Camberwell Arts Festival 2010

I’m nursing a strong coffee and a small hangover after last night’s Camberwell Arts Festival opening party, hosted by Moona in St Giles Crypt, and contemplating what the rest of the week has in store.  The theme of this year’s Festival is to put art in some unexpected places, and get people to explore different parts of the area.  So there’s film screenings on a rooftop, (Well)water-inspired installations in various eateries, trails to follow around and about Church Street, and — we hope — three new permanent artworks to — eventually — be unveiled.

The events I’m personally looking forward to this week are:

The Myatt’s Field Park Tea Dance, taking place today (Sunday 20th), courtesy of Home Live Art.

Also today,  Daniel Lehan’s ‘Your Art Here Too’ on the Green, which follows on from last year’s successful event that drew many passers-by to have a go at creating some art and exhibiting it on the railings.

The Green becomes Speaker’s Corner on Monday evening, and, this being Camberwell Green, who knows how that will pan out…

The mysterious promise of ‘An Introduction to the Art of the Funerary Violin’ on Tuesday will, I expect, maintain the feeling that we’re entering the unknown where anything could happen.

Summertime Sounds in Grove Chapel should bring a sense of calm and civility back to proceedings on Wednesday.

Just in time for the Camberwell Beauty (see what they’ve done there?!) Fashion Day, hosted by the SE5 Forum, on Thursday.

We’ll get back to Midsummer Madness on Thursday night, though, as Creative Routes do what they do best in their Muses Cafe in the Crypt.

And the unpredictability continues on Friday with some story-telling and much more from the Honourable Society of Faster Craftswomen.

All of which brings us to next weekend, featuring a pop-up travel agency on the Green and the now traditional mayhem of The Chutney Preserves Fair on Sunday.

Phew!  I’m going to be busy.  And besides all that I have to fit in a visit to the Camberwell School of Arts end of year show, get a gander at the expanded and refurbished South London Gallery opening on Saturday 26th, and have a quick nosy in the various artist studios open this weekend and next.

There’s lot’s to see and do folks — so get out there and have a look.  The Camberwell Arts Festival is run on a small grant from Southwark Council, put together by our impressively serene and cheery Director, Kelly O’Reilly, and relies on the goodwill and enthusiasm of lots of artists.  It’s no mean feat, and it’s something Camberwell should be proud of.  Make the most of it!

Full info about all events can be found here:

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  1. Myatt’s Fields yesterday and today — lovely all round. I will post photographs soon and direct a link to them.

    The Castle on Camberwell Church Street is SHUT. Why has no one else mentioned this or have I just missed it? Sadly I predicted this a LONG time ago, along with soothsaying the end of the Dark Horse was nigh, the George Canning and and and, well, I mentioned the tenure of a couple of other local hostelries.

    I had the feeling no one really believed me, maybe thought it was some sort of sour grapes. Well I am NOT a clairvoyant, it’s just when your rent is a thousand quid a week, or even a lot more, and your rates are half that, or even a lot more, and you’re paying two or three times more for your beer than you can buy it in a supermarket or at cash and carry, you haven’t a hope in hell of making a profitable business unless you’re turning over a million quid a year. And no one in Camberwell is doign that.

    Blame the pub companies and the beer tie — then blame the Tories for opening the floodgates for disaster in the pub industry by bringing in the Beer Orders in 1989.

    Remember Alan Dale? Where’s he gone? East Dulwich?

    The weather this week is supposed to be a bit warmer.

  2. Great post Melanie, thanks a lot.

    I couldn’t attend the Myatt’s Field Tea Dance yesterday because I was cycling from Clapham to Brighton to help raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Being essentially terrible at self-promotion I forgot to announce it here beforehand, but my sponsorship page stays open until September, so if anyone would like to retroactively sponsor me it would be very welcome:

    I did the ride in exactly 6 hours — and yes, I had to walk up to Ditchling Beacon, I’m not superhuman. Now my thighs are stiff and I’m a little sunburnt, but it was a great challenge and a lovely ride. If anyone does sponsor me, I’ll let them see my medal.

  3. As many of you will have noticed, the Castle has sadly closed. I believe it will hopefully be opening under new management after refurbishment. This is very sad news for SE5, and in particular for Gay Camberwell. The Castle was a Camberwell institution, and one of our biggest supporters. Not only did they host our monthly gay book group, the lovely manager Winston gave over his function room to us every Sunday for over a year and a half to run Pink Screen Sundays, London’s only weekly free gay-themed film screening that brought people to Camberwell from all over London (over 50 people for our most popular films!). He provided every film that we requested (and is now the straight man with the biggest gay film collection in London as a result), he printed and put up posters all over the pub advertising the films, and he provided free Maltesers and popcorn. His staff gave us tech support and set up the room cinema style for us every week, with great good humour, and without any cost. We will miss them a huge amount and want to thank them, especially the fabulous Winston, who had vision and supported lots of other great events, such as Moona cabaret and the monthly comedy club, as well as providing DJs and such every week, and a generally good local pub with a real interest in providing high quality and quirky events for locals.

    We’d hate to lose Pink Screen Sundays forever. It has become a popular institution and a Camberwell attraction, and Roz and I have devoted a lot of time to publicising and running the films. Ironically, the week it closed, our event was Time Out’s pick of the week. Apparently the new owners of the Castle do not plan to continue the films. Any thoughts at all about where else in SE5 might want to host Pink Screen Sundays, please let me know! (NB Book Group has relocated to Le Petit Parisien.)

  4. @Mark: I insist the same thing to Ana, but she’s having none of it.

    @Gay Camberwell: Will you still be Gay Camberwell when you move to Peckham?

  5. A hard woman Peter. My thoughts are with you.

    Some of the planting at Myatt’s fields is really good. Beautiful combinations of colours, textures and shapes. REALLY worth making the effort to see — NOW — because it’s happening, right now. IF the parks team manage to maintain and nurture what’s been begun this gem of a park will be glorious for a long time!

    I’d get rid of the bedding plants and concentrate on the grassy perennials that don’t need a lot of looking after once they are established…

  6. @ Peter — But of course! My heart will always be in Camberwell, and crossing the boundary out of SE5 is one of my main reservations about moving (far more than the murder). Which is why Roz and I have started referring to a new entity — “Camberwell and Peckham”. As in “So where is your new flat?” “Oh, it’s in Camberwell and Peckham”. (said very fast). Think it’ll work? Hmm…

  7. @Gay Camberwell: Harriet, our very own acting leader of the Labour party, presided over Camberwell and Peckham for a couple of decades. Perhaps your using the moniker is portentious.

    Would you consider using the Sun and Doves for your film screenings? Perhaps we can make the viewing side more private and sound proof by using curtains to divide the space… it would benefit the Tuesday film nights too; it’s something we’ve been meaning to do for ages but not got round to, your interest could be the impetus we need to get it done.

  8. @Gay Camberwell re the Castle; it makes me very angry that pubs close not because of the quality of their management but because the rent is too high and the beer is double what it should be.

    Remember, users of Peter’s marvellous creation, when buying a beer at, say, The Phoenix, that you are being charged the same, if not more, as the other pubs in the area yet they are a big free of beer tie chain with enormous purchasing power. They buy beer for less than half what people like I pay for it at The Sun and Doves, or Brendan at The Hermits, Winston at the Castle did. Even the Joiners is tied.

    England oh England. May we beat Slovenia tomorrow and become a fair country the day after.

  9. Although it’s been a bit quiet on the Camberwell Village Hall front, quite a bit has been happening behind the scenes. Harriet Harman has met up with the church and has a proposal. Please visit our website to find out more. We would also appreciate your comments. You can join the website through facebook.

    Alternatively, post your comments here.

  10. Shame on you Peter. My other half managed to pedal up Ditchling Beacon in the London to Brighton a couple of years back. And she was in fancy dress.

  11. I’ll miss Winston too. Top chap.

    Enjoying Arts Week very much, as always. Promotion seems good this year and the guide booklet is great — they’re flying off the pub mantlepieces. Hope this leads to increased viewing figures.

  12. Gay Camberwell

    The Cambria is worth a bet — I think the owners there would be very receptive to a gay film night along the lines of The Castle…

    Sun and Doves — goes without saying…Mark is a good chap really, have a word with him 😉

    The pubco beer-tie stinks — Something needs to change — and quick — regardless of what the one-dimensional, oye-eyed economists say — they are just wrong, on so many levels…

    I watched the Spain v Honduras game in the garden of the S&D yesterday…

    Ordered a couple of bowls of the very fine chips and a meat platter of salami/chorizo…

    Hogan’s Cider — Tastes good — doesn’t give you a stinking hangover

    Oh, Spain won 2–0

  13. Hadn’t realised it was Arts Festival week — living near the Green always get something through the door but not this year. Perhaps the World Cup is having a detrimental effect.

    Brazil versus Argentina in Camberwell this weekend? Rumba to take on Tango — best of three rounds — Sun and Dove to the Bear to Hermits and back to the S&D.

  14. @ Mark — Thanks for the offer. That’s really good of you. Getting a curtain also sounds a great plan for the films. Would be great to chat with a view to starting up after the summer. We’re off to Romania for a couple of weeks, but will e‑mail, and pop in and see you to talk more!

  15. @southmark — Hermit’s Cave is Enterprise Inns they are shafted just like the rest of us. Parisien is Punch. Canning Ent. Castle Ent. Cambria Punch. Tiger S&N. S&D S&N. Joiners Ent. Grand Onion Youngs. POW Punch.

    Free are: Amarylis; The Bear; Funky Munky; Dispensary. That’s about it.

    Oh! Forgot: Phoenix and Fox on the Hill; both ‘free houses’ both owned by large chains with massive economies of scale which they apply to their business in different ways.

  16. @Gay Camberwell; I’ll look into curtains anyway — I put blackout blinds in prior to footie — drawing curtains across the room would add soemthing to the occasion and likely make film viewing a better experience. Prolly should have done it years ago but whatever, putting the curtain at the end of the bar almost broke the bank back then.

    What does everyone think of Georgie Porgie’s austerity budget? Of course we All voted Lab/Lib/Green didn’t we.

    We get the government we deserve don’t we.

  17. The Hermit’s is free of cider I believe…well done Brendon for getting that one. As for the ale’s…no idea but assume that there is some leaway on what they can provide.

    Good fun in there at the mo with the football, but too tired. Was working til 6 this morning…

  18. My advice to Gay Camberwell is to say they live in ‘Camberwell Borders’. If it takes off, people in East Dulwich will be using the phrase before long. Then we’ll tempt Alan Dale back.

    So far so good with Camberwell Arts Festival. Some of the events you need to reserve a space for (films on the rooftop, guided visits to the College end of year show) are already booked up. Get in quick if you were thinking of any of them.

    I think that we’re aware the marketing of the Festival is a bit hit and miss. We rely on students to deliver the brochures for no reward. There’s limits to what we can do, but always ways to improve…

    @Mark — do the Pub Cos control what wine pubs can buy and sell too, or is it just beer?

  19. Fabulous cider at the Hermits, like wine. Arts Week is gathering pace well enough — SLG opening tomorrow, be there or be square. Myatt’s Fields Tea Dance was a real carry on. Hot stuff, that tea!

  20. meanwhile, in the land of no broadband courtesy of bt…

    dont forget tomorrow night first camberwell community council meeting with all the new and old people. could be fun or not x

  21. Melanie — i shall, with a heavy heart, be defecting to East Dulwich next month and shall definitely be using the phrase “Camberwell/Peckham borders” to describe my new location — to honest it’s more or less true as i will have an SE15 postcode that the estate agent was very loath to mention (Which as a long term camberwell and Peckham resident doesn’t bother me in the slightest!)

  22. Don’t have a heavy heart Hannah, you’ve made it, you’ve reached the promised land of East Dulwich.

  23. @Hannah: your right to post comments here will be revoked at midnight on the day before you move. All past comments will be deleted.

  24. Are we talking Goose Green, Hannah? That is definitely East Dulwich fringes. Or Bellenden? That is an adjunct to Camberwell, thus classified on account of that south Indian restaurant, Review Books and now the new Victoria Inn.

    Well done, anyway, for making improvements before austerity brings about social cirrhosis.

  25. To avoid being square I went to SLG. Where were you all last night? Would I even recognise you? Maybe we were all there together… Started on a couple of very drinkable scoops at Camberwell Beauty fashion show at IOP then dashed down to SLG and got very drunk. Seriously I’ve never seen so much free booze stacked up waiting to be sunk by so many people before. The peeps on the bar (one of the bars) said they were catering for 700 drinkers and by Jehoshaphat it looked like it. I drank for four at least and made no impression on what was an ocean of free booze. Also tried a crushed mint and elderflower cordial, lovely, but not refreshing enough to divert me from my mission to be drunk. It’s been emotional recently, err for about twelve years actually, and I’ve not been supping much recently.

    I believe I made myself leave before boring too many people with self indulgent bleatings. I did tell Margot what a wonderful job she’s done with the space. She said it was a team effort. Whatever.

    Camberwell is definitely showing green shoots. Not of recovery really, these are green shoots of a totally new era about to befall us. I think.

    Anyhow. There was loads of north Londoners there last nigh and people from Dulwich at IOP. This bodes well, they all left with a good impression of SE5. Why is it when north Londoners find out I have a pub they all say they’ll visit if I buy them a drink? “will I get a free drink if I make the effort to come down from NW3?” — errr: “NO” — that usually sorts them out.

    Alan Dale is back in brief. This has made a big difference to my mood.

    The football on Wednesday afternoon at S&D was utterly marvellous — I didn’t see the game, being in Myatts Fields Park with my boys and their skateboards and a football — and this made it more bearable. I was there with them at the closing minutes of the match with our fingers crossed praying for England to limp through to the second round. Then went to meet the woman who’d gone straight to S&D from work and wondered at seeing the pub FULL of contented customers at 5pm. Amazing what a bit of leather and netting can do to people.

    That evening we played the Germany / Ghana game AND the Australia / Serbia games at the same time, yes that is simultaneously, and had three audiences according to demand. Something I had not anticipated when putting in all the kit with a separate set top box to each screen was the obvious bit that each can show a different broadcast. So now we be showing tennis and football at the same time.

    Sunday will be amazing if the weather is good book NOW to avoid disappointment 7733 1525. Maybe England will rise to the occasion against a team they feel they will be minced by.

    Hannah M my heart goes out to you, how you’ll ever rebalance your equilibrium after leaving SE5 for SE15 is beyond me.

    THE BEER TIE and Hermit’s Cave product range — I don’t know the extent of Brendan and Maura’s tie is but I assume it’s like mine at S&D — I can buy ONE cask ale and any cider I want Out Of Tie. They have been there a long time so it is likely their tie is the same. The difference between their product range and mine is twofold, well really threefold:

    1) Enterprise is not a brewer and has arrangements set up with many brewers, including S&N (who S&D and The Tiger are tied to), so Enterprise pubs can choose from a wide range of products available to them at ludicrously high prices. Brendan doing a lot of cider suggests they get it out of tie legitimately.

    2) S&D is supplied by S&N and S&N only push their own portfolio through their tied pubs.

    3) Space — there is not enough physical space at S&D to do much more draught than we do already — I modified the bar set up when we did the refit three years ago so we could get three cask ales in. We have a redundant Eidelweiss font (the totally USELESS S&N stopped supplying it because it did not do enough volume across the UK) and I’m thinking of putting Freedom organic lager in there but that will mean a direct challenge with S&N over the extent of my working against the tie. I’m not sure I have the stomach for it at the moment.

  26. Well i’ll be general as it’s a public talkboard but i will be much nearer Peckham common than many East Dulwich residents would like!

    I’m only goign as i ahve to move out of my current flat next month — interestingly i’d been looking around Peckham, Camberwell and Kennington and East Dulwich offered the best space and quality for money — i found a lot of rental property on Peckham and Camberwell was overpriced for the space and quality offered.

  27. If it helps you get the stomach for the fight, you should know that Freedom dark lager is one of my favourite beers ever.

    The Victoria on Bellenden Road sells a Scottish beer called Innis & Gunn which is a revelation; aged in oak whisky barrels to give it a really unique taste.

  28. Vicky Inn Wishing Well is certainly much improved- a bit too good for my liking. Like drinking in a Chez Gerard.

    Frank’s opens next weekend I think.

    Photographed your reflection in the grease of any FEBs recently Mark? I must check out your latest snaps..

  29. The improved South London Gallery is absolutely fabulous. One can practically hear the houses prices going up as one sits there with one’s latte. It really is stonkingly well done.

    My man at the Hermits with the pint of Shrimpers and a damp roll-up tells me that Maire’s name is spelle Maire and pronounced Maura or Moorer.

    By the way, Liliana, I wrote an explanation for you of vegans and vagueness but it got lost in the moderation box. I don’t know what happened there. I said that vegans were far from vague and wore skimpy erotic fetishistic clubbing gear made from thistles.

    Maybe some of those words got the message moderated!

    Anyway, the gist also was that the Burgess Park development is not an easy call — yes, the wildness, trees and old roads are great but the need for a public destination park is clear.

    My man with the Porsche Cayenne and Fred Perry shirt who now lives in Eltham but grew up in the Aylesbury tells me that in the 1970s and 1980s there were a lot of concerts in Burgess — also a lot of joyriding of twocked bangers, to put the state and style of the park in those decades into perspective.

    The South London Gallery, though, amazing. Well done 6a.

  30. Speaking of moving abode, just to say that Haart on Camberwell Green are the worst agents I’ve encountered in a very long time.

    Estate agents are never going to be popular, but this lot were slow, rude, and pointlessly underhand. Astonishing really, you wouldn’t think they were in ‘sales’. Be warned.

    Foxtons in East Dul have been a lot better. Never thought I’d say that.

    East Dul, Camberwell, Peckham, they all blur round the edges a bit. And I see that the girls in Peckham Finishing School on BBC3 spent a bit of time outside St Giles church in the latest episode.

  31. Yes, I was amused that the Peckham Finishing School Girls were wondering how to obtain a meal with their £24 earnings — why didn’t they try the fantastic Italian restaurant opposite the station? And then hang out with the arty types over a mohito across the road at Bar Story? Do you think they were told they weren’t allowed to enter any ‘posh’ places in SE15? And if they were allowed to drift over to St Giles, they could have had a delicious 3 course meal for £10 while listening to excellent jazz. Or superlative tapas at Angels and Gypsies. I suppose that wouldn’t have made such good TV… much better to portray the area as unremitting joyless poverty and grit.

  32. Talking of fey, teddy-bear-cuddling upper classes, the Villa nursery Teddy Bears Picnic was a charming affair in Warwick Gardens this afternoon. As the children stuffed their faces, 67028 passed, pulling a glamorous train of classic, pullman carriages each named after a classical goddess — Iris, Gwen, Doris, etc.

    The Class 67 is a Bo-Bo diesel engine built in Valencia, Spain. The “Bo-Bo” means double bogies of four wheels each — unlike the Co-Co arrangement which has two bogies of six wheels.

    Gricers’ nicknames for the 67 are skips, buckets and cyclops — there is just one, unsplit windscreen.


  33. re peckham and finishing schools: interestingly enough, none of them seem important enough to have to wear bulletproof vests whilst promenading through se15?
    or is this a spoiler? :S


    Come along even if you are hung over, dead or have no kids. Even if you are you. Come along. Lyndhurst will make you feel special.

    There is 25% off on the book, CD and brilliant bric-et-brac and crafts stalls for everyone who says “Am wiv Camberwellonline” and 33 and a third per cent off for those who say “Am wiv ‘Ermits Cave crew.” For Total Cave Bloggers Collectiv there is 100% off all books and CDs.


    How Old Testament is that? You can smell it from here.

    DJ TERRY is the best — she always does a set for the whole 3 hours — her music is always the best set in the whole year you’ve ever heard and she is a Brazil fan so just guess the cut of HER gib.

    And ALL THIS at a primary school summer fair…

    DJ Terry is a Camberwell artist who sells her work in galleries for proper money because it is that good. Is an ex-boxer, proper SE5. He is a chap — girl DJ sounds better!

    The fair always has a great vibe. Lyndhurst Primary is the most mixed and interesting primary school in the area.

    At this time of year, they rejoice in the diversity and it really rox.

    Come on! Come along! Bring some pence! Have some Pimms. The Lyndhurst Pimms is properly mixed, just like the school.





  35. Wooster Stock sponsored a load of ‘for sale’ type boards to go up outside houses around the area to advertise ‘We Love Lyndhurst’ no fee and no logo = very well done Luke Wooster as far as I’m concerned. Got a pic of one somewhere, can’t find it right now, in a rush to get to The Crypt at St Giles for a bit of a gander. Third time in as many weeks; something must be up.

    Tomorrow at S&D a film about Ed Gray, an exceptionally wonderful local painter who began his professional career with a solo show at the pub in 2003 where he was discovered by GX Gallery who’ve worked with him ever since.

    Film is shown free between 5 and 6pm, Ed will be there, do come along and get a catalogue from his GX show which is on now until 8 July.

  36. YES. THE LYNDHURST FAIR TOMORROW WILL BE JUST GREAT. The highlight will be me representing Danmark and Liliana for Serbia in a sort of funny Berlin burlesque show — well, we will both be the best podium dancers you have ever seen with her in her “I am a nature goddess so watch your step” thistle tiny outfit and me in my “I am a Danish heffer up for it so watch your steffer” gear.

    Isn’t midsummer good!

    At this magic time if year, we can be anyone we want!

    Come on Serbia! x

  37. hehehehe apparently we lost at football some time last week or this week — is that still going on? tricyling around london is really lovely with all dem car monsters safely in pubs/in front of tv screens.
    what o’clock is the lyndhurst fair?
    oh ok i just read that again. yes

  38. Glad you liked it, Liliana. Lyndhurst is a happy place. The head Nick Hammill runs a strict ship and picks staff who put teaching first. The school does not bow to parent pressure in any way or seek to satisfy a market other than that of the children. That’s why the kids are so happy there. It is a rainbow society of every kind of child. Sniff. gulp, sob.

  39. that’s really good to know — as someone who experienced a different educational system from the uk one (where we didn’t have exams but got assessments throughout the school year + you had to get a pass in all of the dozen ‘o’ & some eight ‘a’ level equivalents) — wasn’t all fun but definitely had its advantages — i quite like the idea/what i know of the montessori system here — is that used only in kindergartens or do they continue in primary/secondary education?

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