Lambeth Country Show this weekend

Although strictly not Camberwell I know this weekend is the fabulous Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell Park, SE24.Visited by over 100,000 people it is one of the biggest free outdoor summer events in South East England.

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday 11am — 7pm there is music, dance, food, displays, a flower show, farm animals, charity stalls, owls and all sorts of other things all in the heart of inner London.

Further information is on the Lambeth website including the programme of events.

Update (by Peter): Also it’s the College of Arts MA Summer Show this week; it’s open to the public from tomorrow (Wednesday) until Saturday; details here. And huge apologies to Hannah at the CCA for forgetting to tell you all about the private showing.

Update 16/7/2010 There is also the fabulous Urban Art Fair on Saturday and Sunday on Josephine Avenue, SW2 near to Brockwell Park.
London’s largest annual open air contemporary arts fair will have around 2,000 pieces of work on display from 150 local and international artists. As well as art displays there will be foodstalls, refreshments and a sound stage featuring a mix of local musicians. This is the kind of art event I would like to see Camberwell in the future

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  1. The College Arts Summer Show is a good one. I liked the Caravan parked out front last year.

    Edit: First! (…sorry)

  2. There is a big lunch event at the Secret Garden on the D’eynsford Estate.

    The entrance is behind the KFC on Camberwell Church Street.

    Bring some food from your own country and share it with others.

    We will provide some drinks. (Probably not alcohol though).

    You can also ook at the pretty flowers and check out the place where some b*****d ripped up all the veg we were going to use.

  3. Went in there a couple of weeks ago, alas, the desert boots weren’t wide enough, but a bargain at £30!

  4. Glad you brought Men’s Traditional Shoes shop up Monkeycat, because next Thursday The Sun and Doves is hosting a reading by Paulo Hewitt, YES, that music journalist who’s a friend of Paul Weller’s. Well. He was a friend of Paul Weller’s. They aren’t friends any more apparently. I used to know Paul as it happens but that is another story.

    Paulo’s going to be reading from The Mumper, a novel by Camberwell born and bred Mark Baxter, and Paolo himself. The novel is set in SE5. It’s about changing times and about people and how this area was and how this area changed and about how it’s become what it is.

    Film rights have been optioned for the book to be made into a feature film.

    FRED the shoe features in the book and Fred told me, although he doesn’t much go to pubs these days, he’d be there on Thursday for a drink and a natter.

    Paolo Hewitt will be reading a chapter or two… and the shy and imposing Mark will be there too, 7pm start, lock stock and barrel. If you like it you can buy the book and also buy the guys a drink. Come along and enjoy — and get into Camberwell deep!

    I have had shoes from Fred. Not enough of them because when I was flusher a long time ago I bought two pairs of men’s traditional shoes in Regent Street, I know I know, and I still wear them now. I’ve always worn full leather shoes amidst Cornish pasties and other worthy wear for waiter’s feet.

    Fred sells the same shoes you’ll find in the West End. You will pay about £100 per pair less at Men’s Traditional Shoes — for exactly the same — than you would in Regent Street. It’s a rent and image thing. Choose Fred every time is my recommendation.

    And DO try to get along to S&D next Thursday and get a bit of proper local culture…

  5. THE SUN AND DOVES This Thursday 22 July 7pm get some deep local, history, drama and culture with a reading by Paolo Hewitt from The Mumper. A story set in and around SE5 written by Camberwell born and bred Mark Baxter. Meet the characters and players in this south London drama LIVE at The Sun and Doves!…messages#!/event.php?eid=115855075128461&ref=ts

    Paolo Hewitt reading from the book The Mumper
    Location: The Sun and Doves

    Time: Thursday, 22 July 2010 19:00

  6. I sort of decided to grow up three years or so ago and decided that I needed some proper grown up shoes.

    I’ve bought a couple of pairs now and they bring unexpected little flashes of happiness shining off the polished leather.

    And it’s true. If you wear grown up shoes people really do treat you like a grown up.

    How many other shops in Camberwell Road can change your life?

    Except some of the food shops ( the ones that might kill you). Oh, and the pet shop. That might change your life. Or the jobcentre. Or Edwardes.

    Oh well.

  7. Hi Lambeth Mediation are holding a dialogue concerning the London riots, focussing on Lambeth including in Brixton, to explore some of the claims made about them and the causes and effects etc.We want to get as many different parts of the community together for the dialogue — residents, businesses, young people, parents etc, some of whom were affected by, maybe even involved in the riots — and to ensure that everyone has a voice, whatever it is they want to say, and representation at the event. We have invited all sorts of local groups and organisations and various people and departments from Lambeth council and have a speaker from the black community (I think to do with Smiley Culture) and hope to get speakers from other groups. So come to listen and give your views and discuss with others and speak for a few minutes if you want to. It is on the 1st September, 6.30pm at the Brix at St Mathews, Brixton Hill. Email Admin@​lambethmediation.​org.​uk to attend or phone Alex/Jai on 0208 6786046. Be prompt as space is limited!

  8. @Alexandra

    Many thanks for your post here — It’s always good to open up some dialogue & discussion so that we can all learn.

    Here in Camberwell, many residents are trying to ensure the last cinema theatre building left in the entire borough is used as an arts/cinema/community venue — to address precisely some of the problems which the discussion in Brixton on thursday will no doubt raise. The building is near enough to the Lambeth boundary to encourage some cross-borough co-operation too.

    The only problem is Southwark Council doesn’t appear willing to listen — and all our M.P’s are silent on the matter.

    Which is a huge shame — there is a great opportunity to achieve something truly significant here.

  9. Good news. The Dagmar family pirates are back from their venture out west — to find the shelves of Netto on Rye Lane half empty.

    OK, change tack to Lidl.

    There is no Lidl. It’s gone. The whole ship has gone down.

    So turn tack back to Netto and find that the garden ornament Buddha-heads-in-a-box are down from 10 to 6 squid. Excellent. In this nu-denuded-urban environment, some sort of deep-sea diver hemet is not amiss, ah yes, comes good, hearties.

    The poly-resin Buddha heads sell on the net for 20 squids. For six squids, they are a bargain. They are the size of a large motorcycle helmet (“Please desist with your helmet before entering our shop)” and are extremely strong.

    You saw the bottom off, plop the thing over your head and go out into the new Urban Nitemare.

    — Give me yore money, innit.

    “No! BOFF! [headbutt] For I am the Buddha. Fuck off.”

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