The Big Lunch — Sunday 18th July

Just a very quick note to say that The Big Lunch is happening this Sunday, 18th July. So what is The Big Lunch? Well, completely plagiarising the website “It’s a one-day get together with your neighbours on Sunday 18th July 2010. It can be anything from a simple lunch to a full-blown street party with DJs and a home cooked feast.” A quick search on their website shows a number of parties in the SE5/SE15 area including two hosted by “local” pubs The Gowlett and Hoopers (yes, yes, I know they’re technically not in Camberwell). The one on Ivanhoe Road even has donkey rides and a fire engine.

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  1. I see that there is a consultation meeting to discuss Burgess Park tomorrow — 20 July — Public meeting at Thurlow Lodge Hall, Albany Road and Thurlow Street, SE17 from 5–7pm. Food will be provided. The aim is to discuss the consultation and resulting long term vision plan changes. There is also a planned workshop regarding phase 1.

  2. Always thought Ivanhoe was a great name for a pub. But that’s maybe because I remember the fabulous TV series with Roger Moore in the, ahem, driving seat.

    Hooper’s is not a bad name change altogether but Ivanhoe would have been better for me. I do go there more than I visit anywhere else though.

    Burgess Park. There can be little doubt that a scandal lies there somewhere. Oodles of cash means scandal somewhere. In consultation fees most likely. Hire consultants at £1000 a day retainer to make sure you get the best value out of how you spend your grant pounds.

  3. Ivanhoe is a better name. They have some good beers there.

    The Big Lunch went off fabulously. 80 percent of the cars moved from our street. Virtually everybody out having fun. Big thanks for Peckham Fire Station for bringing an engine.

    The massive mural on Lakanal House came down in the wind the other day. Shame ‘cos I liked it.

  4. The is a good name for pub on the bus route through East Dulwich. That pub in Ivanhoe Road is called Hoopers like a 1970s boozer owned by a footballer.

  5. I still think the Burgess Park funds should have been spent locally. We could have trained-up a few Park Designers and consultants with all that cash.

  6. I had a meeting with the Head of Parks, Rebecca, yesterday.

    I have to say that I cannot see the problem here with Burgess Park.

    The ideas on the plan are great, there are no grand building designs to destroy the park, the levelling of the ground is a fairly decent plan, though may make for a fairly neutral horizon, and all in all it seems that many people were consulted.

    My first concern was how many people had been meaningfully consulted, and how involved were the present users of the park? I did suggest that maybe the information should be in Spanish automatically since there is such a large Spanish speaking contingent who go there. However, from what I see and hear, consultation has been fairly involved.

    My other concern is that the money we have now would be used for laying the foundations of the plan rather than improvements. I was told this isn’t going to happen, especially as there are so many eyes watching.

    I am not sure what all the fuss is about. Sure money has been wasted but I’m not blooming surprised when the Head of Parks has to ask me, as representative of the Camberwell Village Hall campaign, what I think when I never before publicly expressed a concern about the park. And all this because a some people, who weren’t involved from the beginning, got a bee in their bonnet and spread some false rumours.

  7. I agree with Monkeycat. The team at Southwark have put a huge amount of energy and time into winning the money (£6 m), commissioning the designs, carrying out consultations and planning. And the outcome — it seemed — was that one of London’s scrubbier parks would get a much needed facelift.

    But there is now a campaign being run against the Council’s plans. And it’s a campaign being run in a really vitriolic, uncompromising, angry way. The people running that campaign talk in a way that suggests that the Council are stupid or arrogant or don’t care about the park or the people who use it.

    My impression is that that is just not fair. However, whether I am right or wrong about that, the end result of this brutal campaign may be that the whole scheme gets pulled, the money gets spent elsewhere and the park stays the way it is. After all, Southwark has other things to spend money on. It doesn’t need to spend millions on Burgess Park, if by doing so it only succeeds in making itself unpopular.

    If the scheme does get pulled, then well done campaigners! With friends like you, Burgess Park doesn’t enemies.

  8. Nobody here is talking about Camberwell’s latest culinary opening. Chicken Coop, people. Chicken Coop.

    Am I alone in my excitement? Morleys has ruled the roost (sorry) for too long. Over the years I’ve noticed the Morleys dude’s hair getting thinner and thinner as he’s reached for those hotwings.

    Time for a new player in town. And it isn’t even one of the obvious ones like Dollar or Favorite.

    I’ve yet to try ‘the Coop’ but will do so shortly. I look forward to not being to tell if the chicken is actually a rat that fell into the fryer.

    And yet more excitement in our depressed environ. A Polish deli! Now in my experience the words Polish and ‘deli’ really don’t go together, but I’ll look forward to checking out the gloopy tinned soups and smoked sausages. Quite like the latter.

    Fez’s Cafe near the town hall / arts college has also had a makeover. Cafe Culture indeed! I’ll report back on whether the tea has become drinkable sometime soon.

  9. The deli does have a deli counter. And everything under the sun that is Polish. I enjoy going in to buy something totally random and going home to find that I have bought Chicken pate…

    Also sell perogi though…Yum yum…

  10. “Chicken Coop”

    The Rochdale Pioneers would be proud. Perhaps Chicken Providential Society will grace the postcode next.

  11. There is nothing in the world that would make me eat anything from the Chicken Scoop. Same as I wouldn’t fly in an aircraft that has a web site address painted on the side and is painted orange.

  12. The is a good name for a pub. “Om goin’ darn, th’ The.” The Plough, that’s it, was re-renamed the Plough and was never called anything else on the bus destination signs.

    Julian, the anti-Burgess campaigners display a need to be belittled by what they see as their parents.

    They would be horrified by the use of the park in the 1970s and 1980s, much of which was, shall we say, improvised creative play from the naughty boys on the Aylesbury. It sounded great in those days, sort of automotive nu-circus in a vegetable environment.

    That is not chicken they serve, it is other.

  13. Chicken Coop? lol, classic!

    Greetings from Australia, everyone, where we do miss the likes of Hermits Cave and the cheap chinese takeaway on the corner near Vicarage Grove.

    Camberwell will always have a place in our hearts.

    Have to say its nice here, though, just the little things like not having broken footpaths.

  14. @sg Welcome back to an SE5 alumnus! Bet it’s well nice where you are, come on. You got your own swimming pool?

  15. The HOPE pub in Peckham High Street has shit. Shut I mean. The last pub on the street will become a Paddy Power bookmakers. Gambling den. Bollocks.

    £6 million is not a lot although it’s a huge amount. If I’d been in charge I would have raised another 14 million and done something interesting like drive a motorway through the middle of it like there is in Central park, with an ice rink and natural forest and, oh I don’t know, rock climbing and extreme sports facilities and a half pipe and a rocknroll skateboard park. And stuff. You know make it work for people.

    I have to say £6 million is a LOT of money actually and, if spent wisely could transform Burgess park massively without taking away anything that’s good about it now. My problem with municipal landscapers is that there seems to be a tendency to do the sort of landscaping that’s happened to the entrance to Chumleigh Gardens which is VILE. As far as I’m concerned public stoning should come back for that sort of environmental crime.

    Tonight is the AGM of Walworth Garden Farm business starts at 6pm and the party at 7pm. Call them and ask for an invitation.

    @sg how well would a Sun and Doves go down where you are? We’re thinking of doing one down under. It would be a damned sight easier achieving that than keeping this place going ‘up here’.

  16. And joy of joys, the House of Praise have put in an planning application for change of use. All at the same time saying that they would talk to us, but then cancelling or not being available…I wonder why?!

    Anyway, if you wish, you can object to the change of use by contacting the planning officer listed in the link below, except that she is away on holiday so you’ll need to speak to her boss!

    The link to all the relevant documents here:

    representations / objections can be made to:

    or call Susannah Pettit on 020 7525 5405.

    Oh what fun we will have in the next few weeks.

  17. How about us doing a secular fundraising gig somewhere local to raise money to pay for expertise so the planning application can be contested on solid grounds?

    How about appealing to the marvellous local resources of legal eagles. lawyers and barristers who live in the area — leading Queen’s Counsel (?) etc to do some serious pro bono on behalf of the secular cause?

  18. It’s not all doom-and-gloom on the gastro front. Having been unable to get into the tapas yet again because it was full, I took my life in my hands and decided to give Le Petit Parisien a try, after boycotting it for over a year. Turned out the sea bass with french fries was delicious, and the service was great. Welcome back, LPP!

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