The all-new South London Gallery

“Cross Kettles Yard in Cambridge with Barbara Hepworth’s studio in St Ives, throw in a quirky café and you’ll have the latest addition to the Camberwell Art Scene: the all-new South London Gallery.”

Friday saw the long awaited opening of the new SLG extension. The Matsudaira Wing now seamlessly extends into the once dilapidated neighbouring terraced house increasing the size and scope of the exhibition space along with the addition of a funky new café and an artist is residence apartment.

On the other side of the original 1891 Victorian gallery is now a large garden courtyard. To the right the huge floor to ceiling doors of the Clore studio swing open while a ceiling lantern runs the length of the building allowing more natural light to flood in. The outside tables and chairs are overlooked by the Marie Curie block of Sceaux Gardens, devastated by fire in 2009 the high rise has found a new lease of life with a bright buoyant mural by Yinka Shonibare.

Through the Clore Studio a beautiful brick path weaves through the newly planted Fox Garden back towards the back of the house where a new Atrium furnished simply with a long wood table stands beneath a sumptuous golden work by Paul Morrison. Beyond waft the smells of the ‘No. 67’ café. The ‘front room’ is taken up with tables and chairs and the neutral sludge colours sit well with the bulb lights and rough wood floor. Out front are more tables and chairs with a fine vista across the Peckham Road!

Upstairs are three more small exhibition rooms while the top floor has been transformed into an apartment with roof terrace. 6a Architects have striped and hacked illuminating the fabric of the building removing the ceilings to reveal the roof joists and do away with plasterwork to expose brick walls. From October the outset flat will be used for artists in residence.

The current exhibition ‘Nothing is Forever’ aims to seamlessly marry art and architecture; works have been made directly onto the walls to become part of the fabric of the building forever.

The SLG hosts five contemporary art exhibitions each year. Exhibitions and many of the SLG’s events are free. There is also a shop selling books and magazines relating to the works on view as well as those covering art theory and philosophy, artist monographs, live art, film and music.

I think the gallery is a great addition to our area and would recommend everyone visit.

Opening: Tuesday – Sunday, 10am‑6.30pm, Wednesdays, 10am-9pm

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20 thoughts on “The all-new South London Gallery”

  1. And talk of a brewery getting underway in Camberwell is related to The Tiger’s parent company, Antic Ltd, based here in SE5.

    They are considering doing it and I, for what it’s worth, have been encouraging them to do it.

  2. And talk of a brewery getting underway in Camberwell is related to The Tiger’s parent company, Antic Ltd, based here in SE5.

    They are considering doing it and I, for what it’s worth, have been encouraging them to do it. We should all encourage them to do it. Come on. Encourage them!

    Some on Germany, come on Ghana

  3. Mark

    Where can I register my approval for The Tiger to create a micro-brewery?

    Anybody for Village Hall Ale? 😉

  4. Went to the Sun N Doves for the 1st time in too long. Great beer garden. Must be the best in SE5, and seems bigger than I remember.

    Just to report that we had a burger each and were very pleased. Tastier and better value than The Tiger. Cheaper than GU too.

    They also looked better than the ones I saw at the newly renovated Victoria in Bellenden Road. Very promising pub that. Quite big too. Food didn’t look that impressive though and seemed pricey. Also the place was overrun with pregnant women when we were there, which isn’t a complaint, it just made it a bit, err, unique.

    Met someone over the weekend who also had a horror story about Haart in Camberwell. He let his flat through them and is stunned by the sharp practice, hidden clauses etc. His tenant felt the same and she’s moved out in protest.

  5. Phil G

    As I mentioned on another thread somewhere, the burgers at S&D are very good indeed…I went for the blue cheese burger with chips — the latter are done right, crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle — can’t fault it really

    I also watched Spain beat Honduras 2–0, I did wonder though is the t.v in the garden waterproof? or does somebody cover it or bring it in at night?


  6. @Phil G

    Letting agencies: sharp practices abound across the industry. Tenancy agreement fees upwards of 200 pounds for a document you can buy in W H Smiths for a fiver; all fees (% of monthly rent) paid in advance and if the tenant moves out before end of contract no refund to you unless you re-rent through that agency. I could go on but somebody will pipe up that all Landlords are filthy capitalists getting what they deserve.

    But back to Camberwell pubs. Not been much mention of the George Canning in these parts recently. The 5 pound lunch is superb value (includes a soft drink). E.g. The “Canning Board” a huge portion of dips, crudités and pitta bread is exceptional for the price.

  7. Thanks for the support on the burgers and chips. We spent a lot of time getting the burgers right and the buns and the accompaniment. Honest, it took years to find the right suppliers for the parts therein. The beef burgers were 100% lean and too hard and chewy and our burger man, who does the sausages too — he’s Bavarian and a perfectionist, couldn’t understand what he was doing wrong. He had customers complaining that they were tasty but HARD. So we did lots of taste and cook tests over a couple of weeks. Different size grind, different cuts of less and more fatty meat and eventually we did a blind tasting with half a dozen innocent bystanders and finally got what we thought was just about right. We didn’t do merguez sausages until Jean-Paul did some research and tracked down the right seasoning. The merguez are about as close to what you’d get served on the roadside in the south of France in a hollowed out baguette with some sauce and salad as you’ll get anywhere in Europe.

    @eusebiovic the outdoor TV: We hose it down at night , it’s wine, water and wiley coyote proof.

  8. Who can crack this clue in today’s Times crossword?

    27 down

    “Respected a lot less from Camberwell, through, to Finchley! (4–7‑2)”

  9. Oh i just realised that crossword clue is about 5 months old — usually i get em a bit quicker than that.

    Go on — ask me another…

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