at drinks in the Phoenix about two years ago. Peter, Copeywolf and Drew among others. It wasn’t weird — that’s not to say this time won’t be!

  5. I’ve seen Mark around a few times. Almost have to force myslef not to say hi.

    I think I saw Peter once with his bike at London Bridge. Cycle clip on his trousers and everything.

    I will not be attending as I think that meeting up through the internet is for singles and swingers.

  6. Could have been me; I sometimes wear bicycle clips in the cold weather.

    You won’t be attending because you don’t want to spoil your air of mystery.

  7. The ED lot are massive swingers.

    They were all gathered in the Fox car park, cars in a circle with that silver haired guy turning tricks in the middle..

  8. Grange Lane, off College Road, Dulwich Village, is the dogging venue of choice for canophiliacs, they say, I mean I don’t know.

    To the GX Gallery tonight for old Yankel Feather’s private view. They say Yoko Ono will be there with Liam Gallagher.

  9. I came across this ‘dogging’ word a couple of years ago in a newspaper article and had NO IDEA what it meant. So I did a very well known search engine search ‘dogging’ and read up on it a bit.

    A week or so later I was accused by my partner of having perverted tendencies.

    So much for the internet being a medium for education.

    On balance I say ‘keep the internet’ because otherwise I still wouldn’t know what ‘dogging’ is and would feel uninformed and shallow commenting on it here and now.

  10. Arse and petting, more like.

    Anyway, Copenhagen the capital of Denmark welcomes the world today. There is a good old Danish saying that translates rather neatly as:

    Treasure the bull
    Pleasure the cow
    Measure the milk that’s pouring now

  11. I am not arsed about global warming but how many airmiles at this summit?

    They should have the US, China and India then just let the rest dial in.

  12. Why cant Southwark be more like Lambeth and act to regenerate Camberwell — there are major things going on in Brixton town centre including the opening of an H&M in the former Woolworths shop — http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/News/PressReleases/071209BrixtonBeatingTheRecession.htm . This together with the Windrush Square and other developments and the sorting out of traffic on Brixton Hill and Brixton High Street will make Brixton a much more pleasant and prosperous place.

  13. I doubt the council had much to do with H+M opening. Talk about two worlds colliding. One’s an aggressive and highly successful commercial organisation. The other’s backward, invasive, ridiculously inefficient and unglamorous, though I find its services more important.

    It’s good for Brixy though. H+M could work quite well there. I always thought that street could do with a few more high st big names. Camberwell would never have the catchment for it.

  14. I for one am grateful that Southwark is nothing like Lambeth. The ugly “Welcome to Lambeth” billboards on the way into the borough are a sign of the incompetent lamentable waste that this council pursue and why as a result their finances are so poor. Southwark does do an enormous amount of regeneration — just not in Camberwell and though the council is far from perfect they are not nearly as crap as Lambeth..

  15. The sign for “Highshore Road Open Space” on the Peckham border is almost as big as the small park itself, because the sign has “Welcome” is so many languages — except the one that everyone talks round there, that urban pidgin that is a cross between West Yorkshire and baby language. “Lark” for “like”, etc. Southwark keeps the park pristine, it is a lovely place to have lunch for two, for two quid, from the local Lidl. It would be fab to live there with the squirrels.

  16. come and make christmas cards for camberwell with us next saturday (19th january, 11–5pm) as part of the camberwell green arts & crafts christmas fair.

  17. Talking of signs, our street signs are loads nicer in colour and font than the ones in Lambeth. And the Lewisham ones just look odd. Well done Southwark, you got something right.

  18. Seems to be part of a chess game between the Labour and the Conservatives, the Pre-Budget Report. Probably the Conservatives will win the next election and there will be a cutback on everything state-related.

    Times are hard without all that cash flowing in from financial services. Most pensions come from professional investment services, too.

    The word is that the Camberwell and Peckham building societies are to merge, to beat off a hostile bid from the Dulwich & Catford.

    No wonder every Englishman worthy of the name is busy having his man clear his moat.

  19. We are likely to be serving salt beef and bagels very soon. I hope this meets with your collective approval.

    Also Robin Jackson, our new HEAD CHEF, is attuned to people who do not EAT MEAT. His partner is a woman who indulges in all things vegetarian. This moment has been a long time coming.

  20. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2771/4176008137_edb2965639.jpg

    This is a current planning application by the Salvation Army to replace Springfield Lodge at 1 Grove Hill Road, SE5. This picture does not show the proposed monstrosity in its full glory and I implore you all to write to Becky Baker at planning.​applications@​southwark.​gov.​uk quoting planning application number 09-AP-2526 to prevent the conservation area being blighted for generations by this horrendous, bland, poor quality pastiche.

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